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  1. Yes it is the same time ect, I was thinking more of the time that it has been missing (months) ie say people moved to the area 2 months before and parked there they would not be aware that there has ever been a sign there. So to then put up a sign and ticket the next day seems unresonable. What about the fact the sign is now 8 feet high? thanks
  2. Hi this is my first post so I will begin by saying HELLO! I have been parking on a street now for months whilst at work. I have been told that there once was a " 1 hour only no return within one hour" sign. but was removed by workman doing road works. I parked there as usual all day wednesday, I had thursday off and on friday I returned to a ticket! Lo and behold a sign had appeared. I am not sure weather it was put up on thursday or friday (the day of the ticket) but is in enforcable after being missing for a very long time? Also the new sign is over 8 feet high so not very easy to spot. Thanks in advance.
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