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  1. I really would appreciate some advice on this one, I feel that I am up against a brick wall and really don't know what to do in order to move forward. I opened a Monument credit card account in 2000, the account went into arrears in October 2004, and the balance of £1789 has been chased by several debt collectors, it ended up with Cabot in 2005. I had been paying Cabot regular small amounts from 2005 - 2007, the balance at that time was £1835, I then requested a copy of the CCA in August 2007, as this was not forthcoming I stopped payments, they added interest of £840 within two mon
  2. This one at least appeared to be educated, but it was clear that he was given very little info from Rob Way. I have had a debt collector call round from Scotcall, he was wearing a really old, scruffy track suit, honestly thought he was beggar, well I suppose he was really, he tried to tell me that I would be taken to court for not giving him my husbands mobile number, he was a typical bully, told me he was a bailiff until I asked to see his licence, I suggested that he left the property before I called the police.
  3. Thank you, that is an excellent letter and certainly leaves no room for any misunderstanding. It will be on it's way this morning! Dibs.
  4. Hi Angry Cat, thanks for your response. I have reported them and others several times and get absolutely nowhere, it's really frustrating that the guidelines are not upheld, but still intend to contact TS again. Dibs.
  5. This one has been ongoing for a while now, but will try to keep it short! The debt for around 3.5k was originally with Kays and token payments had been made to Robinson Way until July 2007, when I sent a CCA request and stopped payments. The letter they sent in reply stated that I would not have a signed credit agreement, as I am deemed to have agreed to the t&c's when I placed my first order. I have received endless letters threatening court action etc since then. Today, I had a debt collector knock on the door, took me completely by surprise as they had not mentioned thi
  6. I have also received one of these letters and am currently dithering about a suitable reply. Just wondered if your letter contained the name or names of any solicitors and who they are regulated by? that information appears to be missing from mine, and I had assumed all letters claiming to be from a solicitor contained that basic information?
  7. Thank you both for the replies. I had intended asking them for evidence that this debt is not statute barred, along with a request for the name of one of their solicitors, as they call themselves solicitors in their company name, but they have not given a solicitors name or who they are regulated by! Should I simply send the letter suggested? Many thanks Dibs.
  8. Thank you, just needed that confirmation
  9. I have not made a payment on an unsecured debt for just over six years, the current debt collector has been chasing this debt intermittently since the end of 2003, the only time I have contacted them is to request a copy of the CCA, does that constitute acknowledgement of the debt? I would appreciate any advice.
  10. Hi Neil, Is there any charges added to the account, also have you received a copy of the assignment? Nicklea is correct in suggesting you look for posts by 42man, he is excellent at helping with SD's and will no doubt be along soon to offer advice. Not sure how to post a link, but if you search for my capquest thread, hopefully it might be of use and feel free to ask if you feel I can help. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/dca-legal-successes/165140-received-statutory-demand-capquest.html#post1775572 Dibs.
  11. Milton, As Martin suggested, it would be helpful if you could list who you actually owe money to, if they are credit cards, loans etc, when they were originally taken out, and which DCA is involved. Do not allow yourself to be bullied by the likes of Capquest. There are ways of dealing with DCA's, so don't give up. Dibs
  12. Hi Lowwil, it sounds as if they are trying to bully you into simply paying them. My court appearance for a set aside was allocated 15 minutes, it must be normal practice. Before the Court date you will receive a copy of Marlins reply to your application for a set aside, they will also state if they are to attend Court and defend the SD. Do you know if charges have been applied to the account, and if so, approximately how much would be outstanding after they were deducted? I know how frightening this situation can be, my case was not that long ago, but there really is nothing to fear.
  13. Hi Lowwill, Don't worry, I received the same letter, when I applied for a set aside. I hope it all goes well for you. Dibs
  14. Thank you for the advice, clearly the way to go, and I love the added bonus of being a pain :grin: Dibs
  15. Thank you for all the replies. Unfortunately, I need to register with one them and see just how bad my credit record is. Not something I am looking forward to doing!
  16. I want to check my credit report and wondered which CRA is the best to sign up with?
  17. I found an N260 form on the Court website, you can fill it online and print it out./HMCSCourtFinder/tiles/Her Majesty's Courts Service -Forms and Guidance I asked for £9.25ph as Litigant in Person;under the fee earners column, Work done on document column, put the total number of hours @9.25, Attendance at hearing column; I put 0.50, Hours travelling & waiting 2.50, Other expenses; I included; loss of wages, fuel, parking & photocopying. Dibs.
  18. Hi Gilly, do not phone them, it would be a huge mistake! As I understand it, they have to provide you with a copy of the CCA, i'm sure someone with more experience than me will be along to help you quite soon. Dibs
  19. I would choose a far more professional outfit than Capquest! It would be a fun phonecall.
  20. This is the Capquest statement I was referring to: Fortunately the Judge treated it with the contempt it deserved!
  21. CapQuest issued an SD against me and stated actual threads from this site.
  22. Thanks for that. I'm tempted to contact their new business department and employ them to collect the debt for me, doubt they would see the funny side!
  23. Still waiting for the costs to be paid, I will have to contact the Court on Friday. Dibs. Happy New Year everyone x
  24. I believe that you still have to attend court, and looking at the thread by Surprise, you should have your costs awarded, Good news, well done.
  25. The Judge did not seem happy with the accuracy of the statement from Capquest, and would have liked some questions answered, but of course they didn't attend. I made a point of stating that it would appear the whole exercise was to intimidate me into paying, irrespective of the alleged debt being disputed!
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