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  1. I have received a reply from the Consumer Compliance Executive at Experian, part of the reply is as follows: A credit report only contains the information that we hold that could impact upon an application for financial products or services. As a telephone number would not impact upon such an application, it is not included on your credit report. Rw were simply provided with the requested details to enable them to contact you. They were not provided with any further information, such as details of who you hold credit agreements with or the payment conduct on those accounts. The only inf
  2. I have drafted a reply to the Consumer Compliance Executive as I really want/need to know exactly what information is available to these companies that search my file, and why isn't it available to me? I understand that Robinson Way will have access to the telephone numbers given to the original creditor, however, those telephone numbers are no longer in use, and have not been for some considerable time. Robinson Way have obtained my ex-directory home number and my personal mobile number from Experian. I have looked at my Experian credit file and cannot see any telephone numbers
  3. The mystery would appear to be solved, as I have finally received a reply from Experian, although I am not particularly happy at the content. The Consumer Compliance Executive of Experian has replied, stating " The telephone numbers were provided when you have made applications for financial products or services". "These numbers have consequently been provided with your consent for the purposes detailed within the necessary fair obtaining or processing notice". I was not aware or indeed made aware, that any personal contact numbers would freely be sold on to anyone by the CRA's, fort
  4. I have had an alert on my credit file which shows that Cabot have made a search as an "unrecorded enquiry", so as a home owner, I am now expecting a letter from Morgans or the start of court proceedings for a disputed CCA. Will start a new thread if or more likely when this arrives! Dibs.
  5. Beau, I believe that your case is an excellent addition to this thread, it certainly adds to the thread title! How much will an appeal cost? As SH suggested on page 4 of this thread, perhaps we can all work together, and make a donation towards the cost of an appeal? I am sure that CAG members with the relevant case knowledge would help out with the defence? Suggestions anybody? Keep your chin up, Beau. Dibs
  6. Hi Ronnie, yes, several, the debt is disputed. They even asked for payment at the end of their letter, which was in reply to my complaint. Rev.Ian, I am waiting for written confirmation from Experian, which apparently will refute RW's claims. I then intend complaining to all and sundry about their right to process any personal data. I believe that we have a right to know how and where they obtain our personal information from, and they should have no hesitation in supplying that information, as long as they are not breaking any rules, and as a respectable debt collection agency, why wou
  7. PGH that is an excellent interpretation of their sales blurb, however, they have managed to obtain my ex-directory home number, and my personal mobile number, and I want to know how. It is obvious that they are not professional in their conduct, and they clearly missed the training session on the OFT guidelines on debt collection, but to send a letter stating false information and expect not to have it questioned is just arrogant, and has to be challenged. Dibs
  8. I have been searching on the net for the Talon system, and so far have had no success in finding out anything about it. Does anyone have a link I could follow? please. If RW feel the need to give false information as to where they are obtaining ex-directory telephone numbers, then they are clearly doing something they shouldn't, and I want to know what it is! Dibs
  9. Hi DonkeyB, I agree with you, it is worrying. Clearly they are not acting within the data protection act, otherwise, they would state where they had obtained their information from. I am still waiting for a written reply from Experian, and will decide on what action to take once I have that. Thank you for highlighting the new cases, I feel that it is important for others to realise they are not only the ones, also we need to follow the same course of action for each new case. I am not prepared to let this go. Dibs
  10. I wish! I am employed at a school, but my employer is the local county council, if it was someone at the school then I would have seen him by now. I am now doubting my original theory due to a similar thread, which is a relief to be honest, but, begs the question of how they are obtaining the telephone numbers. Dibs
  11. I will let you know as soon as I receive a reply from Experian. Experian informed me that Rw had not even searched my credit file within the last 12 months, someone's telling porkies, and I know who my money is on! Dibs
  12. Hi DonkeyB, Strangely enough, yes it's them! So what's going on? Why do they need to lie? other than out of habit! They have to have someone who can get access to these details, it's not Experian, just waiting for written confirmation of that, before complaining very loudly to all and sundry. The only positive note for me, is the other thread is from someone in Scotland, so it's highly unlikely to be the same little collection man, hopefully my personal details at work are safe. Dibs
  13. Snap! They got hold of my ex-directory home number and mobile number, certainly not from Experian as they don't have them. Phone Experian and check what details they hold, they were really helpful when I called them. Has RW put in writing that they obtained the number from Experian? If they have, complain in writing to Experian and enclose a copy of the letter from RW, they were not amused when told that they were being held responsible. Send it to:- The Directors Office, Experian, Landmark House, Experian Way, NG2 Business Park, Nottingham, NG80 1ZZ. I posted a l
  14. ScabHunter this is an excellent thread, and well thought out, both yours and Stephan's ideas are of benefit to all that are in Cabots grasp. Cabot own some of my old accounts and I am expecting a County Court letter quite soon. I have successfully attended court against a Capquest SD, but that was with a great deal of advice from 42man, I wouldn't have known where to start without it. So i'm lacking the experience in dealing with legal proceedings, but i'm enthusiastic at taking them on, the idea of a group effort is excellent, and I am more than willing to put £5 towards taking
  15. A clerical error by the rather arrogant Complaints and Compliance Manager, surely not. I still want them to disclose where they got my telephone numbers from, and I will want confirmation from the source. Would be so much easier if I knew the local collectors name, but honesty doesn't seem to be their policy.
  16. Hi DonkeyB, I did not record the phone call, but have been given a contact name. I was also shocked by Experian's response, I did not expect the reaction I received, but they are adament that the phone numbers did not come from them, and therefore the dca had no right to say they did. I am quite annoyed at the tone of the letter from the dca, they clearly feel that I have no right in questioning their collection methods, and can easily be fobbed off, they are mistaken, and I will enjoy composing a reply to them. I will be posting my letter to Experian tomorrow, followed a few days
  17. I have received a reply from the DCA and it's content is quite interesting. The letter states:- You are unhappy that we have obtained both your home and mobile telephone numbers and claim we have breached the DPA 1998. We have obtained this data from information supplied by the credit reference agency, Experian. Your telephone numbers would have been supplied to Experian through information you have consentented to share e.g. credit applications. ------------------- I have phoned Experian to enquire what contact information they have given out, they state that they do not
  18. Hi DonkeyB, Thank you for your replies. I haven't explained this very well, the HR manager is saying that if I am correct then the employee will be sacked, but, as it is the employee that is held responsible, I can also take legal action against him for stress, etc. The information was submitted by paper form prior to being scanned, they have no record of who in the dept saw the info, before it went onto the computer. It seems quite unlikely, but the timing is correct, the paper work was received a week ago, the phone calls started a week ago, my numbers are not held by cra's, a
  19. I have spoken to the HR manager, and she has said they will investigate it as a matter of urgency, but, they need a name, it is a large department and anyone of the male staff could have seen my details. They take data protection seriously and if I come up with a name, he will be suspended pending investigation, if I can prove his involvement, they would then advise that I take legal action against the employee, a lot of if's and maybe's, and of course, I could be completely mistaken. Not holding my breath on information from the collection agency, but, i'm also not prepared to let
  20. Thank you both for your replies, they are appreciated. Cerabusalert, they have also found my ex-directory home number, Experian have a very old number. It's the timing that has concerned me, as they have had this account for some time, and yet suddenly they have both of my telephone numbers. PGH, that is a good suggestion and will give it a go
  21. I have recently started to work for a local County Council, to whom I have had to give all my contact details, car make, registration, bank details, NI number, etc, etc. A debt collection agency that sent a local agent to my door in August, has of last week suddenly acquired my contact details, my mobile is not given out, other than work, friends and family. My concern is that said collector works in the HR department and recognised my name and address, or simply picked it up from the staff list and numbers, that would be preferable to him being in HR, as he would only have my telephone n
  22. I also received one of those letters on Monday, and I thought it had been written just for me!
  23. I have a list of their interest charges, which is of some concern as the balance is growing monthly.
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