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  1. thamk you hun that would be great if you could x:)
  2. hi i sent a letter asking for my charges and have just recieved a letter back stating that as the OFT have agreed a hearing they cannot do anything until next year,all the while they are still charging me, the thing that annoyed me is that they put 4 months charges together totalling £100 and took it all out in one go,i dont use the account anymore so i keep getting charged and cannot afford to put all this money back into the account. any ideas? Dave
  3. hi i have been a lurker for a while, and have decided to get onto capital one, the thing is its not alot £150 in charges but how do i work out the 29.9%apr for the interest, i have done a calculation and it says e.g£20 then interest £3.79, do i just go with this i am getting very confused thanks for any help dave
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