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  1. Need a bit of a hand if anyone would be so kind. I have bank charges totally £525 which I need to reclaim - I went thru all of the letters stages, sent them all off recorded but still never received any response from Nationwide. I was just about to start court proceedings when the test case was mooted at the end of July. As a result of this I didn’t process the claim and was going to wait for the outcome of the test case.

    However I've now hit a bit of a snag - as part of the process I opened a parachute account with another bank which my wages now go into and all of my DD's come out of which is working fine. However I have a £273 overdraft on my old account and I received a letter yesterday telling me I have 7 days to settle the account or the bank will contact their soliciters to commence recovery action.


    Now I'm in a bit of a quandry, I think it’s a bit rich that ive sent 3 separate letters to them which they have ignored and now they are giving me a paltry 7 days to settle the overdraft with them!!


    What I really need is some advice of where to go from here. I could pay off the debt in full from my wages this month that are held in my new account, altho this would leave me very short and I don’t have an overdraft facility on my new account, I also loathe to do this as I see them as owing me £525 so why should I pay their overdraft when they wont even acknowledge my letters!!


    Should I initiate court proceedings then contact them and tell them that I have done so and wont be paying the overdraft? Should I risk them taking me to court and at the hearing presenting my bank charges case? Or would this be detrimental to my credit status?


    Any help would be greatly received

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