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  1. Had the same problem have a read here it makes interesting reading Seaman Arts | Traditional, digital artworks, photography
  2. have you the chance to appeal this with NPAS.. if so go down that route, you may find that this is worth doing... it will also give you a chance to save up the money if the appeal falls through, NPAS are very thorough and will pick up on any you may have missed or the council have failed to provide in way of details
  3. Hopefully the adjudicator will pick up on this as he did with mine have a look half way down the page with regards to this thread.. it may help http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bailiffs/94493-bailiff-assaulted-me-9.html come back and let us know how you did
  4. I think you may find that he/she broke the forum rules and paid the price, mentioning names when he/she had been warned more than once.
  5. Im a bit confused with this sign, if this was out side the shop i was going to shop at I wouldnt shop there .. reasons being.. 1. I am disabled and I certainly dont like to be told how long I can shop for and the fear that I may not get back to my car in time would cause a stressful shopping experience. 2. If I wanted to return an item I would have to wait an hour to return it. Being a disabled person I may not have the opportunity to return after the hour has lapsed. It says nothing about disabled parking at all and I wouldnt class the wording 'designated' as to refer to disabled parking. Not being picky here but I for one would not shop /visit etc where I saw this sign and I doubt many disabled people will either, thus this business will lose my custom and money. Very Very disabled unfriendly .. I hope shops /business's consider very carefully placing one of these signs out side their place of business as they may risk losing customers.. sorry for the hijack
  6. Am I correct in assuming that all private parking companies have now to be members of the BPA as from October this year, and have to follow their code of practice?? Just wondered if mr perky was a member and has the BPA logo on his signs and tickets.. by the way if this has already been covered i apologise
  7. I found this an interesting read.. dont know if its relevant to this thread but interesting all the same BBC - Radio 4 - Transcript - Face the Facts 29 July 2005 please for give me if this has been posted before
  8. thats great news .. apologies for the hijack
  9. I like to think this is KARMA what goes around comes around
  10. have you ever attended a hearing? did you read the link i gave you did you read the second page or in fact any of it, the appeal was upheld not just because of certain procedures that the council failed to follow but because of genuine circumstances that had arisen when getting the said PCN. I was there I heard with my own ears what the adjudicator said.It was my mother whose PCN had also had the appeal upheld because she over stayed on a visitors permit due to the fact that she is disabled and couldnt get to change the permit in time the adjudicator allowed the appeal on that basis only. Im sorry that I dont have the proof you ask for to prove to you that I am right. You will just have to take my word on this one. there are some compassionate people in this world who dont look on every case with the eyes you do
  11. and I would get that how????? so what you are saying is that an adjudicator has to follow the exact letter of the law??? I can assure you that all circumstance are taken into account.. matter closed
  12. my bad it was a parking attendant, they are all the same in my opinion. By the way what IS the difference.
  13. The rules of the forum states about no names to be made public in the forums.. your transcript had the names on show.. thus it was taken off. like I stated rules are rules and you have to abide by them or you pay the penalty of having it taken down. unlike companies like yours you wont be charged for your mistake
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