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  1. Beanpole, I am about to borrow your defence and felt that the least I could do, is to say "thank you"! Dibs
  2. I have copied the letters and a duplicate set for Capquest, which I will hand in with my request for a set aside, using beanpole's defence. 42man, you have given me a great deal of help and encouragement this week, I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate it, thank you. Dibs
  3. Thank you, I have looked at beanpole's thread and the defence that he has kindly put on there, I believe that my argument is basically the same, so intended copying it, what do you think?
  4. Hi 42man, thank you for the advice. I intend to challenge this SD on charges and also no CCA, I have in writing from Scotcall collecting on Capquest behalf that they unable to obtain a copy of the agreement, the last letter I sent to Capquest was to ask for their complaints procedure and I have not received a reply. I will look at the threads you have suggested, as I have no idea on how to word my defence. Dibs.
  5. Not a good week as I have now received a statutory Demand from Capquest by 1st class post. This is for a debt to Capital 1 made up of charges, I intend making a court claim for the charges plus 8% interest which will mean Capital 1 owe me £50! Please can someone advise what I do now? Many thanks. Dibs
  6. Thank you X20. I have acknowleged service and may yet be filing a defence, as the court do not seem to have received the notice of discontinuance! Trading Standards have requested more details and appear to be interested, so hopefully more to follow with that. Dibs.
  7. Havinastella, i'm going for it! X20, thank you for the offer of help, which I would be most grateful for, though, I need the dummies guide please, as i've not put in a claim for costs before and really haven't a clue where to start. Leerob, hope you managed to get confirmation from the court today and it's put your mind at rest. Have you considered claiming for costs and have you made a complaint to all and sundry? Dibs x
  8. I'm sure it can, phone them, explain that you have received the N279 and require confirmation. Dibs
  9. Leerob, don't lose sleep over it, you have the Notice of Discontinuance, there is no way the court would allow the case to continue once you have produced it. I simply want clarification from the court, if I don't get it, then I will continue with my defence and willingly produce the Notice in court.
  10. Thanks 42man, I agree with you, the reason I have complained to FOS, TS and OFT, is because 1st Credit are hoping to find the unfortunate people that don't know their rights, and are intimidated into accepting the court action, that is clearly what 1st Credit are hoping for, otherwise, why would they pay out £310 in court fees on a debt that they knew was statute barred? Looking at the threads on the forum, it's an action that they are frequently repeating and they must have success with some of these claims to make it worth their costs.
  11. I intend to give it a couple of days and if I have not received confirmation from the court, I will check online at moneyclaim.gov.uk. Leerob, have you had confirmation from the court? if not, I suggest you contact them, Lula's advice is sound, I have no intention of trusting the likes of 1st Credit, that said, i'm sure that if the Notice of Discontinuance was shown to the court, it would bring the matter to an abrubt halt! I am not sure about claiming charges, I wouldn't have a clue what to claim and do you have to prove costs? I have sent letters of complaint with regards the
  12. I received in the post today a letter from 1st Credit stating that they had reviewed the file and found that the claim is indeed statute barred, they have included a Notice of Discontinuance with the letter. Letters of complaint now being sent to the OFT, TS and FOS, they were clearly hoping to get a CCJ by default, i'm happy knowing that it's cost them a few hundred in court fees! Thank you again for all the help, it was much appreciated. Dibs x
  13. I recently received a county court claim issued by 1st Credit for what is very clearly a statute barred debt (I do have a thread for it), and have been looking at some of the other threads regarding this DCA, I had never heard of them before receiving the court papers. Looking at Companies House for 1st Credit, it became clear that this debt was already statute barred before 1st Credit became registered as a company! There appears to be a pattern of issuing claim forms for statute barred debts, the solicitor's is not showing as being registered, they obviously are in house as they share t
  14. Leerob & 42Man, a huge thank you to both of you for all your help, amended copy of Leerob's letter in the post by recorded delivery and i'm now about to write a letter of complaint to the OFT. Dibs
  15. Thank you both for such quick and positive replies. 42man, I will be fighting this, just a bit concerned of getting it wrong at this early stage! Thank you for the link, I have looked at Leerobs thread, mine is for a much larger debt and I am a little concerned that they will still go after the accrued interest, as has been suggested to Leerob. Sorry to be a pain, but what do you think my best course of action is? Many thanks for your time. Dibs.
  16. I have received a County Court claim form today and do not know how to respond, the claimant is 1st Credit Finance Ltd. It is for a bank overdraft that goes back to 1994, the last communication received was from Robinson Way & Co dated March 2000, I did not reply to the letter and had forgotten about this debt until today, on the POC it states that the debt was assigned to the claimant and that the notice has been given to me, this is the first I have heard about it. I believe this debt to be statute barred, but I don't know how to proceed, I would be grateful for any advice. Dibs.
  17. Bigas, what interest did you claim?, I have an N1 to file and am dithering over claiming compound interest or the 8%, just don't want mess it up! Well done on the success with your claim.
  18. Thanks again Dpick, I appreciate your help. Dibs
  19. I am preparing my N1 and need to add 8% interest to my claim, please can someone kindly point me in the direction of Adding Interest to County Court Claim, have found it previously, but can't find it now that I need it! I have added Compound interest to the charges, am I correct in adding a further 8% to the charges? Many thanks Dibs
  20. Thanks Martin, Capquest are the reason I found this forum, after a particularly unpleasant phone call, the contents were reported to TS. Dibs.
  21. Hi Rakker, I would suggest that you start your own thread in the Debt Collection Industry section, as it is more likely to be seen there, include as much detail about the debt as possible and who the DCA is. Dibs.
  22. Sarah, You are also like Paul, Tomterm & several others on here, who's advice and knowledge is invaluable to people like me. I have learnt so much from just reading through PT's posts, and of course Sarah, the CFC, that literally turned my life around, I realise the fight with them is ongoing for me, but submit to them, no, never again. A big THANK YOU to all of you, for the help you have given to so many. Dibs x
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