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  1. Just bumping this up! I hope it all goes well for you Joghuj, you've done it once and you can do it again. Dibs.
  2. It appears that Robinson Way have finally run out of trees, as they have sadly sent me a goodbye letter , they have returned the account to the OC, didn't realise they could do that with an assigned account. The Post Office will miss the revenue from all those stripey envelopes. I wonder who will be in contact with me next?
  3. I have received an offer from Capital One, they are prepared to repay £8 on each default charge plus an additional £20 as an acknowledgement of interest, how generous!
  4. Hello & welcome to CAG. I can help with the address for AIC as follows: Allied International Credit Limited, Anderston House, 389 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G2 8LR, remember to send the CCA request by recorded delivery and don't sign it. Dibs.
  5. Sorry to hear that it did not go well, i'm bumping this up for you, hopefully someone can give you some advice on what to do next.
  6. I agree, let's keep this one bumped up for Joghuj, I hope Tomterm or PT will be along to help you soon. The Rankine's have really not helped the rest of us.
  7. I have claimed 26.48% back to 2001. I intended to go down the route of no CCA, the account has been sold to Capquest, who are not the easiest people to deal with, but they kindly provided statements and t&c's which are dated 2004, so have decided to go for the charges instead. I am told that the 2004 t&c's are relevant to my account from 2001, not convinced on that, but looking at the interest rates given:- Credit Limit £ Purchases 200 39% 500 31.2% 700
  8. I have just sent a claim to Capital One and also struggled to find the correct APR, difficult without an agreement! The APR on mine worked out at 26.48% on charges of just over £700, the total interest claim seemed quite large, but it goes back to 2001.
  9. Regal Credit Consultants, they sent a letter addressed to "The Occupier" and followed that with a fax addressed to me but sent to a previous employer. Cabot, they have no CCA or CCJ, but I have today received a letter threatening one of the following:- Warrant of Execution or Charging Order or Attachment of Earnings or Order to Obtain Information and lastly an External Debt Collection or Legal Agency.
  10. Nobody has mentioned Regal Credit, i'm amazed given their total disregard for the OFT's guide to debt collecting. DCA's Regal Credit Consultants Capquest Allied International Credit Robinson Way & Co Cabot
  11. Hi JOgs, sorry, on reflection that was a daft question! I have found the relevant interest rate, (would be easier if I had an agreement) and amended my claim, still a large amount of money. Thanks again. Dibs
  12. Thank you both for the replies. Dpick, can I just ask what percentage of interest you claimed? The formula on the spreadsheet is 29.90%. Dibs
  13. I have found Steven's interest tutorial and have used the spreadsheet found on p4 titled credit cards. Having entered all the data from 2001, i'm a little shocked at the total, the original fees started at £780 + interest of £2,220.74, total £3,000.74!, I must have done something wrong, should I only be claiming interest up to the default date, rather than todays date and should I be claiming interest at this point? Please can someone advise where I have possibly gone wrong. Dibs x
  14. Thanks for that dpick. I'm not sure how to do a spreadsheet or the % to add for interest, did you use a spreadsheet from the forum? Dibs x
  15. Capital One have sold my account to Capquest, I requested a copy of the agreement and have received a copy of the application form, deed of assignment and statements. The statements go back to 2001 and the charges total £68 short of the outstanding amount, without interest. Please can I have some advice, should I go after the charges or continue down the road of no enforceable agreement? I have been looking at Havingastella's thread and feel inclined to go after the charges. Dibs x
  16. HAK, i'm watching this with interest as I sent a cca request to Sainsburys, they didn't reply, but, sold the debt on, so I also expect to be taken to court. Dibs.
  17. I received a letter from Regal Credit actually addressed to me and I replied to them almost two weeks ago, however, I have not received a reply. I have been informed, that they have now Faxed my previous employer (from some years ago), asking for me to contact them regarding my account urgently! So my colleagues at a previous work place are now more than aware of my personal situation. I have today sent all relevant copies to TS, any other suggestions, please, as I really am quite angry at their blatant disregard to the OFT's guidance on debt collecting.
  18. This was sent to me as an email, I think it's a wonderful idea:- A 98 year old woman in the UK wrote this to her bank. > The bank manager thought it sufficiently amusing have it > published in the Times.. > Lets hope he also did the right thing by his customer. > > Dear Sir, > > I am writing to thank you for bouncing my cheque with > which I endeavoured to pay my plumber last month. By my > calculations, three 'nanoseconds' must have elapsed > between his presenting the cheque and the arrival in my > account of the fu
  19. Hi ODC,thank you for your reply, who should I report them to, really don't seem to get very far with Trading Standards! Please tell me how you managed to make RWC go away, I am fed up with going round in circles with these people. Dibs
  20. Has anyone heard of Regal Credit Consultants Ltd? I have received a letted addressed to the occupier, stating that it is in regards to a very important matter and to phone them. It is clearly not important to me or I would know who they are, so, sorry, but no phone call from me, but i'm curious to know if anyone has had dealings with them. Dibs x
  21. I am unable to offer any advice on this one, but thought I would Bump it for you!
  22. Postal order and a postal service that requires a signature on delivery will be fine.
  23. I have received two more notices of legal proceedings, which apparently are valid even if not read by me, so sent yet another CPR letter in response and received this letter today,
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