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  1. Is this all over? Having read through it, it would appear that you had a claim of Wrongful Dismissal on the basis that you were not given the right notice or notice pay. (received one week instead of four). It may well be that the employer did not have a right under contract to make a payment in lieu of notice. If they did then they really shot themselves in the foot by stating "This did not constitute a payment in lieu of notice but simply a payment to the cessation of you contract, without the need to attend the office". If there had been a PILON arrangement in the contract, this was p
  2. Thanks. This is why I am very surprised they have gone to court for the whole lot, especially as it has been pointed out time and time again. I think rameses was just having a friendly joke.
  3. No, not what I wanted to hear. I wanted to hear chuckles. Dx100uk is right in stating that the six years can start from the date the mistake is discovered but, as he also says but you omit, only if the mistake could not have been found earlier. You have done what so many other parties have done; perhaps you did it to amuse me. I challenge you to find a SINGLE case on the web that shows that the claimant will be entitled to recover overpayments of wages made over six years before merely because the employer had not found the mistake until within six years of the cla
  4. Someone I am helping is being taken to court by a party claiming an alleged overpayment of wages relating to payments made to her that began in early 2003. These payments varied in the first year but remained a fixed amount since 2003 until the middle of 2010 when their employer noticed the payment. The former employer admitted that the employee had not caused these payments to be made in any way. Several times, it was pointed out to the employer that payments made six years prior to their discovery were certainly statute barred. They tried quoting the part of the Limitatio
  5. This was at lest a couple of years ago. If Silverlink were running it then it must have been their staff. I emailed the correct company at the time. I'll modify my post. That would probably be true but that was not the issue. They knew they had tickets to harrow and Wealdston, they just did not want to sell one to me. That was the only ticket I wanted from them. I was stopped from buying the ticket not because it would not be valid for the journey but because they had wrongly convinved themsleves that I was going to commit a crime. At the time they did, so I could un
  6. Actually 2Grumpy is right. Who was that spokesman? Will Hay in Oh Mr Porter? Here is the proof:- From the current National Rail Conditions of Carriage 19. Using a combination of tickets You may use two or more tickets for one journey as long as together they cover the entire journey and one of the following applies: (a) they are both Zonal Tickets (unless special conditions prohibit their use); (b) the train you are in calls at the station where you change from one ticket to another; or © one of the tickets is a Season Ticket (which for this purpose does
  7. This happened some time ago, but it has happened twice before at another station. On the other occassion it involves a person who appears to be 'not quite right', let's say, and I was buying a ticket in advance, but on this occassion management were also guilty of making the same mistake, and it was imperative I had a ticket as I was about to travel. I was working in Leavesden and getting their by taking a train or trains to Watford Junction. A return ticket from my station (East Croydon) cost about £15 pound in the morning but a 2-6 Zone Daily Travel Card (I was not working there every d
  8. I was stopped by a plain clothes RPI outside a tube station. I had travelled to Hammersmith to deliver some work I had been working all day and all night on. I put my adult travel card in the electronic barrier and walked through once it had opened. Now there was no one in front of me or behind me (or near me) so it was obvious my ticket had worked. Suddenly this angry man approached from the side as I reached the shopping centre (about twenty five yards away from the barrier) and aggressively demanded to see my ticket, which I had now put away. because he was in plain clothes and had not come
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