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  1. Thank you. I have carbon copies of all letters sent as well. Im still agog that after pointing out their major error and writing on 3 separate occasions they still have not once yet acknowledged me.
  2. 1. Original letter sent 3rd December. No reply. Sent recorded and have proof of delivery. 2. 2nd letter sent 18th December with a copy of the letter from 3rd December attached. I asked for an update of their progress and acknowledgement of the matter. Sent recorded and have proof of delivery. They replied to my son, not me, with a list of charges on his old account. He actually still owes them money. My son has a different first name to myself, but the same middle name. I had actually retrieved one of my 2 account numbers by now and did clearly state and include this in this letter. They did this on purpose right? 3. 3rd letter sent 31st December with copies of previous 2 letters attached. Sent recorded and have proof of delivery. I reminded them of my name and the blatant error they were responsible for. I told them in no uncertain terms that I wouldn't go away. 4. Received a letter from Barclays on 6th January, again to my son, listing a few charges on his account and making out that this was the end of the matter. 5. Decided to just let the clock tick as I had done everything I could have done. Still not a single acknowledgement to myself from Barclays. Somehow I don't think they want to pay me the hundreds and hundreds of quid they owe me. What do I do now? Feeling a little demoralised.
  3. You are asking me to psychoanalyse Halifax Bank Of Scotland? Hmm. I'm definitely not qualified. Joking aside I have no idea. I declined their initial offer and sent off my prelim letter. They eventually wrote back and said they would settle in full. Maybe they knew that I had sent off a C.A.A. request and they hadn't satisfied it. I did actually have an active balance on this card. Maybe they are more likely to knock charges off active balances than pay back hard cash. I'd also imagine they are more likely to pay up on cards because they are not subject to the bank account charges moratorium. Just a few ideas. Good luck to you.
  4. Ok. And it was just my wife's name I put on the claim for our joint account. I didn't put my name down or sign it or anything. Just been having second thoughts. That was right?
  5. When I sent the prelim letter for my wife's account I also included some charges for a joint account we had. It was clearly marked as a separate account in the letter with full details. This was correct? We didn't have to make a joint claim on that account?
  6. Congratulations. I recently just had the good news. My wife too.
  7. One set of statements received. They seem to have 'difficulty' locating the closed account that had a lot of charges on it. They also pretend to not know what a S.A.R. is. Isn't that always the way? Hmmm. Will update after their deadline expires.
  8. They settled in full. Wasn't a large claim though. Please change to 'Won'. Thanks to everyone that helped!
  9. This lot are really playing games with me. Will update after their 40 days expires.
  10. They quoted the Durant case and when I contacted the Information Commissioner's Office they backed up Halifax. I'm not very happy as it seems to give a lot of power to Halifax to decide what is and isn't a 'structured filing system'. Apparently this is currently not being challenged. Hmmm. All statements received by the way and prelim letter just sent.
  11. They settled in full. I am still very unhappy that I couldn't get back the interest. Is there absolutely no way I can do this if they agree to pay up in full before court? Can someone change this thread to 'Won' please. Thanks for the help. More victories to follow I hope.
  12. Well I phoned them again. Direct to the D.P.A. office as well. They reiterated 3 times that the I.C.O. and the F.S.A. fully supported them in the fact that their legal positon was that they 100% didn't have to disclose information on paper. So if they are telling me black is white what do I do know? I got the name of the woman I spoke to and the woman that gave me the original information.
  13. I would really appreciate some help on my previous post from someone, as I am going to be phoning the Halifax data office this afternoon. I am concerned about the information on paper issue than the manual intervention issue.
  14. Can someone change the title of this thread to 'Debtmountain Versus Halifax Credit Card' please. I am started to confuse myself. I think I will be doing another bank account claim for myself soon as well for an old account! I will have plenty on the go, but it's all worthwhile.
  15. Got the bank statements through. They stated in the accompanying letter that they weren't required to keep information about manual intervention. Is this true? Also, after I made a subsequent phone call I was told that they didn't have to send through anything they had on paper, only what they had on computer. Is this true? They did go on to state that 'most' of their information was transferred on to computer anyway, but wouldn't state that was the case for 'all' the information they held on a person. I want everything i'm legally entitled to and don't want to be fobbed off. I do have my reasons for the record.
  16. Got the bank statements through. Still waiting for the credit card statements. When everything eventually turns up and I send my prelim and L.B.A. letters do I have to send separate letters for each account? I am claiming on one credit card account and 2 bank accounts.
  17. Do you claim back the £10 S.A.R. fee with the charges in your precourt letters or can you only claim that back if it actually gets to court?
  18. Sent a recorded delivery letter on 4th December to the Copy Statement Unit listed in the contact details thread under the D.P.A., but nothing is showing up with Royal Mail on their website. I even phoned Royal Mail and they said they had absolutely no trace of it. Has anyone else had a problem sending mail to this address? Does this Copy Statement Unit have a phone number?
  19. Is the 40 days to get information under the D.P.A. working days or calendar days? Also, is the 14 days warning on prelim letters and L.B.A.'s working days or calendar days?
  20. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/122147-debt-mountain-versus-barclays.html Seaside Lady, do you possibly have any other tactical advice on this thread before I proceed with the dormant account route?
  21. Thanks. I will give that a go if it comes to it. Do you think it will apply to closed accounts as well though? My accounts were formally closed after full settlement.
  22. The answer is because they are a very big bunch of bankers. What makes me laugh is they can't find my old account details on 2 fully settled accounts from 2004. Or so they say. I found one old account number belonging to my son from 2001 written on a bit of paper. I wasn't sure if it was my old account or not. My son still owed money on his account. I phoned them up to query the account number. They instantly found it on their records and I was patched through to a D.C.A. within seconds! They were then asking me for my phone number and demanding payment from me. I had to hammer the point home to them that I wasn't my son. Amazing what they can find when they want to.
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