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  1. Mree thank you for your usefull reply, I will be trying to get a refusal in writing now and shall take this one further.
  2. thats true.. but so could any married couple.. i could lie and pretend i have a wife also... lol
  3. yes I mean 'treating a gay couple different than a hetrosexual couple..
  4. thats true.. but at least ive had a whine lol
  5. thanks for your reply it helps to get other views
  6. Yeah Bradford point scheme was designed to evaluate who is worth keeping if u were to make redundancies.. However many companies now use it to discipline employees who are off sick
  7. I recently tried to book a holiday in a static caravan on a campsite in Blackpool (Lancs) I was refused because they do not accept all 'same sex' parties. This is to guard against roudy stag/hen parties, After explaining that we are a quiet 'gay' couple and not a stag party we were still refused. as a gay couple should we be treated different than a hetrosexual couple ?
  8. In my workplace the Bradford point scheme is being used to bully harrass and discipline workers who are genuinly ill.. My attendance is good but after my recent 1week stay in hospital I was asked for a sick note and then interviewed and warned about Bradford points.. If I am ill again do I stay off of work or run the risk of disciplinary action. A co worker was involved in a car crash and due to time off work over it has been disciplined. another co worker had mouth/throat cancer and due to a few spells off of work over it is now on a 6month verbal warning.. Can this be legal ? Geeg22
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