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  1. Does anyone know which area of law the solicitor would need to specialise in?
  2. A couple of credit cards I think. Knowing it was there I haven't really tried for credit... I think a couch at DFS, but I can't remember if that was before or after.
  3. Apart from a late payment in the last 3 months. Yes.
  4. I now have a letter stating explicitly that T-Mobile removed the default that they filed on 28th April 2009, but they can help me no further and to "Contact Lowell financial to update thier records accordingly". My first intent was to see a solicitor about damages but I'd first like to know about the likelihood of a succesful case. Has anyone else taken legal action in a similar situation and won? Would I actually receive monetary compensation? Many thanks.
  5. In March 2011 this is still ongoing. I contacted Lowell and thier repoonse was 'oops' as they had recieved notice from T-mobile in 2009 but hadn't acted on it. The file is now updated as setlled/satisfied. Obviously this is as much use as a chocolate teapot. I've sent a request to T-Mobile asking for a copy of the original default and the request to Lowell in 2009 to remove the default status, but I'm not holding much hope as I have noticed that the defaults begain in 2006 when Lowell took on the debt. I cant actually find a default from T-mobile. Does anyone have any clue how to approach this, as a phone contract dispute at age 25 is now at age 31 stopping me from obtaining a mortgage. To say I'm frustrated would be understatement of epic proportions. Many, many thanks to anyone that can help.
  6. Many thanks for everyone's help so far. Is there possibly a template letter for this somewhere?
  7. I couldn't read through the whole thread, but I was in the same situation, except yell were billing me for a category I never requested. Believe it or not, consistent demands to speak to supervisors at yell and spending possibly 5 hours total badgering them yielded results for me and I was credited the full amount I 'owed'. Might be worth a call.
  8. That debt being £15 which ocurred in error because of a billing mistake by T-Mobile, who after almost five years eventually capitulated and removed the default. Now however after acessing my credit account online after quite some time to make sure the default was removed, I've discovered why I can obtain absoloutely no credit accounts. The pond life at Lowell have been seemingly issuing defaults on a monthly basis for the same £15 for quite some time. Obviously this is wrong, but how do I go about rectifying it asap? Any and all help much appreciated. Thank you.
  9. I now have a letter draughted and would greatly appreciate review before I send it. ACC No: XXXXXXXXXX 7th March 2009 T-Mobile (UK) Ltd Hatfield Business Park Hatfield Hertfordshire AL10 9BU Dear Sir or Madam Prior to the current request, I sent an S.A.R with an enclosed cheque for £10, on 20th August 2007, and was informed in a letter received from X,dated October 6th 2007, enclosed with some of the requested data, that more was to follow, and someone else from within T-Mobile would be in contact with me to disclose the additional data requested, however no additional contact in either written or verbal form was received. The S.A.R was sent with view to receiving and viewing a copy of the original “default” notice issued by yourselves in relation to the default that appeared on my credit file in May 2006 for outstanding sum of £15. I have let this matter sit to this point as I have only irregularly pursued credit, but now in my current pursuit of a mortgage, it has come to light I have been illegally defaulted twice more for the same debt by a debt collection agency trading under the name of Lowell, I understand that the actions of Lowell are probably not under your instruction, but they are the cause of me now resuming correspondence with T-Mobile regarding this matter. Now having reviewed again the information you did send me, I noticed that you had a copy of a revised final bill dated 18th Novemeber 2005 for £15.58; unfortunately I never recieved this bill, and niether did I receive any notification of the subsequent default. At the time I received a demand for £277.07 from BC+W on the 2nd November 2005 who were acting on your behalf to recover the (to my knowledge) final bill amount, which I paid in full shortly thereafter, and considered the matter closed. I have also noticed the bill prior to this dated 18th September 2005, requests the amount of £292.60; with the use of simple maths, if you take the amount requested by yourselves on 18th September for £292.60, and deduct the amount of £277.07 paid to BC+W, you're left with the sum of £15.58. As I stated previously, I never received the bill dated 18th November requesting £15.58 for a “revised” final bill amount, and now it seems that this revision was down to a lack of communication or clerical error on behalf of BC+W and/or T-Mobile, and I was then defaulted for this paltry amount despite having paid BC+W the sum of £277.07 in good faith to bring the matter to a presumed end. The fact that a company as large as T-Mobile could make such a mistake is not unimaginable, however the fact you could damage a customers credit history (and in light of lowells actions) almost in perpetuity for the sake of a miscalculation or miscommunication is in the least, both reprehensible and insidious, and would invite you to look at your procedures regarding such actions as in need of prompt review. So now further to having no copy or recollection of a revised final bill (an oxymoron if ever there was one) or default notice, I require you to substantiate this data with all possible expediency. You must supply me with a true copy of the alleged agreement you refer to. This is my right under your obligation to supply a copy of the agreement under the legislation contained within s.78 (1) Consumer Credit Act 1974 (s.77 (1) for fixed sum credit). Your obligation also extends to providing a statement of account. I enclose a £1 cheque in payment of the statutory fee, Cheque number XXXXXX. You must supply me with a signed true and certified copy of the original default notice I would request that this data is provided to me within the next 14 days, if you are unable to provide this data then I must insist that it is removed from my files as unsubstantiated. Should it be the case I have to pay the outstanding £15.58 to remove (not settle or satisfy, remove) the default issued, I will gladly do so. Should you not contact me in regards to this request, or remove the default notice, I will be in regular contact with yourselves, and any relevant governing bodies to pursue the matter until it is resolved. Yours faithfully
  10. Actually I did pay, then payed a final bill, which I paid through BC+W, THEN didn't pay a £15 admin charge. A delayed thanks for answering.
  11. I was deafaulted for £15 on 10/05/2006, for £15 by T-Mobile for an account already closed with BC+W, they then sent me letter requesting £15 admin costs, I ignored it, then it came back and bit me in the ass as a default. You can see the whole story here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/telecoms-mobile-fixed/110594-t-mobile-buchanan-clark.html Here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/telecoms-mobile-fixed/117158-just-recieved-r-t.html AND here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/117488-mackenzie-hall-texted-like.html Just looking over my credit file at checkmyfile.com after being refused credit by DFS, I came across this SO it seems Lowell are now telecomms suppliers, and have kindly issued two more defaults, the incredibly cheeky thing about this is, I've recived no correspondence from them, not even at the original address the account was registered at (my parent's house). I'm now looking to get this sorted as I'm getting a bit fu**ed off that, despite earning over 80k a year between me and my wife, I can't even get credit for something as simple as a poxy sofa at DFS for the sake of a debt issued by T-Mobile for all of fifteen quid. Any help with this is greatly appreciated as it's getting in the way of my life now as I was looking at trying to get a mortgage in the near future, and I can't even get a couch, let alone a house. Many thanks in advance
  12. No I have the sart readings, then I have the end readings which the letting agent provided (no one from e-on confirmed in person) 11 days after me vacating. Put it this way, disregard the adjusted final bill, if you were getting bills for under £300 per 3 months, then one popped up for £421 for two months, wouldn't you wonder what the f**k had occured? But ok, energywatch, thanks.
  13. Well, no, if I'd have got a final reading for £460, I'd have still questioned it, but what I really want to know is where they got the exponential increase on previous bills from? Besides the reading was given by the estate agent 11 days after after I left and taken at face value , which is also bollards in my book. Is there an energy version of OFCOM? (not addressed to you specifically).
  14. Thanks for everyones advice. To all those suggesting that the final reading caused the high bill; the final 'reading' given by my estate agent given 11 dyas after I vacated the property, only placed an additional £40 cost on top of the estimate; how can they estimate for £421 in the first instance of the final bill that they got all previous bills wrong and now need to bill me out for additional costs? Also, this is for electric only.
  15. So the original estimated final bill use of £421 for a months usage, compared to no more than £300 for 3 months usage seems accurate to you? The actual reading only increased it by £40.
  16. First one was based from reading, all others except the final adjusted bill based on the estate agents were estimates.
  17. I moved in to my previous address on 22nd march 2008, and vacated December 22nd 2008, in this time I received the following bills: 23/3 - 6/5 - £50.86 6/5 - 4/8 - £296.16 4/8 - 4/11 - £271.22 4/11 - 22/12 £421.22 Then when estate agent came along and phoned them with a reading for 23/12 on the 2nd January 09, a new final bill came in for £461.22 My problem is why have my previous bills been all been under £300 for a 3 month period, for my final bill to come in at £421 for a period of under a month. I tried calling them and asking why, but all I could get from Claire, and then Jamal the supervisor (the fact that Jamal was even less articulate than claire but had somehow become her supervisor didn't instill much confidence), was that the huge increase on the final bill was because of the actual reading being given by the estate agent (not me) meant they had to adjust the previous billing amounts, and those amounts were being added on to the final bill. What claire/jamal failed to grasp was that the bill with the actual reading only changed the cost from £421 to £461, it still doesn't explain why e-on estimated that I used £421 of electricity in under a month compared to my estimated usage of under £300 in the previous quarterly period bills. So now I'm at a loss as, e-on seems to be staffed by fools, but I need to appeal to someone to get this ridiculous bill decreased. Any ideas? The other point was that the letting agent, phoned in with a reading for 23/12/08 on the 2/1/09, and somehow the reading of a third party that they have taken without verifying themselves in person have somehow increased my final bill by £40 on top of the already ludicrous estimate. That can't be right, can it? Many thanks in advance.
  18. Ok, so I still have only part of the S.A.R I requested, and it's been WAY over 40 days now, at this point what action should I take? Thanks.
  19. I can't, unkowingly of the reasons to deal with them by post at the time, I dealt with BC+W mainly on the phone, and eventually paid the final sum after disconnection of £278.77 on 8 November. BC+W never contacted me again. so I considered it settled. Then I got a bill dated 18 November from T-Mobile, requesting £15.58, I don't have the letter anymore, but it had the bill, which I now have a copy of and a cover letter demanding the money for administrative costs. I asked for an S.A.R from T-Mobile recently, and all I got was past bills, and a promise of more to come and now all of a sudden they're chasing the uinpaid default.
  20. Ok. I was always slightly curious since I payed thy're final 'we're gonna kill you and your dog if you don't pay us' demand when it got passed to BC+W two years ago, but then they sent me another letter after that was settled demanding £15 for admin costs, which I ignored, and became what I defaulted on. Is that lawful? Could I catch them out on that?
  21. I recieved the text this morning, and called, I spoke to the stroppy little prick on the other end, who are now chasing my outstanding debt from t-mobile for the grand sum of £15, they're saying they require payment in full. I asked if I payed, would the default be removed or satisifed, he said satisfied, I said contact T-Mobile and see if they're willing to remove it should I pay, because if they are, I'm more than willing to pay, if it's just to state it as satisfied, I'm not so willing. . He said he'd send an email, but if they chose to, they could take me to court to claim the money. So, question is, can they take me to court for a debt I've already defaulted on? Could it become a CCJ? Thanks.
  22. Yes they acknowledged reciept of the £10. Thanks.
  23. Ok, thank you, how do I go about squeezing all of that out of them? In the letter dated 6th October it states: The 40 day limit for a response for the S.A.R was reached on 12th October (allowing a generous week for it to arrive). Also, the letter which I sent (which I have copy pasted below), specifically says to the Data protection officer, yet I recieved a reply from someone in customer relations. I'm not sure where I stand, but I'm feeling very fobbed off, and I'm wondering if they have granted me any additional leverage in my attempt to remove a default? Many thanks.
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