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  1. Top of the Class Zazen Warrior. It is a Shamisen and I play blues on it! Regards,
  2. Hello All, I had the following reply from Cabot regarding my CCA Request. Anyone any ideas regarding the Data Protection issue please? Dear Our response to your correspondence I refer to your letters dated xth and xth July 2009 and our letter dated xth July 2009. I understand you have made a request for a copy of your credit agreement under sections 77-78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 ("CCA"), with Barclaycard ("BC"), the original lender. We have made several urgent requests to BC to forward any documentation relating to your account to us. Unfortunately, Cabot has not receive
  3. Thanks Cowbrain. Can you tell me how that differs from a CCA please?
  4. Surely you mean " Don't pay Cohen anything." Your statement actually says pay Cohen something! Dr. B
  5. Yes Stephen I know that. I have already shown in post #23 Dr. B
  6. Thank you for your post. Substituting your given figure in the formula I gave in post #23, we have: r = (1 + R)^1/12 - 1 = ( 1.28754340501) ^0.08333333333 - 1 = 0.021283434 That's the monthy Nominal Rate. Annual NIR = 0.021283434 x 12 = 0.255401208.......... i.e. 25.54% Confirming your computer calculation. The APR provided in the early posts of this thread were possibly incorrectly illustrated. Regards, Dr. B
  7. Scrooge once asked charity collectors at his office "Are there no prisons?" "Are there no poor houses?"
  8. There was once a Jewish man, an Indian man and an English man (who was a DCA worker) on a hiking trip in Scotland. The weather deteriorated quickly and they sort shelter in the first farm they found. The farmer welcomed them but said that there was only a room with two beds, but the other person could sleep in the barn. So, the DCA worker and the Indian man went to bed in the two beds whilst the Jewish man went to sleep in the barn. Ten minutes later there was a knock on the bedroom door. When opened there stood the Jewish man who said that he could not sleep in the barn because
  9. I put this Jon's post through my spellcheck and it shut down my PC. DCA workers are really thick/uneducated.
  10. Hello, I have tried several times to post this as a music score but, without success. So here are the notes of the tune dedicated to the DCA's: Bb Bb Bb Bb Db C C Bb Bb Bb Bb Now into your parlour, open the piano and play the notes. Let me know what you think it is lol.
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