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  1. The credit file date is the August 2015 one. The statement is a printout that was enclosed with the letters that I have uploaded here, it’s just says Vanquis bank at the top of one of the sheets x
  2. The last missed payment is recorded as august 2015, but the last payment on the statement is a debit card payment in January 2015 x
  3. Hi, Yes the card is showing as defaulted and is owned by Cabot. So, if I had requested this information (I know I didn't), and the letters they have sent me date back to 2018, then surely they are outside the time limit to provide it to me anyway? Funny, there's no mention of court in their letter, they've just sent an expenditure form for me to fill out. x
  4. No, I've been at the same address now for 11 years. I noticed the time on the application too, I would have been leaving for work at that time in the morning, or asleep! The card was mine, and as far as I'm aware the ex had cards in his own name, I was never a secondary user on any of them, but he didn't get credit in my name as far as I know. x
  5. Just checked my credit file, and the only searches on there are for 2 insurance quotes last year. As for letters, I can’t remember the last time I had anything from either Vanquis or a DCA. I had forgotten about the Vanquis card, it had been so long since I had heard from them. x
  6. Hello, I'm hoping that someone can help me out of my confusion. Yesterday I received a letter from Mortimer Clarke Solicitors re Cabot, ( I have uploaded a copy), concerning a request I made for documentation. They have enclosed a digital application form, a default letter from Vanquis dated 10/04/2015 (I don't remember receiving this originally, but I probably did). A copy of a letter asking for application information, again from 05/01/2018 ( I have no record of ever asking for this and I keep copies of everything) and two pages of transactions for a credit card I had with Vanquis years ago. The dates on these letters are over 2 years old, and the last payment I made on the card appears to have been January 2015 (Long story short, I stopped paying on this card back in 2015. when my then partner left, and I was unable to pay a lot of bills and got into a right mess) my confusion stems from the fact that I have never had any contact with Mortimer Clarke or Cabot. I have never requested any information from them! As you can see, they have not put a date of my (alleged) original correspondence on the letter, the digital signature application has a lot of info missing, like my previous address, my job title and how long I had been working at my job. The email address they have on this form is one that I haven't used for years either. The question now is, how do I respond to this letter. Thank you in advance for any help xx docs 1.pdf
  7. Thank you so much, Letter has been posted today. Will post an update on here as soon as I hear anything xx
  8. Thanks to you both.... Right, they've sent a very nice form for her to fill out, asking for her name, address, Vodafone account number etc. So, we'll fill this out and send them the ID they are asking for. I'm quite happy to drag this out if they want to play silly games. As it took them nearly a month to respond, it seems like delaying tactics to me.
  9. Good Afternoon all... After your good advice a SAR was sent to Vodaphone Today we recieved a letter from them...... Basically, they have told us that they cannot supply my daughter with the information that she requested as they say that she has not sent them proof of her identity, and that they cannot ensure that the information is being disclosed to the correct individual! They have returned the £10 payment and have assured her that they will respond with the information as soon as she sentds proof of her ID.. Odd that they had no problem passing her information on to Past Due who have still been contacting her and her father via text and email, (an email address that Vodaphone have never been contacted on!) So, my question is, what are the next steps? Do we send them proof of ID? Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. Thank you for your quick response. I did think we might need to SAR them, but as we have no account numbers or phone number for this account I wasn't sure how to go about it. There is a customer ID on the debt coll letter, can I use that for their reference?? There has been no phone contact whatsoever, from eith Vodaphone or the debt coll, just the texts to my ex, which seems really odd. I will get onto the SAR immediately and let you know what happens. Thanks again
  11. Hello everyone, I'm hoping that you can help me with a problem that my daughter now has with Vodaphone. In August 2012, she opened a new contract with Vodaphone, via their local store. This contract was then closed (in store) 2 days later as the sim card didn't work she was told by the staff, that there was an issue with that particular sim card and that they would have to close the account and open a new one with a new sim card and new phone number. She was never given a new contract paperwork with the new sim card. Her first bill arrived and it was £80.00 instead of £39.00. she went back to the local store and the staff had no clue what to do, they rang someone whilst she was in the store, and the person on the other end of the phone had no clue either. Some excuse was made, but nothing was made clear. She also told them that she couldn't access her online account, as she wanted to check why her first bill was so high, and they told her that she would have to wait a couple of days for all her information to be transferred from that first (cancelled) contract to this new one. An easy transfer they said!! She was never able to access her online account, however the phone was working and she was billed erratically for the next 18 months. The bills were always more than they should have been and she was never billed on the same day each month. All the bills were paid by DD. In May 2014, having had enough of the poor (non existant) coverage, she went into the store and asked to cancel her contract. only to be told that she had no contract with Vodoaphone and they had no record of her ever having had a Vodaphone account. (the person who opened the account in 2012 no longer worked there either) The last bill was sent in May 2014, which was paid, and after that the phone no longer worked. The contract ran out in August 2014. Nothing was heard until the end of 2016 when a letter arrived from Vodaphone demanding £400.00. There was no account number or phone number on this letter that applied to my daughter, so we could not track this on their website. They tried to take money from a new bank account (which was not connected ever to the Vodaphone account). now they have passed the account to PASTDUE who are demanding £753.66 or they MAY go to court (blah blah blah). today we found out from my ex husband of 15 years (her dad), that he has been receiving texts from this debt collector on his mobile, asking for my daughter to contact them. He has not lived with his daughter for 15 years, his phone number has changed numerous times in this time, he has never had any kind of joint contract or account with her, and these texts started on 22 Feb this year. So far they haven't rung his number and he hasn't replied to any texts. Sorry for the long explanation, but I hope someone can help me with this ridulous mess. Thank you
  12. LOL, Letters written, printed and ready to go.... Flippin' cheek of them! I will keep you updated of developments..... Thanks for all your help so far x
  13. Lol PGH, I am sorely tempted to send the letter exactly how you have written it..... it's wonderful! However, I guess I will have to reword it slightly, and get that off to them, but no rush as their letter is dated last Wednesday! I certainly am a little curious though, seeing as I don't remember an overdraft on the account, and there were definitely no loans on it.. Nice website though! lol
  14. I had a letter today from a company called Clarity, informing me I have a debt of £273.82, with Santander UK PLC (A&L Bank)! Now, I am assuming that they have bought out Alliance & Leicester Bank???? If this is so I haven't banked with them for over 10 years, and certainly not for the last 9 years, when I got divorced and my ex-husband took the account for his own use. He has also not used the account for probably the same amount of time. The odd thing is though, the bank account was in both our names, but the letter is only addressed to me. I moved house 2.5 years ago, so this letter is completely out of the blue and I honestly have no clue what the amount is for! The letter just says that Clarity have been instructed by Santander to make arrangements with me to repay the above amount, and that the matter requires my urgent attention, and I should choose one of their options to make a payment or discuss the situaton. If they do not hear from me they will consider the options available to them, which include a rep visiting me (scary, wooooo), or instructing a solicitor to commence legal action against me. What to do, do you think?? Thanks in advance for any help you can give on this one
  15. Hi All, A small update for you.. I sent off the letter that you advised me on, to Scotcall 3 weeks ago and have heard not a thing from them! I also emailed Trading Standards at the same time to let them know what had occurred. I had a very nice lady from my local Trading Standards ring me this afternoon asking for more details as she is going to be ringing Scotcall and speaking to them about their practices. She also took the lovely doorstep collectors name and phone number too. She asked for a copy of the letter that I sent to Scotcall, and I explained that it was you kind people on here that had helped me with that. I will update again when I know more, but I also want to say thank you again for your help so far
  16. I would love to put his name and mobile number on here so everyone could give him a ring!! lol... Thank you so much, I realise I shouldn't have been intimidated by him, but it was a shock to answer the door and be told you owe us money!! I have printed one of your letters off to send to scotcall tomorrow, telling them to 'go away', I suspect they will just pass me back again and it will all start over again... I will compose a letter to send off to the OFT too, and hope they can deal with them
  17. Thank you for your replies.... I feel a little better now, slightly calmer.. I have definatley NOT received a letter from Scotcall, I had one from Equidebt, who then passed me onto a company called Weightmans LLP, who claimed to be a national law firm. I sent them the 'why are you contacting me letter', telling them the debt was in dispute with the Co-op, and has been since October 2007. I heard nothing back from them, (this was in Feb this year), until I get this guy on my doorstep this evening... He wrote my name and address on a brown envelope, stuck his calling card with his mobile and his name on it, in the envelope and shoved it through the door after I had told him the debt was in dispute and that I wasn't going to speak to him. At which point he told me I was playing games!!! Even the reference number he wrote on it doesn't match Equidebts.
  18. Hi All, am a bit shaky at the moment, and feeling more than a little intimidated... A guy knocked on my door this evening telling me he was from Scotcall. Told me he was collecting a debt from Scotcall, who I told him I had never heard of. He told me that I had(!), and that they were collecting on behalf of Equidebt, who has passed the debt on to them. This debt had originally started with The Co-operative bank, (with whom it is in dispute). I informed Equidebt of this fact, and they have obviously passed it on again. I told this guy I had made no appointment for him to call and that I was not going to discuss anything with him. He then said I could make an appointment with him there and then, and I said no. I told him if he didn't leave I was entitled to call the police, which he then told me to go and do. He said that I would be getting a visit from a Bailiff next, if I didn't pay up, and that he was giving me a letter, which he was addressing to me on the doorstep. I told him I was not going to speak to him any longer and I closed the door. He then put the envelope through the door and inside was his calling card. I had no clue that I was going to receive a doorstep call..... What happens now.. I feel like I'm under siege in my own home!! Do I expect a bailiff visit now???
  19. I guess so, but as it such a long message, I sort of stopped listening ;-). It's a very bad computerised voice and it's quite hard to make out what it's actually saying. I'm not overly concerned about it, as you say they will have bought an unenforcable debt anyway. Although, before I found this site I would have been living in fear of phone calls and letters throught the door!
  20. Hi all, I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this. Twice this week, tuesday morning and again this afternoon. I have had a computerised message left on my answerphone by Mackenzie Hall. They have left me an 'Account Number' and a contact number to ring them back on. I have no intention of doing this, obviously. Now, I really have no idea what this is for. I CCA'd several DCA's 18 months to 2 years ago, and this saw them off and all went quiet. Then I moved house a year ago, and my telephone number has been ex directory for 6 years or so. So how did they get hold of my number???? Anyway, this is the first time I've ever had messages like this. Can I get them stopped?? Or shall I just continued to ignore them? Thanks in advance Caz
  21. Hi, No there is no levy or WPA in place. They are trying to charge for for visits for 2 liability orders, plus an extra £102.00 which the B has added himself.Now there is just one reference number, previously there were 2 until the council reduced the balance. I have never had a breakdown of costs with any of the paper the B has pushed through the door, just the usual letter which says I am coming to take your goods! By the time B & S get their act together, the arrears will be clear! But if I pay them, they take their charges first and my priority is to pay the council tax!
  22. Sorry to be a pain, but could someone please advise me? I've had another email today, and they are telling me if I don't contact them by 7th december then recovery action will continue! As I told them I have been paying this account every 4 weeks directly to the council, and they (deliberatley?) misread my email to them and took it that I was paying every week and gave me a payment agreement to that effect! Anyway, they are insisiting that they don't have to send me a breakdown of the fees as they attached it to an email, this though was not a breakdown of the fees and I could not really make any sense of it, and the initial £20.00 I sent them was taken off their fees and not the arrears! Help!!!
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