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  1. Hi everyone, looking for a bit of advice as im getting more and more frustrated with this. I had a Lloyds TSB account, opened in 1998 that I had until december 2001 when I switched my account over to Abbey (through work, was a requirement to have an Abbey account weirdly). I had a phone call in november of 2001 advising that 2 companies could not be switched over due to the DPA, so i rang the 2 companies and gave them the new account details (one was o2 for a mobile contract, cant remember the second one). I then went into the local Lloyds TSB, and handed my card, cheque book and a hand written letter asking for the account to be closed. I heard nothing more from Lloyds TSB until the middle of 2002 when I received a letter stating I owed £320 for unpaid DD charges. I rang the collections department and said that i had closed my account in december so did not owe anything, to which the advisor said that they could see the account was closed so would write that off and i would hear nothing more of it (not those exact words but you get what i mean). I did not hear anything for around 3 years when this amount surfaced when a DCA wrote to me saying they owned the debt (alleged) and i had to pay them. I rang them back and explained that i did now owe anything, which no surprise fell on deaf ears. I have ignored these letters (and phone calls), and after a while they disappear only to resurface a couple of years later with a new DCA. I do not call these companies now, and do not correspond with them. ABout a year ago one company offered me a settlement figure of 45 quid to clear the lot, however as i do not owe anything why should i pay any figure. I am now being hounded by Mckenzie Hall, who are writing letter after letter and leaving voicemails on my home phone number at least once a day. I have had the misfortune of speaking to them on the phone and when i refused to cinfirm any details the guy said they would write to me but would continue to call me. I am now at the end of my tether and really need advice on what to do as after 13 years this is still causing me stress and worry. Any advice will be gratefully received. Ray
  2. no, at various times and locations (mainly home, a mates house and work area, the signal goes down to 1 bar then out to zero and the message appears....come on though..if there was a mast problem, 6 months is a bit long to fix (from my first post). I did say that all of my problems started at a time when the networks were merged (I believe) so it may be that tmobile are jumping more onto Oranges network than is going the other way... its all rubbish from them to be honest
  3. locotus...this is a paragraph from the first letter I received from the chap at Orange..... "In response to your query regarding delayed voicemails and texts, our network uses a series of masts across the country that use radio waves to transfer calls, texts and data from your handset. For technical reasons each mast can only handle a certain number of calls/texts at a time and on some occasions there may be more people trying to use their phones in a certain area than the mast can support" Isnt that simply stating their network is not fit for the purpose...I understand that at midnight on new years eve, the network is going to be rammed, but at 12.30pm on an afternoon, when my wife is 400 yards away outside my office, then that shouldnt really take 7 hours to be delivered? I have a further letter off them that I cant place my hands on just yet, but its no different to what the first one said...the might as well of told me to stop wasting their time...
  4. I have been a customer of orange for a long time now (longer than I care to mention) and currently have 3 orange phones on contract (2 iPhones and a samsung). Since March of this year, both the iPhones (3gs) have suffered with constant network losses, your chosen network has been lost messages, delays in texts being delivered, phone going straight to voicemail. I called in March to complain and was told that there was a mast problem in the area (that old chestnut eh!!) which was down to be repaired in april, some 2 1/2 weeks later. Since that time, the service has gradually got worse and worse. When it works, its fine, but I get so fed up of the constant netwok lost messages that i turn the phone onto airplane mode when im at home to save battery life. I have since tried to find a esolution to the problem (turning 3g off, turning wifi off at home, standing on one leg and pointing due north) and nothing has helped. when Im at home, the phones are useless as phones (despite being in a strong 3g signal area). I have contacted customer services and got fobbed off with the mast issue, so contacted the executive office as I was advised, which turned out to be a total waste of time as the chap who answered me couldnt of been less helpful had he not replied at all.....or was he. In teh first letter he replied to, he said that at times the network may have more traffic on it that it was capable of, and therefore delays would occur whilst the traffic dies down. Surely, if I pay for a service, and they cannot deliver that service, then i shouldnt pay for it? I wrote back and said I could not believe that he admitted the network wasnt able to cope with the demand, and got virtualy the same response back again (i.e: bog off and stop bothering us). I have since emailed the customer service email address (2 weeks ago) and have so far had absolutely nothing in return, despite them claiming to respond to all mails in 48 hours. Luckily, my contract is up for renewal in January next year, and I fear I will be saying ciao to Orange for good. This is likely to be pertinent to orange.... Any thoughts?
  5. On the other hand (I've got different fingers ) Seriously though, with ISP's blocking access to download sites, people may feel they dont need that uber fast 50/100meg connection, so will drop their package down to the minimum that is useable...2meg would suffice for most who dont download the whole world every night, so the ISP's will start to lose money..how long will it be before its lifted again? will the film/music companies reimburse the isp's for lost revenue..likely not....hmmm
  6. bah, that'll teach me for not looking throught he whole site Can an admin move this, or should I create a new thread over there. I am at work so cant answer the question right at the moment, i'll update this later.
  7. Hi chaps and chappesses, Not sure where to put this, but here goes. My wife has been a Pilgrim Housing Association customer for over 10 years now (if not more) and have never had any issues with them at all, until last week. We were woken last wednesday morning by a brick going through our Sitting room window and upvc door. We don't know why this has happened (although my stepson may have upset someone). Anyhow, we rang the police who advised that they would not come out as it wasn't an emergency (we rang the local number, not 999) but gave us a crime number. When I rang an emergency glazier, we were quoted 150 an hour minimum, so I sat up all night until the housing association opened at 8.30. When we rang them, they said that they had reviewed their repairs policy and were no longer responsible for glass repairs, which we thought strange, as it was criminal damage, which they would claim on their buildings insurance, but they still said no. We have since spoken to a local MP who said that he was aware they were reviewing the policy at the end of september, however they should still be repairing glass until then. He has rang them himself, and they are adamant that they are not willing to repair the glass themselves. He has suggested we go to the newspaper about it, as he is sure they are pulling a fast one. My issue here is that we, as tenants, cannot get buildings insurance, so therefore will have to pay out of our own pockets to repair the glass. The upvc door repair is almost 250 quid on its own, and as you can imagine we cant afford that. The only repairs we have ever asked Pilgrims to do were repairing the fence that blew down (which they did) and replacing a panel in the back door that was missing when the wife got the property. 2 repairs in 10 years? I know that we could apply for buildings insurance and pay a premium each month until time that we came to claim and were then charged with fraud as the property did not belong to us? Help, or advice would be gratefully received. Cheers Ray:eek:
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