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  1. My girlfriend has received a letter saying that as she has gone 73p overdrawn that they are charging her an automatic £15 plus a daily fee of £6 upto £25 then £15 yes fifteen a day! The letter was dated 11th March so its now £27 plus it will be another £15 tomorrow making £42 for 73 effing pence! I work that out in my head to be interest of (more than) 4200%! How should we go about getting this excessive charge erased? She pays her poor wages in herself on a friday, now should she do this to clear this charge tomorrow or not before they have wiped it clean? I just feel lik
  2. Hi I hope I've posted this in the correct forum........ I received a bill from severn trent water earlier in the month but i did not have the money to pay it until pay day, I'm quite busy at the moment with work and other things so I decided to write them a cheque so not to forget about it, send it to them by post and date it for when i get paid 26th january 2008, then today (18th Jan) I checked my NatWest internet banking and see that they have cashed it and it has cleared this morning! How is it possible for them to cash a cheque before the date written on it? The bill was for £123, I o
  3. Is there some sort of letter on this site to tell them that they can not put an admin charge on a debt? Or shall I just go ahead and CCA them and we'll wait for their response? it is a recent debt from this year so will they will probably have one?
  4. nffc


    I used the digital signature yes and I have told her not to sign anything. Studio catalogue have also passed a debt onto a dca for a debt she owes, I have sent them a cca letter too, I forgot to do a digital signature on that one but wrote her name in capitals in my hand writing so they can try to copy and paste that if they want but it will get them into a little bit of trouble! I presume there will not be the correct paperwork from these either? iQor recovery did have the debt but now Incasso LLP have it for some reason:-?
  5. Answers to the above (sorry I don't know how to do multiple quotes!) Sorry i don't have a scanner, I might be able to use one at work tomorrow. I have quoted it word for word, It is commercial credit service headed paper definitely nothing from the court. What do you mean by you think it looks 'moody'? It does not have a Dudley county court ref number no. I don't understand why they have specifically chosen Dudley but as you say it sounds like they are trying to frighten her. What do I do for her about the 25% admin fee that these have put on the debt? I did not know that
  6. I did not realise what a mess my younger sister was in, Here is another for her, this time its BT who have passed it onto CCS The letter says.... Notification of legal proceedings Creditor: BT group plc Tel no. ####### Account no. ####### Amount Due. £###.## The telephone service has been disconnected The case has been placed with us for immediate collection via the Dudley county court or appropriate Scottish court via solicitors Take note a claim may be issued on ##/09/07 for recovery of Debt + Admin Charge :o £###.## Court Fees £38 Solicitors costs £50 S
  7. nffc


    She went stupid when she was 18 and everyone was offering her credit, She is nearly 23 now so its 4 or 5 years old approx.
  8. nffc


    Its ok now I have found something to send Now to get these **** away from making my little sis's life a misery Thanks
  9. nffc


    Ok thanks, what do you think I should add to the letter to get them to stop phoning her?
  10. I am about to CCA nationwide debt recovery for my sister, who have took on a debt for littlewoods, They have been charging her admin fees, are they aloud to do this?
  11. I have now received the same letter saying that my details have been passed on to marketing companies. I am 100% sure that I have never applied or had a loan with these people. We have received many times daily marketing calls, mostly from Indian call centres and all offering some sort of loan. I will be taking advantage of the free credit report as well as sending the letter above that M_W wrote, but I too can not understand why they need my credit card number?
  12. I thought Natwest/Bank of Scotland were owned by the same people
  13. Thanks for your reply having a knightmare can anyone help me on the other questions? thanks
  14. Hi! After my recent success with the pond life at lowell, I have now caught the bug of defeating these ****, and have now decided to address these people who are bullying my sister; who is a single parent on benefits so does not have much money but these people; if you can call them people just do not seem to care The first two debts are with Next and T-mobile, who have been passed on to Roxburghe and Moorcroft respectively. They are not worth arguing about cos there remaining balances are for £90 and £60 but their repayment demands are very unreasonable for such a low income earne
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