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  1. Katym609 you have very high attenuation, I think in your case going for Pro would be a mistake. But I think you are happy with what you already have Maybe you should consider regrading to Be Value - you won't get anything more than 8 mbit so you would save some money, but the thing with Be Value is - it's 12 months contract
  2. I thought the strike ended this week? I'm really not familiar with this
  3. I upgraded yesterday. Expected more, but quite happy with what I got. Just too long line What's your attenuation? Maybe I could tell you if it's worth it.
  4. Thank you very much! I will be printing it tomorrow and sending on Monday
  5. Do you know of any example letter or a template I could use? I'm not sure I know where to start
  6. Curlyben - don't forget about the Pro package, that went down from 40 to 22 pounds! Thats a big cut! Let's just hope their service won't go that way
  7. Okay, okay, I know what you mean, but not everybodys troubles are solved quickly and some of them are not solved. I agree that this ISP is really great and worth every quid I pay, but sometimes bad things happen Remember, I don't disagree with you, just try to be more reserved
  8. Installing is easy, and tweaking the spead can be easy if someone want to read forums, but when the problem shows up the patience is needed. Look how many people blame Be for troubles caused by BT. They feel cheated in some way. I had some troubles too (and as a foreigner some of them are completely bizzare to me), but I never moaned about it. I am a happy Be-ing, just feel that people need to be warned i.e. that they can not get the full advertised speed, or that problems can happen.
  9. I wrote this thread in Broadband section, but I think I should write it here. Can someone help me? Please....
  10. Hello Everyone! I started this thread in Broadband section, but didn't get any help, so please, read it and at least try to advice me, because I am very desperate and scared
  11. If we're talking Tiscali - yes, they are throttling p2p. And p2p doesn't need to be illegal! Many linux distros (free of charge, full legal) are ready to download from p2p and this is not a crime. Even NASA had some software fro public for free relesed on p2p for faster spread. So p2p doesn't need to be illegal. Back to Tiscali - if you will try to download something in their peak hours you will get FUP-ed. The 3-rd FUP means your connection in peak time is unusable. Internet messangers won't work, IRC won't work, online gaming won't work. You will have your broadband just for extremely slow browsing. But - grat news! When you get your 3-rd FUP warning, you can get away from all of this, even if your contract isn't at end. You can request a MAC code without any charge, and go to other provider, who can be not so strict in their FUP.
  12. I really need some help, I feel threatened. I received this letter in my mail couple of days ago: The letter is dated on 2nd October. I don't know what to do! I may know English language, but I am not so good in writing formal letters. I'd like to get mortgage sometime, so I don't want any deaults on my credit check. I don't owe them 104.03 pounds! Please, help me get this sorted, because it gets really nasty
  13. If your exchange is open to Be Unlimited, and you are not far from the exchange, you can go with them. Fast internet, online tickets to solve your connection problems and so on. But you must be aware, that sometimes you need to try and understand how ADSL2+ works (it is different to standard ADSL you have now). They have FUP but noone had suffered from this. It just need some good will, patience and understanding. The cheapest package is with 12 months contract, the rest is without contract, but you have to give them 3 moths notice if you want to go somehere else, or pay 40 pounds.
  14. Don't forget, that people who are not technical savvy can have in some cases a BIG trouble with Be.... I'm with them, I read the forum (I suppose you too) and there are also complaints from people who don't understand how ADSL2+ works etc... If you invite everybody, keep in mind, that this particular broadband is not so "easy to understand" as other... It IS recommended, but potential Be-ings must at least TRY to understood how this works.
  15. Hi everyone! This is my first post, so please, be nice I have a problem with Tiscali. I was with them over a year, but they had some problems, the internet was very slow and finelly they LLUd and FUPed me, so I decided to move to Be Unlimited. I requested MAC code form Tiscali as soon as it was possible for LLUd customers and I moved. It was approximately in February 2007. My mistake was, I believed Tiscali, when they stated I don't need to inform them about moving, they will know that. Well apparently not, because months later my account with Tiscali is still open, and despite me not having any service with them they still keep charging me for broadband, and recently they moved my case to debt collecting agency. They even threaten me that they will disconnect my broadband! Well, go on! I don't have broadband with them! The strange thing is, the last bill from them, for the last month of Tiscali service, was issued to me on time, and paid by DD on time, but just seconds later it was refunded. From that day I still have DD with them, but they didn't even try to get it again. Next bills I have received for non-existing service weren't even tried to be taken form the account. I agree I should pay the last bill for service, but I don't understand why they refunded it. I wrote to Be Unlimited, and ask them to give me the date and the telephone line number on which my broadband with them went live, I hope they send it to me, then I will have a proof, because there can't be two broadband services on one line. I need an advice, what to do next. On which address I should write to Tiscali, and WHAT should I write to them to get them off my back and to cancel my imaginary debt with them? Please, could someone help me? PS. Sorry for my english, I am a foreigner, and that's why it's even more hard for me
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