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  1. Hi, i am new to all this so hope you can help. I want to start claiming back my bank charges. How do i get hold of my last 6 years statements. and do you have to pay for them. Thank you
  2. Hi everyone. basically i worked for a vending machine company as a service engineer, i was there for 18 months. The company has an awful reputation for how they treat there staff. In the 18 months i was there i asked for training on certain things, i asked at least once a month verbally but was always ignored. I had money deducted from my wages without verbal or written notice or consent. The overtime i done was never paid correctly. So after 18 months i wrote a grievence letter about these points. A manager called a grievance meeting and basically said that i said i was capable of being out on the road 18 months ago so if i am writing a letter now saying i want training then i am not capable. When i pointed out that i had asked verbally every month for 18 months and even asked his manager and the MD he basically said i had been trained sufficiantly. When i hadnt had any training at all. Also other more experianced engineers had been allowed on training courses. At the end of the meeting the manager said i had to work in the workshop until a decision had been made about the grievance letter. I wasnt happy but i agreed. Then at say 1pm the manager took the company van of me with no notice at all, i asked how i was meant to get to work and he replied not my problem. Although the previous workshop engineer drove a company vehicle, so it culdnt have been bcos i was sent to work in the workshop. I spent the rest of the day trying to get a cheap car sorted and the managers were pushing and pushing all day to try and force me out. In the end i simply couldnt take it so handed in my notice and wrote on my notice that i had been forced out by the management. This is a brief of what happened. It is a little more complex in the sense that i was there 18 months. But if anyone can help i would be very grateful. Thank you.
  3. Hi all. My problem is i basically got forced out of my job. I was a engineer for a vending machine company and they are known for treating there staff like poo. After 18 months of being there and asking for training every month and having money being taken out of my wages without notice or permission and not ever getting the correct ammount of overtime, i chose to go down what i thought was the correct route and wrote a grievance letter. After the grievance hearing finished at say 1pm on monday the company took my company van of me at 1.15pm with no notice basically, i had no way off getting to work. I stayed the rest of the day and tried to get a cheap car sorted and throughout the whole day the company were pushing and pushing and in the end i handed in my notice and stated on my notice that i had been forced out by the company. That is basically a brief there is alot more to it all. 18 months infact. So can anyone help what should i do, Do i have a case.
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