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  1. I'd love to know the answer on this. Paragon sent me an unsigned CCA, in my case the original was a document I signed at home.
  2. I need to write a letter to a company regarding a debt they are trying to recover. Basically they haven't sent a true CCA as requested, have added back interest after they said they wouldn't, sent a modification to the credit agreement (several years back) which probably means the agreement is unenforcable. I want to put these points across but don't want my letter to acknowledge any debt as this will start the clock again for the debt becoming statute barred. Can I simply put I don't acknowledge the debt even though I'm complaining they have't sent the CCA and complied with other things?
  3. I'm trying to collect as many people as possible with Universal Credit (Paragon) debts to sign an affidavit. Paragon made agreements to freeze interest on Universal Credit debts. In many cases they arranged this with CAB or another money advisor. Paragon then added back the interest without telling anyone. This made small debts more than triple. I have found many cases like this. I'm looking for people who have experienced this to sign an affidavit stating the interest was frozen and then applied back without their knowledge.
  4. Lots of different threads about Paragon/Universal Credit. Most seem to have thought interest was frozen and then found out years later that Paragon had added the interest back. I thought it would be helpful to find how many here have a similar story. My debt would have been paid back 4 times over if Paragon actually did freeze the interest like they promised myself and CAB, instead they carried on adding it at over 30% for several years without telling me which resulted in a £3k debt ending up over £12k. Please add below if Paragon promised to freeze your interest and then added it without telling you.
  5. I have had a long running issue with Paragon, dating back to a loan in 1996 with Universal Credit. To cut a very long story short (you'll find the details on here in a previous post) I haven't be paying for several months on the advice of CAB. Paragon couldn't produce a signed and dated CCA. I Odn't have a CCJ or a default. I haven't heard anything for ages, then today I received an offical looking leter with a form claiming to be from the Office of Fair Trading giving advice. The Paragon letter says - This is a notice of sums in arrears provided to you in compliance with the consumer credit act 1974 because you are behind with contracted payments. We would like you to telephone the above number as soon as possible to discuss your account. It then claims I have arrears of over £7000 (for 7 months non payment?) and my balance is over £10k (on a £3k debt for which I already paid over £12k back). Default Sums and interest You may have to pay default sums and interest in relation to missed or partly made payments reffered to in this notice. Notices For as long as you contimue to be behind with payments by any amount, you eill be sent notices at least every six months. It then goes on about the attached from from the office of fair trading and says I might be able to apply for a time order (isn't that after you get a CCJ?) So what is this letter about? They have made no attempt to take me to court, put nothing on my credit file, not pushed me for payment. They know I'm disputing the debt over the CCA.
  6. I have an old debt with Universal Credit (now Paragon). I have paid back several times what I owed but Paragon still claim I owe a huge balance. I requested a copy of the credit agremment and they sent me a made up copy with no date or signatures. Since then I stopped paying and Paragon have pestered me ever since. I have the same conversation every time, telling them I still haven't received a true copy of the credit agreement and could they please let me have one. Every time I get the same answers, how they can't comment and are unable to pass me to someone who can. To date Paragon have never put anything on my credit file to say the debt exisited or to say I was paying it (previously I had been paying £215 a month). Then recently they sent me a letter saying if I don't start paying they will report to the credit reference agencies that I am refusing to pay. Can they do this when they have never told them anything in the past? It seems a dirty trick to me.
  7. I don't think so. Universal Credit where not too bad to deal with, they would send you statements and tell you how much you owed. When Paragon brought them the approach was to hide how much you owed and lie about the interest rates. I had to pay £25 for a statement and even then it took 3 more phone calls to actually get it. When it arrived I discovered why Paragon had been so reluctant to show me.
  8. Paragon have never sent my account to a debt collector, nor have they ever taken me to court or even put the account on my credit file. I had paid a huge amount back to them, but a few months back spoke to Citizens advice again (showing them my credit agreements). They suggested I stop paying Paragon and see what happened. Well after 4 months of not paying I can say nothing much has happened. Paragon have called a few times, but not been forceful. They have written to me once, but only asking me to phone them. Last time I called they said they aren't going to take me to court and as I refuse to pay it looked like no agreement could be reached. That's a rather odd thing for them to say. I have a trump card up my sleeve. I have been collecting information regarding a change to the consumer credit agreement that Paragon made. In February 2000 they wrote to me (and lots of other people), enclosing a new agreement to sign and return with two cheques. The agreement said that if I paid the agreed amount (£10 per month) by standing order, signed the form, enclosed two cheques, they would consolidate the arrears and show my account as up to date with credit reference agencies. I signed the form, enclosed my cheques and set up a standing order. The account then vanished off my credit file. I recently was passed details of a case in Northampton Court regarding a CCJ from Paragon. The court gave the CCJ, but then the debtor raised the issue of this agreement and was granted an appeal, Paragon settled up out of Court before the appeal. Before this agreement was mentioned Paragon did not negotiate, then after the agreement was brought up they settled. Odd don't you think? It seems Paragon don't want a test case regarding this agreement. The reason is because they didn't comply with the Consumer Credit Act and it's likely anyone who signed this document has an unenforceable debt.
  9. Paragon are very well known for adding interest after verbally agreeing to freeze it. I had this argument with them and they wrote to me saying they had never given me written notice of freezing the interest and anything said verbally did not count. They seem to revert to charging the interest rate on the original agreement. Unfortunately for me that was nearly 30%. Paragon accepted my payments of £10 a month and charghed me £240 a month interest. This went on for years and they never once told me about the interest or how much I owed.
  10. It's very unusual to hear of Paragon/ UC passing on debts to debt collectors in that way. I also had a loan with Universal Credit back in 1996. By the time I run into problems my balance was down to £4200, then Paragon charged interest at around 30% despite Citizens Advice agreeing with them to freeze the interest and accept reduced payments. To cut a long story short, I paid £15k to Paragon who claim I still owe £10k. Recently I found out the credit agreements might not be enforceable. In particular Paragon wrote to all customers in arrears on 15th February 2000, they said if you paid by standing order they would consolidate the arrears and report your account as being up to date with credit reference agencies. Did you get that letter? My understanding is the letter (which you had to sign and return with a cheque) was an ammendment to the consumer credit agreement and Paragon didn't comply with the CCA in the way they handled the form. I have the details of another case v Paragon in which they settled out of court after this was thrown into the argument.
  11. Also I have another question regarding credit agreements. Do they have to show the total cost for credit, or can they just show the interest rate?
  12. In 1996 I took out a loan with Universal Credit (later to become Paragon). I fell into arrears and on the 15th February 2000 Paragon wrote to me (and all the other Universal Credit customers in arrears) with an offer. If I paid by standing order an agreed amount each month they would clear my arrears and show my account as being up to date. This was a modification of the consumer credit agreement, yet didn't comply with the technical aspects of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. For example no terms and condiitions, Paragon had signed the document and then sent it for my signature, no copy was given to me. I have been sent details of a case taken to court in 2002 in which Paragon settled out of court after the details of this document. What information would I need to collect in order to do this?
  13. Seems that way. So the document they sent would have been a change to the consumer credit agreement because it changed some of the original terms? (like showing an account in arrears as up to date on a credit file).
  14. I have posted in the past about my debt with Paragon. I have a question regadring changes to the CCA. In February 2000 Paragon wrote to all customers in arrears offering to come to an agreement. If I paid by standing order they would consolidate my arrears and report to the credit reference agencies that my account was up to date. All I had to do was sign the form, include two cheques (one for that month and one for the next month) and set up a standing order. I did all this as agreed and instead of updating my credit file, Paragon removed all details of it from all credit reference agencies (weird?). To date I have paid back several times what I owed back then and still have a huge debt. Recently I was made aware of two court cases regarding Paragon. One was in my local county court (Northampton). Paragon v MR A. Paragon won and Mr A launched an appeal, the main point of his appeal was this ammended agreement. Paragon decided to settle out of court once they knew this was being used. In the second case Paragon settled out of court as well. I'm told that the agreement made in 2000 was an ammendment to the consumer credit agreement but wasn't completed with the statutory formalities under section 61-63 of the consumer credit act 1974.
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