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  1. I found this site by accident after a particularly nasty phone call from a DCA, maybe I should thank them. People need to be aware of CAG as it gives you the tools, the confidence and the support needed to defend yourself. I am also willing to pledge £20 towards the cost of a TV advert or leaflets, and more than willing to help distribute leaflets.
  2. Hi Berry N, I have subscribed to your thread as I am posting a CCA to Moorcroft today, so will follow, with interest. I also wish that I had found this site earlier, it's easy for the DCA's to intimidate us when we are not confident of our rights, but this site and the many who subscribe to it have given me the confidence, the knowledge and the support to fight back, good luck and don't give up.
  3. My lack of optimism is due to having made payments to them and therefore it would appear that I have foolishly already acknowledged the debts, including the very large amount of interest that was applied before I was even aware that the debts had been sold.I have printed out the CCA's and will send recorded post tomorrow, thank you for reminding me not to sign them, I look forward to their reply.Thank you both for replies and you're right, I have nothing to lose whatever the outcome and so a positive approach from now on.
  4. The alleged debts were Citibank credit card and a Wallis store card.Thanks for your reply djdave and I will go ahead and CCa them, although i'm not to optimistic!
  5. I have a couple of debts that cabot have bought, they sent a copy of the assignment and I have been making payments, but have I made a mistake in doing so? is it worth sending a CCA or is that no longer relevant?
  6. It might be worth you defending perhaps on the grounds of disputing the amount outstanding, it entails a lot of work for the collection agency and will buy you quite a bit of time before they re-submit.
  7. Thank you for the advice and links, I really appreciate the help. I will CCA and SAR today.
  8. The debt was passed to Intrum Justitia early 2005 and I had been making monthly repayments to them until the first letter from Thames Credit dated 18/12/2006, as the amount owing had increased, I wrote back asking for a breakdown of the account, it has taken eight months for a reply which asks me to be patient while the statements are collated! Unfortunately, I only found this site two days ago and as such have not sent a CCa or SAR.
  9. I received a letter from Thames Credit stating that Aktiv Kapital is now the legal owner of my debt to Marks and Spencer, I disputed the amount outstsanding and have requested statements from them. I have today received a letter asking me to be patient as they have requested the statements from Marks and Spencer, but my patience is adding more to my debt as they are continuing to add interest at the rate of 6% per annum to this debt. Please does anyone have some suggestions on what I could and should be doing? Thank you.
  10. Hi Unique, thank you for the advice on my thread, now watching and supporting yours.
  11. Thank you everyone, CCA's being posted today.
  12. Hello Unique, thank you for the advice. I also made the mistake of phoning them, quite nasty, they will not accept my offer of payments, they are demanding payment in full, sounds the same as your situation.
  13. I would like to know if a CCA is a valid request if a payment plan is already in place with a DCA? If not, what about when the debt is given to another DCA or sold on? I have been searching the forums but feel unclear as to the answer.
  14. I have decided to send CCA's to Capital One (CapQuest), Wescot (have bought this one from Littlewoods) and Tesco(Allied International), I have also sent SAR's to Capital One and Tesco's. I am new to this and wondered if anyone has had any recent dealings with these companies and can offer any advice. Thank you for reading my thread and thank you to Diskmandave for pointing me in the right direction.
  15. I have decided to send CCA's to Capital One (CapQuest), Wescot (have bought this one from Littlewoods) and Tesco (Allied International), have also requested statements from Capital One and Tesco's to look at charges put on the accounts. I am new to this and wondered if anyone has had any recent experience with these companies and can offer advice on what I can expect from them? Thank you for reading my thread and all advice very welcome.
  16. Thank you "Beat the Bankers" for the welcome and very useful links.
  17. Hello, I am new to the site and feel a little overloaded with all the excellent information available, wish I had found it earlier. Please can someone explain what CCA's and S.A.R - (Subject Access Request)'s are or point me in the direction of the templates? I would be grateful as I am currently have CapQuest attempting to bully me into increasing my monthly payments beyond my means.
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