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  1. I had 2 accounts with Barclays fully settled at the end of 2003 or early 2004. I want to claim back charges on these accounts. I can't find the account numbers though. I went into my branch with my passport, but they said they had no record of me. I phoned up a few different departments. Again, they said they had no record of me. This is very frustrating. What do I do now? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  2. Don't worry my friend. I will happily play K2 to your Everest. Phil, they will be slow and try to fob you off probably. You may well have to keep pestering them.
  3. Just opening the thread in sweet anticipation. I can taste the loot already! Yummy. Thought I best keep the credit card one separate from this.
  4. My wife is ready to send off her £10 for an SAR. Is the cheque payable to Halifax or HBOS or what?
  5. I have seen the sticky thread with the Halifax contact details for prelim letters. I just wanted to check if it wasn't better to send my claim to their Dunfermiline Card Services address, as it is only related to my credit card? Everything is ready to go first thing in the morning. Also, is recorded delivery ok or shall I go for special delivery?
  6. I am about to do my credit card claim prelim letter. If they pay up immediately does that mean that I never get my 8% interest? Seems a bit harsh if that is the case.
  7. They never responded to my CCA request from early August. In the prelim letter shall I also tell them not to mess me around or I will go down that route and they won't get a bean from me? They will have been fully warned then. Or is that too aggressive?
  8. I have an excel 8% printout ready for my credit card claim. What is my next move? Straight to court or back to the Halifax. Sorry if this is obvious. I'm new to this and don't want to make any mistakes.
  9. I have just decided to go for the 8% rate. I don't need this info any more.
  10. My wife can't find her old bank account details. Does she send off the SAR and just put unknown bank account number on it?
  11. Hmm. It does seem to have yoyoed a bit. I best wait for someone with concrete statments. Thanks for the help.
  12. Thanks. I suppose that means it was 12.94% in June 2005 then. I just need the before and after. It likely went to 13.94% at some stage i'm guessing.
  13. I have all my charges listed and dates, but with no interest rates. I got my card in December 2004. Can anyone help me out on this? I'd rather not go back to Halifax and wait another 4 months. I just know that the current purchases interest rate is 14.94%. All my balance relates to purchases, not cash. That makes things a little easier. I want to claim back all the interest charged which, unless mistaken, I believe I am able to do. I did have a look on their website, but didn't see anything there. Any assistance would be appreciated. I'm sure someone must have this at hand.
  14. Well after nearly 4 months I got my statements through. It took several follow up phone calls and letters though. They really are the pits. They laughed at me on the phone and told me I didn't have a clue what I was talking about. I stuck to my guns though. My wife wants to claim back her halifax charges too now. She had a bank account and 2 credit cards with them. How does she go about her SAR? Does she send to have send off more than one? What address does she send it to?
  15. Do I use the simple or advanced excel spreadsheet? What's the difference? Is it more money with the advanced one?
  16. I can claim back all the credit charges IN FULL? If there is a £30 late payment charge I can claim back £30? Are you sure? Christmas has come early for me is this is true. I thought the £220 they offered me was paltry. With all the charges in full and interest I could be looking at £1000. Please just confirm this once more and you have made my day! Thank you kindly.
  17. I think they will cave in on giving me my statements. I'm not too concerned about that right now. All my charges in this claim are solely for my Halifax credit card. They are over the limit charges and late payment charges. I just want to know what to claim when I get my statements through. Is it the difference between £12 and what they actually charged me? Do I have to work out the interest on each charge individually?
  18. Hello. Sorry if I sound a bit stupid. I'm pretty inexperienced. I asked Halifax formally for my credit card statements at the beginning of August. These people drive me nuts. They have to be the most arrogant and abnoxious bunch of people I have ever dealt with in my life. And that's saying something! I received nothing even though they signed for my letter. I rang up and gave them grief recently. They insisted they would send them through. I still haven't had them through. What I did get was a settlement offer of £221. I am going to insist on getting my statements. When I get them how do I work out what they owe me? They say it is the difference between £12 and what they actually charged me. Is this true? Do I add on interest? If so, do I have to work out the interest on each individual charge separately? I get lost trying to read long threads. Some simple answers would be appreciated.
  19. If anyone has any general ideas I would appreciate hearing them, even if they are not sure about this issue. I just want to give my daughter the best information I can. I am not advising her boyfriend at all on this matter.
  20. It is incredibly silly to even try and judge anyone else here. Get your head out of the clouds. You don't know anyone or what has happened to them. I am very surprised that you ended up here over £47 in the first place. My advice is sue Sky if you feel that strongly about it.
  21. Hello. My daughter lives in Greece. She is very unhappy. She wants to come back to England, but her boyfriend has some credit card debts. She doesn't want to leave him. He will never pay them off from what I can make out. Could he be traced to England if he came over here? He owes about 10,000 euros. It is important that he has a clear credit record, as if she marries him I believe she will be linked to him. He isn't from England originally and has never been here before. He is from Portugal and was just working in Greece for a few years.
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