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  1. hello and thanks for you help - the above i have already tried endless times, but when the router its self crashes i loose all settings and it goes back to default, since they capped my line at i think he said 8mb it seems fine but disconnects less (could just be a lucky day) as the NM drops from 12 he also said there was "White Noise" on the line, could this be a fob off to say its not skys fault, its my fault for faulty (bad) wiring in the house ect?
  2. Hi Ukavorator No Telegraph poles = cant be that (unless damage to a "switch" if you know what i mean, as copper is all under ground but if there is damge to a similar kind of box above ground, could be that, that is causing the problems? as my noise levels drop then the LCP is down shows in the logs. thanks
  3. Hello 2grumpy and curlyben.. My bt phone socket (the main one in the living room) only has one socket,is this the one you mean by "test socket" or is there another one/ ment to be another one. I have "Sky" extension running from the phone socket to the skybox, (one from the converstory (not currently used), last house owner had multiroom, but the one i am using is plugged into the phoneline, at the other end (at the sky box) i have linked the ADSL Microfilter to, and the router/modem. but if i link a microfilter at each end i lose the signal all together. if it help you
  4. Hello - Sorry if there is already a thread under this "topic" but i could not find it. I have had sky broadband for about 2 month and had nothing but problems with the intermitten disconnections, from the internet, the router is fine because i can access files on my NAS (Network Attached Storage) Drive, Every so often the LCP is "down". For Techie People i have included a list of all the things i have tried to solve this (apart from getting sky to sort it - that is pending awaiting a 2nd call) 1) Tried Router Linked to main Telephone Socket, + Others around the house, (Sky E
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