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  1. i took out a loan 3-4 years go and got ppi, now im self employed and work died up so in feb i cancelled the loan direct debit, since then i asked for a claim form but as i wasnt sighning on i couldnt claim, ive payed off dribs and drabs when i could but it lead to abbeys debt recovery team on my case, and when i spoke tho the woman on the phone she said i shouldnt have been sold the ppi as i was self employed at the time. now i get job seekers i can claim but the loan has not been payed properly for over 6 months and maybe the ppi, can i still claim ? im not sure but i think the ppi was payed up front as part of the loan sum, and if they wont pay on the basis of me not having work being self employed, which ive read that its very hard to get them to pay, do i have a case to cancel and get my monies already paid ? or what can i do ?
  2. im in the process of making a claim for council tax benefit and they have given me a list of things they want so they can sort out the claim, now the thing is they want to see bank statements, now there is stuff that goes out of there that is of a personal nature and i dont want people seeing what i get up to, do i really have to give them bank statements ?
  3. my mate who is a builder was asked by one of our neighbours to give them 1 of 2 quotes to rebuild the wall thet had been knocked down at the front of the house, now his quote was cheaper and the insurance company gave him the job, but gave the monies to the claimant, who now say they are skint so are gonna keep the money, now hes worried that the insurance company has his headded quote from ******** builders and as they have given him the job that they will put his paperwork to the taxman so hes liable for the tax, hes spoken to the people and the said they had spoken to the insurance company and they said it was ok to keep the money and do the job when they want, like a year down the line when they can do it as a cash job, surely this is not right, or is this ok ?
  4. this time there is never any human interface whatsoever just a call and then silence the number is odd too its 01121 anyone have any info on this ?
  5. can i put a bar on the phone to stop all international phone calls ?
  6. its not just the gym, that has been sorted, weve been tps for a few years
  7. i have subscribed to the telephone preference service, but it seems the thing to do now is somehow use an international number to get out of this, and im getting really p****d off with this, even the local gym rang and came up on my caller display as international out of area, and its onlt half a mile down the road, how can i put a stop to this ? can i bar certain calls ? or have i just got to put up with it ?
  8. 350 to replace the board ? it only costs 160, and takes 10 mins to fit so i think they are taking the **** just a little, 1200 pouds an hor is steep by anyones standards, its not just the board that has to be changed its the whole housing the pcb fits into
  9. if all your worried about is the grub on yer big day then why get married ? you gotta realise its the marriage not the food that makes the day special, the best man drunk making a speech all yer mates having beer and a laugh, and if any of ya mates complained about the do then they aint real mates, last thing on my mind was finger food
  10. it was last taxed in 81 so im ok be on the road soon tho and connif that would be a 2 day round trip for me, a nice holiday
  11. ive just got a 1966 vespa and i dont have to sorn it
  12. im sure there is somthing in the soga like this (2B) For the purposes of this Act, the quality of goods includes their state and condition and the following (among others) are in appropriate cases aspects of the quality of goods— (a) fitness for all the purposes for which goods of the kind in question are commonly supplied, (b) appearance and finish, © freedom from minor defects, (d) safety, and (e) durability. and as you asked for a stainless exhaust and the welds are not then its not as described either
  13. yep i have to say the work is ****e to say the least and have probably only used steel wire, get a magnet out to see, but stainless wire in the mig would have been more than sufficient, should have got your brother inlaw to weld it, take it back and say what your not happy with, did they fit it or just supply it ?
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