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  1. You should also write to Cabot and demand that it is removed, they did actually remove two searches from my credit file.
  2. Still no reply from Equifax! However, I contacted the three DCA's and requested that the Table 1 searches were removed, two have removed them and one DCA has not replied or removed the search, how rude!
  3. Just received an email from paypal to say that the payment has been reversed and should be back in my account within 5 days, phew, that really was a sharp learning curve! Thank you DX & Ash for your helpful replies x
  4. Hi Ash, thank you for responding, it is appreciated. I have had my bank card and credit cards stopped, i'm going to my local Barclays branch tomorrow to complete a fraud form and Paypal tell me that the money was stopped before Nguyen got his hands on it, but as my money is now in limbo, it's still causing me inconvenience. Having found out the hard way that Paypal isn't safe, i'm now going to close the account, which again is inconvenient, but the thought of going through this again far outweighs that. Thanks again, Dibs.
  5. Thank you DX, I have printed the information and will take it with me on Tuesday, it's pointless talking to someone at the call centre as they clearly haven't a clue! A grateful Dibs.
  6. There is no DD on the account, just my debit card. Barclays state that it has to go through the fraud investigation, the person I spoke to is not aware of a chargeback option! I will visit the local branch on Tuesday and discuss the situation with someone.
  7. I have contacted the bank and i'm unable to do a chargeback, so will have to wait for the fraud investigation, but thank you for the suggestion, it is appreciated.
  8. Thank you Dx for a positive reply. As I am now aware, (horse, gate, close!), it was just a little foolish to have my bank debit card on the account. I am not sure about chargeback? Paypal are investigating the fraud and the bank will do the same once the transaction shows on my account. Please can you tell me how I find out about chargeback? It's a Barclays debit card.
  9. I can appreciate that my allegation has to be proved, i've bought and sold on Ebay for some years with no problems, however Paypal agree that the Ebay item number for which the payment was made does not exist, and there is naturally no purchase showing on my Ebay account. My frustration is that I believed Paypal to be safe, clearly I was wrong and as such a large amount of money has been stolen, it leaves my bank account short for meeting my direct debit obligations.
  10. I have just had £700 taken from my debit card by fraud through my paypal account, I contacted paypal on receipt of the email informing me of my payment, they say they will investigate which could take ten days, in the meantime, there will now be insufficient funds in my bank account to meet my bills. I have also contacted my bank, they have noted the fraud, but need to wait for this to show on my statement, which is likely to be Wednesday. Has this happened to anyone else on the forum? The payment has been made to a thanh an nguyen.
  11. I am sure that I read on a previous CFC thread, that they could not legally charge interest due to the account having been closed prior to being sold on, therefore only the amount outstanding can be collected.
  12. Absolutely, ask them to justify their actions! Are they recorded on Table 1 or 2? Fingers crossed that it's on Table 2.
  13. What a brilliant thread! I applied for a mortgage through a financial broker seven years ago, the mortgage was with a sub-prime lender due to my credit history and the advisor had copies of my archived accounts, so clearly the CRA's make the information available on request. Is there a loophole that they have wriggled through that allows them to do this, or is the law ambiguous in that as long as the data displayed on your credit report is not over six years old, then they can still sell the archived information on, or perhaps it's a simple case of i'm regarded as a debtor and deserve to b
  14. The searches are in Table 1 on Equifax, but Table 2 on Experian. When we applied for our last mortgage, the lender had accessed our archived history, unfortunately, I didn't think to ask from which CRA at the time.
  15. Thank you for the replies. So although defaults and CCJ's stay on your file for six years, DCA's can actually extend that period indefinitely by doing periodic searches, until such time that they are satisfied with the amount paid to them? Very clever, but morally wrong! Looking at my Experian report, this type of search is stated as an unrecorded enquiry. Clearly, it is pointless applying for anything, as the Equifax file will show the searches for outstanding debts and the creditor will then ask them for the archived history, debtor's prison it is then for some considerable time!
  16. Thank you for your reply. Equifax state that this type of search is recorded under Table 1, so that it is available to potential lenders, I disputed the legality, but got nowhere! I notice that Experian do not make the searches available to lenders, it is quite frustrating.
  17. I have checked my Equifax report and found that three DCA's have made searches under Table 1 for unpaid debts, have contacted Equifax and got absolutely nowhere. Is there anything I can do?
  18. Have a copy of the letter originally sent to them, and hand it to anyone that they send to your house. I compalined to TS and to them directly, they appear to have gone away for now, and I know how you are feeling, the collector lives locally!
  19. I would suggest emailing or writing to Robinson Way, their Complaints & Compliance Manager is Susan Peak, email address is [email protected], and ask where they obtained your details from? You can then demand that they remove them, and state the reason why they should do so. I have an ongoing issue with them at the moment in which they state that they obtained my information from Experian, using a system called ECAPS, which allegedly gives them information that you have supplied on credit applications, though I fail to see why this should link you to your partner, unless you sh
  20. Hi Boo, thank you for your reply and the link. I see what you mean about their website, they are clearly still working for Rob Way I have letters from them stating that they have fully complied with my request for a copy of the credit agreement, and seem to think that an application form is fully compliant. I will print off a copy of the letter and send to them, then wait for their next move. Thanks again, Dibs.
  21. This has been going on for quite a while being passed from one DCA to the next, until I received a letter from Capital One in 2007 stating that the alleged debt had been sold to Robinson Way. In due course Rob Way wrote to me, so I requested a copy of the CCA, they sent a copy of the application form from 1999, and some statements, since then I have received numerous threatening letters that are "valid even if not read by me", a local collection agent has been sent to my house, several phone calls until the phone numbers were changed, and to all of this I have replied that the alleged acc
  22. I am not experienced enough to help you, but would suggest that you click the triangle to ask a mod to advise you. Dibs
  23. The home telephone number is ex-directory and not used on applications, not that I would even bother making any, I always use the second phone line, and have not received any calls on that from RW or anyone else. My mobile is simply for personal use and not given out. Experian have listed the numbers that they hold on file for me, I have this information in writing from Mr L J Hancock, Consumer Compliance Executive for Experian. I have written to RW again, asking for the correct source of this information, and have also sent a complaint to the ICO. Dibs.
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