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  1. Ah well still no reply (surprise surprise!) Im still not decided on what to do next, I cant really afford to MCOL but the Ombudsman will take a while!! I get paid next week so will decide then, let me know when you hear anything.
  2. Ahh so we are both writing to the same address then thats good to know, well have a good weekend and don't work too hard. I now have to decide whether to MCOL or FOS.
  3. Oh my god!!! thats just ridiculous, they are talking nonsense. If I were you I would probably send it off straight away, I wouldnt wait for the 14 days as they have already replied. I'm so mad... still no reply and letter was delivered on 12th!!! Just out of interest which address have you written to? Thanks Vixsta
  4. Hey Jellybabe! Thats really bad is it still showing as undelivered? Nope still no reply... Im so angry!! I sent the follow up letter on Thurs 11th and checked and it was delivered on the 12th so they better reply soon or I will MCOL them!!
  5. Oh no thats awful hope you're all feeling much better now? Glad you got it sent off, I hope you hear something soon... I didn't hear anything and their 14 days expired yesterday so I have made myself send the second letter off which has gone this afternoon. You'll have to keep me posted on how you get on. I can only assume they didn't bother replying to mine as its a small amount and the account has been closed for years still it will cost them more if they don't reply to this one!
  6. Still no response... they have until Wednesday officially or Thursday if im being generous!!
  7. Well, its been a week since I sent it, not heard anything yet still I suppose they do have another week lol. Did you manage to get yours sent off?
  8. Haha but heres hoping it doesn't get that far! It's really strange though how they refund some and not others... I'd love to know what the criteria is!
  9. That is really strange, anything before 2004 came in quite an easy to view list of each month. Evertything after 2004 were shown as the actual statements I wound have recieved, and it states on several of them that my payment is late but does not show any charges... very strange! As it is I've sent my letter of this morning so we'll have to see what they say (Im hoping for a quick response) has yours gone off yet?
  10. Oooh thats a good amount and its always good when it pays off a card... I havent sent mine yet, was planning to do it today but have been busy. Will do it tomorrow definatley. I did notice something strange with my statements though, it would appear they stopped charging me late payment fees after 2004, has this happened to you? Thanks
  11. Did you send your prelim off? I got my statements from style today, im surprised they at how quickly they came. Im no really owed that much £165 so gonna get my prelim off tomorrow hopefully. Keep me updated with how you get on
  12. Im glad you finally got them at last lets just see how long it takes them to reply this time.
  13. Thanks so much for your reply. I did state in my second letter to clydesdale that I would be prepared to settle minus interest but they still said no and told me to consider it as their full and final response. So this is why im thinking I will have to MCOL. Im going to take a look at your link now, thanks again.
  14. Well recieved a response from the ombudsman today... it would seem that the ombudsman can't deal with my complaint as Clydesdale only became covered by them on 6th April 2007 meaning anything before that cannot be investigated!! This is really beginning to stress me out now. I really want to claim my charges back but cant afford to MCOL and am scared of not winning. Can anyone help? many thanks
  15. I had a feeing that would be the response as there is no way of checking who has cashed a postal order. I agree that getting the letter sent tomorrow is the best course of action. Then hopefully when you return from your hols you should have a letter or at least some statements waiting for you.
  16. Argh how irritating is that!! I would suggest sending off the LBA asap. Just remember that if things were the other way round they wouldn't hesitate sending you a letter and charging you £12 for the priviledge. I wonder if anyone else is having this problem?
  17. I can imagine... If I were you I'd be so mad by now! I have had a look but can't find anything on postal orders which is a pain. The only other thing I can suggest is E-mailing them and keeping a copy of it. Slightly faster than snail mail and would stand up in court. If not then I think you def need to look at getting the LBA sent asap. Really hope you get your statements soon!
  18. Thanks for your reply slick, I have since recieved a letter to say that they are in receipt of my complaint but they are dealing with a large amount so progress may be slower. I just hadn't read or found any ombudsman cases on here so was curious. Thanks again.
  19. Yeah thats the thing, if they claim to have not cashed it you'll never know what a nightmare. What about ringing style on monday and asking for them to put you through to Cust relations. I'm pretty sure if the word court is mentioned they will try and be as helpful as they can. (I've still not sent mine off... will do it this week!)
  20. You can claim but anything you win would go to your creditors as far as I am aware but this could be different if you were made bankrupt over 5 years ago.
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