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  1. Thanks for that Paul, your confidence is much appreciated. Sandie x
  2. Hi CB, It's a relief to know that you question the TS's advice on this one, I will be sending Tesco a reply from my increasing library of your letters! Tesco have now passed it to Intrum Justitia, I received a letter from them today demanding payment and intend sending them this: You will be aware that as holders of a Consumer Credit Licence you are obliged to comply with The Office of Fair Trading Guidelines on Debt Collection. I would therefore be obliged if you would provide me with an explanation as to why you are attempting to collect on an alleged debt which was dispute
  3. Thanks Docman, this is the application form received yesterday and today I received a letter from a new DCA, so they will be getting a CB special!
  4. I have scanned the application form, they also enclosed a copy of the T&C's, but there are no prescribed terms actually on the form, although it does state in the Right to Cancel box " Once you have signed this agreement, you will have a short time to cancel it" and also in the top right hand column, Credit Agreement regulated by the CCA 1974.
  5. I have been advised by Trading Standards that an application form is acceptable and enforceable as a CCA, are they correct?
  6. I have received a copy of my application form from the OC, nothing from AIC, but TS have advised that application forms are enforceable and I should resume payment. I am concerned at this information, particularly as I have stopped payment with other DCA's who have only provided an application form, so i'm now thinking about my position very carefully before making a decision.
  7. Thank you CB, that's another one to add to my library of CB specials! Dave, thanks for that, Robinson Way have another of my accounts so at least i'm used to the constant letters from them and Horwich Farrelly! Dibs x
  8. I received a letter from Robinson Way yesterday stating that they have purchased the Capital One account, also a letter from Capital One in a Robinson Way envelope stating that they had sold the account. I had mistakenly assumed that Capital One could or would not sell this debt on while it was in dispute, oh well, I will find a CB special to send them later in the week! Happy Christmas one and all. Dibs x
  9. I did make Cabot a without prejudice, ex-gratia offer and requested removal of the CRA marker on my file, they refused my gesture of goodwill and replied that they are prepared as a gesture of goodwill to accept 80% of the balance, I run out of goodwill at that point! We now appear to have reached stalemate and the only way forward is for them to take me to court, so it looks like you are correct in that it's all or nothing, 2008 could be an interesting year. Cabot believe that I owe them money on several disputed accounts, but they have not produced a single agreement, do they buy these
  10. Hi Seahorse, I don't intend replying to Cabot at the moment, however,I am undecided on what to do next, they have made their position quite clear and will only reduce the balance by £200 which is unacceptable to me. I accept that they have given me a copy of T&C's, statements showing the credit limit and the application form, my understanding, is that this is all supposed to be on one form, commonly known as a credit agreement, which has not yet been produced. I would prefer to pay a realistic settlement figure to Cabot, but feel that they are being quite greedy, so it looks l
  11. Cabot have sent yet another letter, but no Christmas card or Credit Agreement! You have stated in your letter that Cabot have failed to provide you with a copy of the credit agreement. Please be advised that although the original may not be available, Creation has supplied Cabot with a copy of the original which you signed and satisfies all requirements of both Creation and Cabot. Under section78 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 it states "the creditor....shall give the debtor a copy of the executed agreement(if any)" and stress the words "if any". Cabot has been provided with a copy
  12. I have received a letter from Arrow Global with an enclosure from Black & White including a prepaid envelope. The letter goes on to say:- Arrow wants to help you voluntarily resolve your debt problems We have previously sent you a letter to notify you that the account had been assigned to Arrow Global LLC and this is now managed by BCW. You need to take action to deal with this debt and we believe we may have a solution that will help you pay off this and other debts that you may owe to other creditors all in one go. Black and White have helped many of our debtors pay th
  13. Hi Red, Thanks for your interest and positive approach I have forwarded a copy to TS, they seem equally frustrated that AIC have not responded to either of us. I have followed the advice given by TS and CCA'd the OC and also sent a letter to the OC outlining the situation along with copies of all correspondence, which puts the ball back in their court. I had previously been paying a different DCA on this account, before it was passed to AIC who wanted to drastically increase the repayments, I would assume with pressure from the OC, which prompted my CCA request. Dibs x
  14. I look forward to the day when AIC disappear from my life, looks like we both are playing the waiting game.
  15. I also sent a CCA request and have never received a reply, unless you count two threatening letters that I have since received from them. I contacted Trading Standards, they sent a letter to AIC a month ago, no reply!
  16. Just an update, AIC have not responded to my CCA request or any correspondence, the latest threat is a visit from a collection agent. Trading Standards have written to them and one month on, still no reply. I have now written to the OC with a CCA request.
  17. I have received a reply from Capital One today, in which they enclose another copy of the application form and copies of templates for the default notice, as they state that under section 78 they are not required to provide them, but they have stated the dates on which they were actually sent. I am a little confused due to the following paragraphs: Your account is in default and the amount currently due and payable is £... We have to record accurate information with credit reference agencies, and as the information was recorded correctly I can't remove this. Your account has now
  18. Thank you for the excellent advice, I have decided not to reply this letter, but to wait and see what they decide to do next. Thanks again. Dibs x
  19. Hi Shane, thank you for that, i'm tempted to send without changes! I appreciate your help. Dibs x
  20. I sent a CCA request to Cabot in August and received the standard reply of being patient while they request the documents, today I received a letter thanking me for my recent payment, have not made one since August and they will continue to apply interest until we have agreed a repayment plan, but the debt has risen by £643 in fourteen days, only £46 a day! This has come as quite a shock and to say i'm not best pleased, is playing it down a bit! Please, does any one have a suitable letter that I could borrow and who do I report this to first? Dibs.
  21. I would also suggest contacting Trading Standards, as Glasgow City TS do not receive many complaints about AIC, which is quite surprising.
  22. Klassy Kitty, I occasionally breed from my dogs and would call myself a dog breeder, my affix is registered with the KC. If the person who sold you the puppy is claiming not to be a breeder, how did they come to have puppies to sell?, who is the breeder named on the registration document? You do need the answers to these questions. My puppies are covered by PetPlan for a month after purchase, you would have been given a copy of the insurance along with the pedigree, personally, I would have offered you a refund, if they are not prepared to do that and as puppy has now been diagnosed with a
  23. Trevor, I would suggest you contact Northamptonshire Trading Standards and send them copies of any correspondence, they are being very helpful with my case, which appears quite similar to your own. Dibs.
  24. O'ops, just realised that I have two threads for the same problem! Don't really think that's justified, but I have contacted TS who are writing to them and say that Glasgow City Council do not receive many complaints about this company, I'm surprised! Dibs. Can I close this thread and if so, how? Many thanks.
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