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  1. l would write to the complaints department, confirming your father had always settled the account.. He would got statements monthly statements, showing nothing is owing. When the item was delivered had someone signed for it. You may find they had added charges.. Also his bank card should show it had been debited... Years of loyal custom, does not registered with them.. They are not very nice part of the company Not so Reliable company. Not sure, the cca will do anything, as he always paid up apart from this hiccup, someone maybe more knowledgeable that myself may help good luck
  2. We settled with JDWilliam, last september 2010, the account had been paid off... We had a letter stating this. We got a statement, with NIL balance, since September we got statement asking for money we kept ringing them up to tell them it been paid and nothing owing, They said so sorry it is a mistake, l got them to take us off their data, etc.. Now we got a statement saying we will take you to Court Action warning, for non payment of this debt, in capital letters it says outstanding balance.0.00. This may mean baliffs, debt collector at our door etc..Again another phone call she said
  3. did you look at the protection evidence, l would question it, as l thought ireland is part of the uk, maybe more knowledgable people on here will advise you more Now l would ask do the postal order for a cca, to trition, they will pass it on to the mint company, you need template for the cca, again do not sign your name, only print it, as its allegely known for debt collectors to copy it on to a cca.. now if they have a copy, they can use it, in a court of law, but without one, it becames unenforceable in court, again more knowledgable people can help.. You do need a expense form, if you pay
  4. did your mint card have protection on it, if you got reduntant it may that it would pay for itself through card protection.. Trition are terrible to deal with.. now first do not give telephone, if they do ring you, tell them you want written dealings with them. so you got it in black and white which would be in your favor. . .Tell them you are struggling, that you can only send them X number of euros..If they keep ringing you, tell them you will report them to OFT for harrisment. l would use a postal order (because we had to use a basic bank account no cheque book. etc)Trition is a coll
  5. sorry l missed this thank you, we going to do a sar, ty sky xx
  6. we asked barclay card to freeze payment and interest, but it was in the middle of the dmp, we sorry to say niave we did not understand that there is a penalty for being in a dmp, that interest and charges we will ask Payplan after christmas as the office is now closed. Am l right l need ten pound postal order to send to barclay card and any other creditor, for the six years facts and figures.. We would not know what is fair or not, can you give me a brief idea what we could claim for.. thank you for the help merry christmas
  7. we are with Payplan, its came to the end of term, so they asked barclay for uptodate figure, we still owe 700+ interest and charges l feel this is what it is.. We would like to ask can they add more interest and charges to the figure of above.. same with other creditor RBS, can they do the same. How would we know what is fair...on charges and interests... would it be possible to ask them for break down on these figures, to work out when they applied them against a payment going in... after seven years, we found another 24 months to go.. we are very upset that it was not waivered, as we never m
  8. when you put things in writing PRINT your name, as they could lift the image if you sign your name.. You willl get a letter from RBS, telling you that there is no agreement, if they cannot find it... that they would cancel what you owe.. best of luck..
  9. I would think there is a settlement figure, though you are paying part of the total figure so that is right, l would want it in black and white that this bill will be settled nothing owing etc.. l would hope that some more people more knowledgeable than me, will answer it... good luck,
  10. we never got total of a termination, just a letter from Triton, we did a cca, they could not find credit agreetment with RBS... so it was cleared.. They are very nasty to deal with.. it with the help of consumers forum.. many thanks to them.. We are two payments now in ending our DMP, with payplan.. They said if we owe some more as in interests charges, we still be with them. fingers cross. both stay or creditors cleared all balances nothing more to be paid.. we live in hope for the latter best of luck those who are dealing with Triton, of course all debts.. too sky xx
  11. Thank you for your great advice, we know how much the balances were from the very start of the dmp, when we filled in the forms to payplan. We know that Barclay had agreed to freeze payments to the account. We had not a statement from them for years.. Until they started to send them this (about under a year) why we know that they have given us charges and interests.. RBS, the same, we did not know that they would be adding charges or we was so naive not expecting it... IF the worse case we have to deal with them, how do we go about sorting the charges etc.. We never missed any payments whi
  12. Hi friends, any one had a DMP with payplan, we owe just under two more payments... after seven long years.. now our balances are not the same as some of our creditors, l know they will approach them, see if they can cancel them out.... l would not like to be with out a safety net of Payplan.. when we may have to deal with these creditors on our own... any advice will be grateful..I think its due to interest payments and charges.. if we have to deal with the creditors who refuse to waiver the interest and charges which have been made since going on a dmp....could we pay them the
  13. If they phone you again, tell them to stop hasselling you, then report them to oft, tell them communication only in letter form... brrr, they are so horrible.. do not give them time of day, again on the phone.. or, if they do ring you, tell them just a mo, put phone down. five ten mins later hang up they get the message.. I done it to cold call customers.. they got that message too, hope a sars will do the trick.. all the very best sky xxx
  14. hi Lisac first click on this link http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?48047-Triton-Credit-Serives-Why-don-t-they-listen read zootscoots posting It will give you an idea.. what you will need for triton letter....To me l believe you rather than Trition, I put the onus on them to prove they had not got any payments, from you....in writing..from them....If they found out to be lying, I should think this is a no no... Write to them, sorry if you already done a letter.. Stating you deal with them by letter only.. tell them, the offensive manner you was treated, by
  15. hi lisac First do not worry. easy said than done. Have you a repayment plan with any consumer debt groups. like payplan etc.. Do you have the agreement of the plan, in a formal letter..IF you have to speak to them again Stating from now on you will only be by communicating in letter form only..Do not sign your name, print it only, How long have you been paying £100.00 euros to them. I know lot of questions, but it will help us to help you.. Also, do you know whom Trition is acting for what credit company.. How long the debt has been owed.. etc.. Green lawyer letter is standard.. .. First yo
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