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  1. That is awesome that they actually did that!
  2. Rather than mess about with TBN's, there is a direct phone number to card services. However i dont know it off the top of my head but your local branch should give it to you.
  3. eyeofhorus

    Abbey CCA

    You spent money, bought things etc and now dont want to pay for them? Is that the gist of it?
  4. What is the nature of your enquiry?
  5. Not bad really. Abbey did not lose your mandates, it was done to one person. Humans sometimes make mistakes you know.
  6. Is it not best to clear your mortagage arrears as you could risk losing your home?
  7. The banks pockets would not be 'padded' if customers did not incur bank charges as you put it. Makes no difference if they are on benefits or earning a wage, if they go overdrawn and bounce cheques etc the bank charge them.
  8. All banks do this, benefits are source of income like wages are.
  9. The branch send the paperwork to the bond maturities team at Bradford. All a staff member needs to do is ring the dept up and see what is going on.
  10. Banks can take bank charges from customer on benefits just as they can from a person on wages. The social security act 1992 is often confused over bank charges on current accounts.
  11. Why are you paying your mortgage late?
  12. Paperwork is stored off site via Iron Mountain. Is your loan a case of wont pay or cant pay?
  13. You borrowed and spent the money so you should pay it back.
  14. A&L to Abbey is like HSBC to Abbey. They are not cojoined in anyway, this will happen at some point but is not the situation now.
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