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  1. This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Is there anywhere I can download all the forms / information to use in my local county court?
  3. Hi, the POC was the post I was referring to in my original message.... is there not an abbreviated version I could use for MCOL? I understand what you are saying about the MCOL being automatically stayed, but wont that just be the case for my claim in any county court as well? I used MCOL for my claim against the Abbey last year, and this is what I put (obviously it had some stuff missing due to the limit on the amount of words / characters); Their solicitor contacted me for the other information involved in the claim, although they had already had it in my preliminary approach and LBA, then settled out of court.
  4. Hi all. I have sent my preliminary approach and letter before action, had the usual standard letters from A & L about the test case etc, so am now ready to file a claim. Can somebody tell me why I should be using my local county court, and not MCOL? As I read the post stating you should, and with the template to use, but giving no reason why you should.... Thanks in advance.
  5. To be honest, I dont know what position you are in, but I have been out of work since 5 June, although had a few promising interviews in the last week (touch wood), and so money is tight (two kids mortgage etc), I cant really afford the £100 atm for the allocation questionaire! They have replied by email accepting the 75%, sorry to have let you down Karnevil... and yes, when I make my next claim, if they offer 75% I will accept it!
  6. Hi Karnevil and MARTIN3030. No doubt they will not come back and offer the 75%, and it will go to court, however, if they did, the amount would clear my overdrawn Abbey account, plus give me the equivelant to nearly a months wages left over. I have been out of work since 5th June (although paid til the end of that month), and really need some dosh at the moment. Had two interviews last week that seemed to go really well, but even if I do get a job, it leaves me with one month unpaid! Then I could start my second claim for the other £***.** they owe me...
  7. Right, I've had the letter from DLA today offering 50% settlement! Now this includes interest and court costs, but after paying off the amount my account is overdrawn would only leave me with a couple hundred quid! Anyways, included was there defence; I take it the advice is to hold tight, wait for the allocation questionaire etc.... EDIT: I am going to email them asking for 75% + interest + costs to try and get things over and done with quicker.
  8. I had all my statements for the last 3 years so I didn't need to get them. I thought it was 14 days, but...
  9. OK, had a letter from DLA PIPER RUDNICK GRAY CARY UK LLP I have emailed them back as follows; So now I can send them my account number, a list of charges & interest I am claiming with dates, and how the interest is being calculated! I noticed it says "a defence will be filed in due course.", does this mean that they are likely to go to court and make no offers?
  10. I have gone to money claim online and entered my case, and realised, in the fight to get the summary down to 1080 characters or 24 lines, my account number is not in the claim! OMG, what a noob I am, is this going to matter, or do I need to contact the court to correct it, or will they contact me and say anything?
  11. Which is? Sorry if I'm being dumb! PS. Forgot to mention. Lost my job at the beginning of this month, so could really do with this running very smoothly (with least cost incurred to myself as possible)! Hopefully I can get a job in the next few weeks... how long do these claims usually take after being filed, in experience of people who have won against the Abbey?
  12. Right, Abbey have made no further contact, apart from to tell me they are removing all facilities on my bank account, which is a tad over £2000 overdrawn. Luckily I opened a new bank account last month. I am going to start a county court claim tomorrow. Should I reply to any of their letters with regards to my bank account, i.e. telling them that I have started proceedings, and so they should stop making charges etc? Here is my claim I am going to file (online), comments before I proceed please... Should I use the same address for Abbey that I have been using all along? Links to any other relevent information please....
  13. Have had a reply to my letter before action. It was addressed to me and my wife, but started "Dear Miss Wood", which is neither of us! Is this anything to worry about? I have read with interest about keeping the claim below £5000, I will file one claim for less that £5000, and follow it through to completion before claiming the rest back... will I then need to send more letters to Abbey, or just make consecutive claims? PS Anybody that has already been through, or has experience of, making a claim against a bank in the court (and won preferably), would you be able to forward any relevent information I will need... it is getting to almost within a week of filing!
  14. Letter was delivered today... so it took them 4 working days to deliver first class! So I now have 14 days to prepare before having to enter a claim at the online court, and am slightly apprehensive... need answers to some of my previous questions still, and any advice.
  15. I sent my letter before action on Friday by "recorded signed for" first class, and it still not showing as signed for today (Wednesday). Phoned the number on my receipt, and they couldn't tell me anything other than it has not been delievered. So I take it I need to send it again now to be sure. btw, this is the address I used (unless any better suggestions); The Manager Customer Services Banking Abbey PO Box 297 Bradford BD1 1B Also, if anyone feels like glancing through this thread and giving me any advice, answering unanswered questions etc...
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