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  1. I did in the LBA but dont think I did so in the Particulars......
  2. PS i havnt forgot about the CAG donation
  3. Hi Westy, The natwest cheaque is cleared I sent the letter to request defalt removal on around the 20th Dec 06. No response. I have been getting calls and letters from Interum Justicia demading the outstanding 127 quid. They are part of natwest/rbs group i think? What I was confused about is this: 1. The cheaque i got from natwest covered all charges and the court fees. I was sent to interum for dept recovery for over 800 qud with only 127 left to pay. The default was for 800 quid. I am requesting removal of the defalt and cancellation (which is what i reques
  4. Westy Thanks again for the advice. Im putting my cheque in today. Will keep you posted. Jmac.
  5. Thanks Westey, When you said "The attraction to me of putting it into an account they've registered a default against - and have specified it should go there - is that they have, de facto, admitted you never owed them the money adn they shouldn't have registered the default. It should make any action to get the default removed very straightforward." How do you think can go about removing the defalt? I was gonna call them and say thanks for the offer, I will take it but i want the defalt removed. IS that sensible? Cheers for the congrats too. jmac.
  6. Hi, following my court claim and them puttin in a defence for extra time natwest have supprised me. Natwest have just offered me all the 800 odd quid back (my whole claim). I recieved a recorded delivery this am with a letter saying it was commercialy unviable for them to carry on. There is a cheque attached for the full cash. The cheque however states pay me 800 pounds into ********account. Im confused. My natwest acccount hasjust under 200 pound left to pay off in dept and is with their dept collection acgency interum justica. The account is not shut nut acepts repyment
  7. I Know it sounds tight but every penny counts. Im filling in the N1 claim form in tommorow and want to include the £10 for the DPA request as NATWEST didnt meet the time frame of 40 days and i havnt sent the data commisioner the letter to say thats the case. Can I include the tenner in my 'value' part of my claim? Finally, I cant find the post but I think I read on here that it is okay to stop repaying my repayments to natwest because what I have left to pay them (220 quid) is less than my claim (770 quid) and I am about to persue a case against them to reclaim the monies? Tha
  8. Thanks Frank, Ive sent my prelim letter and got the standard response 3 days ago. Today sent the lba letter but only for the first couple of years because natwest are stilll draggin their feet about sending the rest and i wanted to start the ball rolling, Fingers crossed this was the right thing to do?! I sent the LBA prior to the 14 days because natwest was very rapid in their standard letter response (only 4 days). I think thats cool cos it was a fob off letter. Jmac999
  9. Thanks for your help. But sorry (im a bit think) what is the prelim stage? Kind regards Jmac999
  10. Hi just a quick Q? If im repaying Natwest via Interum Justicia (dept collection agency) can I stop repaying the dept if im questioning there charges? I only have 300 quid left to pay and I calculate they owe me 400 quid in charges back. I am about to send the LBA letter today but my next repayment of 55 quid is due today. Cheers Jmac
  11. Hi All, I have just sent my first letter to ask for refund of charges. My concern is that it took so long for me to get statements from Natwest that some of the charges I am claiming are for October 2000 onwards. I am worried that by the time I send of my N1 (after the LBA) it will have passed the 6 year mark. The other thing is that the "statments" are infact print outs but are headed woith CMS (credit management services) Telford name. They do not have Natwest header. Finally I am still waiting for another 6 month worth of statements which I am sure will also have these char
  12. Thanks for your response natwest staff. The act sheet marked 1 was from oct 2002. My act was opened what i know think was prior to april 01 because i have this print out thing that is called "copy ledgers and outstanding responses 1D" which is dated first week april and it shows significant O.D. figure. There is NO WAY i was OD to that degree within the first 7 days of openin the account and everyone on the fone says that was when the act was opened. I am very confused! If Joyce is doin the right thing then thats fine but she has haqd 40 days to sort it out and as far as it goes i
  13. Thanks Tracy, Got the letter from DLA piper today. No probs about anything. Just the standard letter by all 'accounts'! Thanks for the advice; J.
  14. Hi all and thanks for all the advice in the FAQ's. Sent my N1 in personally and it was served to Abbey on 15th sept 06. They sent me the Notice of Acknowlegement which was filled on 25th Sept 06. This means they have untill 12th Oct 06 to get their defence in (as far as I can work it out). They are using Dla Piper. My act was a joint account that was opened in scotland. The other act named is my father. I did not get him to sign the N1 or be involved in it. Will this give them any ammunition? I now sh**ting myself because I think I may have messed this up cos im the only one asking
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