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  1. Chalk up another for the customers, didnt bother with a thread on here, but just settled for the sake of speed of pay out for roughly 85% of of my total claim. Cheque arrived this morning, no conditions whatsoever. As a note the claim was charges, contractual interest and s69 interest on top. I basically surrendered my court fees in accepting a reduced amount.
  2. Hoorah and Hussar!! We have success. Cheque on my doorstep this morning. Well over the last 12 months I have taken every bank/card I have dealt with to the cleaners, alll because when I was in trouble they took advantage. Final score Petmidget £12,400 Banks £0. I am sigining off from CAG now, I wish the very best to all who have helped me along the way and to CAG itself and may the struggle to get banks to act fairly be won eventually. Pm
  3. Court system still grinds very slowly. But we have movement. I have just spoken to High Court Enforcement (my chosen bailiffs firm) they have this morning received the High Court Writ of Fifa and will be paying LTSB Head Office in London a unannounced and probably quite unpleasant visit tomorrow morning As this may be my lost post on this subject I would like to give a big thanks to Reidnet who has been most helpful in this forum and may he spend much time filing papers at Dundee to his hearts content.
  4. £16 oer breach though havent had 1 for a year. APR just went to 21.9% a few days ago.
  5. I have a default registered in my credit history for a seriously piddling sum of £60. It is not doing my history much good and if possible I would like it removed. It stems from moving house and forgetting to pay a bill, total accident. Once I spotted it on my history I paid it, which was about a year later. I have placed a notice of correction on the entry explaining its nature. I have asked the company, Telewest to remove it, they said nothing to do with them now, though that I find hard to believe. In fact I am even a customer again so doesnt bother them much. It will be
  6. Getting excited now the High Court Writ (cor dont that sound official and scary) is being issued on Wednesday. Then the buggers will get a knock on the door from a Sheriff's Officer (wonder if he will look like Keith Allen or Tony Robinson) pay up or we loot the place. It might even be worth a trip to Swansea (i guess they will go to closest branch for convenience) just to watch it all kick off.
  7. I cant see anything in that which says I need to justify my reason for moving the collection and this was done on the advice of a certificated bailiffs. And I would say that a large UK Plc having been ruled against and still not settling in nearly 3 months later is enough justification to get the big guns out. quote "If a creditor has a county court judgment against you they may be able to transfer the matter to the High Court for enforcement if they want to use 'execution against goods' to enforce the debt. This means they use sheriff's officers to try to take your goods and sell th
  8. A good starting place would be my thread, includes a full N1 with all necessary legal jargon for specific mis selling of PPI on LTSB credit card. Of course your reasons for mis selling could be different so carefully read and tailor. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/ppi/43762-ltsb-ppi-claim.html
  9. Process takes about 5 days to transfer to High Court, so with a bit of luck I will have my own merry band of heavies come next Monday. Feel like Robin Hood, take from the rich and give to the ... well ME!!!
  10. Hey we move on again. Spoke to a pal who is a bailiff and got some valuable information. I have applied to have the judgment moved to the High Court and then I can appoint my own baillifs, my pals firm of course. This has several advatanges, 1 a professional baillif firm will be considerably more tenacious in collecting than the employed baillifs of the CC system and 2 I can recalc my s69 interest since date of judgment which is an extra £20 or so. Maybe at last we will start to see movement
  11. I am finding to my cost that the County Court system is over loaded with work and things are quickly grinding to halt. I have a judgment for a sum in the order of £3k and have done since mid December. I gave the bank in question more than adequate time and several prompts to pay up, they havent. I took the step of issuing a Warrant using CC baillifs, but problem is they are woefully slow, warrant is 6 weeks old and they have done square root of nowt so far. A conversation this afternoon with a friend in the debt collection industry turns out you can apply to have the warra
  12. The T&C's can say what they like the debt is not secured and as such ranks pari passu with all other unsecured debts in a IVA or bankruptcy. The key to an IVA is getting 75% of your debt holders by value to agree to the payment plan, the other 25% have to comply or risk getting nothing. It is no doubt just an additional pressure tactic, if you make it known to them you intend to get an IVA they will point you to this to scare you, fact is they cant enforce it. And if you are that far down the line they will default you anyway and end up having the get a court order to enforce pay
  13. Just to resurrect this old thread. Thanks for your queries, this is still rumbling on. Total ostrich approach by LTSB. Unfortunately not helped by the fact the CC system is so overloaded actually gettting the bailiffs to do anything is a nightmare. Took 3 1/2 weeks for them to even write a 7 day letter, I dont know if that has been replied to yet, I certainly dont have the cash. I have gone back to LTSB to try and persuade them that baliff doing a walking possession in their head office isnt going to be good publicity. Maybe this letter they will acknowledge. but maybe not.
  14. Not entirely sure they can levy on the cash as it belongs to customers and not the bank. Dont care if bailiffs actually walk into LTSB and start levying on stuff with the ensuing publicity (in fact would certainly not like the publicity personally), I just want my legally rightful cash. The judgement is now just short of 2 months old and I have been more than reasonable. It isnt hard to track down 1 of the largest companies in the UK they have branches on every high street. I accept that a letter is generally written but after that it has expired, it has to be the easiest warrant to
  15. I suppose this is posting from the other side of the fence. I have a CCJ against a bank, they have ignored the entire process. After various letters since gaining judgment requesting payment I instructed county court bailiffs to chase, this was more than 2 weeks ago. As far as I can tell, they havent done a thing. When i phoned the court concerned they asked me to fax a request for an update, this I did immediately and havent heard a thing since. I have a friend who runs a bailiff company (dont throw things, he is a nice bloke and his firm acts within the rules) but I belie
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