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    Worzel v MBNA

    This topic was closed on 10 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Due for reasons that I wont go into here I am late in paying my electricity bill. Unfortunately the final reminder arrived when I was in hospital so the account was sent on to their collection agency Energy Collection Services. The first I new of this was when I received correspondence from them in an envelope that has written on the front, underneath my address window, the following wording: YOUR ENERGY SUPPLY IS AT RISK Contact Energy Collection Services immediately on 0800 0151912 Now, it doesn't take an half-wit member of the post office, public, my neighbours, others in my household to work out from that information that my account is in arrears. Surely then, Energy Collection Services are making information about me (which is held on their database) available to others - and surely thats a breach of the Data Protection Act? Your thoughts are welcome! Worz
  3. Thats a good point - I hadn't looked into that option
  4. It appears that an Ebay buyer is going to let me down and not pay after winning the auction. Normally I wouldn't make an issue and just put it down to life, but this time I'm going to pursue him for my Ebay fees. The details are: 1) He has cost me £17.00 and possibly the sale to another buyer. 2) His feedback shows that he is an habitual letter-downerer (I made that word up obviously). 3) He's German. I'll give him a little more time to come good, but then I want to take this on - any advice greatly appreciated! Thanks Worzel
  5. Drakes schedule of fees are shown here Drakes Group - RTA Road Traffic Act Scale of Fees and Costs
  6. I hate unwanted telephone calls - they always make me jump on my soap-box Firstly send them a polite but assertive letter telling them that you will only deal with them in writing. There are many examples across the forums. Also, consider this! I suspect that every time they ring they go through the 'I'll have to ask you a few security questions' routine? If so, then why answer their questions if you cannot say with absolute confidence who THEY are and why it is they are calling? So why not tell them that before you can continue this call you will need to ask them a few questions so you can be sure that they are who they say they are? Simply telling you it's Capital One is not enough! Ask them for YOUR full name, YOUR address and YOUR account number. Also tell them you want YOUR mothers maiden name too (or whatever security question/answer you use). If they are who they say they are then they should be able to give this information to you right? Otherwise it could be anyone calling from a phone box with the view to glean your personal information couldn't it? They won't give you the details you require - if they do then they breach whatever acts - so just politely tell them that if thats the case then you cannot continue this call any longer and they must contact you in writing. Put the phone down! Remain calm and don't shout or swear. If they get a bit 'heavy' do this; ask them to hang on a mo, press a button on your phone (it will cause a click in their ear) and tell them that you are now recording the call and that any recording may be made available to a third party at a later date for training, educational or evidential purposes! Don't let them get away with it! They will stop if you stand your ground! Good Luck Worz
  7. I have a small outstanding debt which has been repeatedly passed to various debt collection agencies. Every time I CCA them and every time they are unable to produce the required documents - so quietly drift back under the rock they came from. However, Moorcroft have proved to be an exception! They first contacted me by telephone, but I refused to speak to them until THEY answered MY security questions - of course they couldn't so they wrote to me instead. They then telephoned me again, during which I informed them that this debt had been repeatedly been passed to various DCAs, and that none have been able to provide the information as required under a CCA request. I made a verbal request at this stage (yes I know it's not the norm, but I like to live on the edge!). Of course a couple more telephone calls, as did letters. The final letter was pretty strong and advised me that if I didn't pay the full amount within 14 days then a 'local representative' would visit my house. So in went the CCA letter, a postal order for £1.00 and a very stern warning that any visit from their 'local representative' would result in legal action being initiated by me on the grounds of harrassment. At this stage I expected them to drift away like the others - but no! Instead I got a very nice letter telling me that they were unable to provide the required information and that they were therefore sending my file back to the originator. Very nice and polite Worz By the way, they also returned my postal order so all I have to do now is change my name to 'Moorcroft Debt Recovery' in order to cash it and get my quid back
  8. Well, Drakes have now received my payment so now's the time to look into the fees charged! I contacted the court who could not give me a list of fees; they suggested I contact Drakes as that's who they'd contact! This alone makes me wonder who is actually regulating the fees schedule? Anyway, I have contacted Drakes who have advised me that for all cases other than magistrates court cases the charge is in the region of £13.00 for the first letter, but for magistrates court cases the charge is in fact £50.00 (just as Tomtubby said earlier!!). When asked to justify the £50.00 fee as apposed to a £13.00 fee I was treated to the 'you'll have to put that request in writing sir' - so I will! I'll keep you up to date. Cheers all!
  9. I'll certainly be contacting the court to ask about acceptable fees! As for paying the court direct, it's now too late for that as I've paid Drakes - although I'm still not convinced the £50.00 charge is corect. How can it be, when the fee for printing off a letter chasing a CSA debt or a Council Tax debt (the same amount of work involved) is between £10.00 - £20.00? The fine I have is Fixed Penalty Notice - it is not a magistrates court fine! Although I've paid the fine/charges this is far from over - I'll keep you updated with my progress! Thanks for the responses so far.
  10. The last letter I received before the bailiff’s letter was from the court giving me 10 working days to pay. As I’ve said, my life is in a bit of an emotional mess at the moment and paying this was not the foremost thing on my mind! I’m not trying to get out of the fine and just want to pay it off. And I can understand that even a firm of bailiff’s have to make a living - it’s the amount they’re charging that I’m not happy with! The fine was originally for £30.00, which increased to £45.00 - and has now incurred a £50.00 fee FOR ONE LETTER!
  11. The Bailiffs concerned are Drakes. Their website shows that a letter should be charged at about £12.00, yet on the back of the letter I’ve got it says they can charge an ‘Admin Fee’ of £50.00. I cannot believe that the courts have set a fee of £50.00 FOR ONE LETTER! I’m guessing I’ll have to pay what they demand then look to getting back anything they owe me?
  12. Hi all. Here's the scenario; a few weeks ago I was stopped for lack of sealtbelt (yep, I know I'm a drongo but it was literally out of my garden and through the village to a mate - on a Sunday too). Anyway, by chance a policeman puled up and gave me the standard £30.00 on the spot fine. Now, my life is in a bit of an emotional mess at the moment and it has been a case of 'I must pay that' but of course I didn't. When I got the final 10 day letter advising me to pay of else I promised myself I'd do it - but other things have proven to be more important! So the upshot is that I have received a letter from a bailiff advising me that I have seven days to pay, or they'll take further action. So, I must pay up in full the original £45.00 fine (that's what it increased to when I didn't pay straight up) and their fee of £50.00 - that's for printing off 1 single letter! Having checked the 'Bailiffs and fees' thread it appears to me that the most they should charge is £10.00 - is this right? Of course I'll be getting this sorted this week (honestly) but I'm not going to pay them more than they are entitled to. So, I'm going to send them a cheque for £55.00 (£45.00 fine, £10.00 fee) and that's it. Am I right in doing this? Your thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks. Worz.
  13. Are you sure that doesn't depend on the age of the child? Anyway, we digress again! Whilst I don't want to argue with you (because we are all on the same side after all) I think thats a very bad example to use anyway. A child may take it upon themselves to paint your door - a call centre in Bombay calling about an outstanding debt has been given that instruction and information from someone else! I'd be prepared to argue the point of law also relates to who INITIATED the unlawfull act - in this case MBNA in the UK (who do operate under UK law). What you are saying is that should I plan an illigal act in another country, provide all the relevant information to locals, get them to undertake the crime and then provide a way for them to 'get the booty home' to me then I'd be untouchable should they get caught! Alternatively, if I were to plan a crime in this country (lets use internet crime for example) but get someone in Bombay to undertake the crime and they got caught then I'd be untouchable! Sorry, can't agree that I'd get away with either scenario so I guess we'll have to agree to disagree Battleaxe, what an excellent piece of luck - keep us informed. Worz
  14. Hi Liz It's really up to you. Certainly getting your money back can be a drawn-out and often stressful experience, but I think it's worth it in the end (and I'm half way through a drawn-out stressful claim), although I can understand how the money would come in handy this time of the year. Having said that what if you hadn't started your claim, or the bank hadn't had made their offer? You would be in the same situation as you would be if you were to decline the current offer and I'm sure you'd have made it through Christmas somehow! If it's the thought of the court process putting you off then don't worry, there are loads on here who can help. However, if you want to take their offer therefore avoiding any further time and effort that's fine. The choice, as they say, is yours ;-) Worz
  15. Actually, I find the act of telling unwanted callers 'the score' and putting the phone down on them quite refreshing Besides, why should I have to go through the hassle of changing numbers, informing everyone, etc just because a company can't operate within the law? On the subject of calls from overseas - surely if they are under instruction from, or on behalf of, a UK based company/organisation/whatever then they are covered by UK law? Either way, stand and fight - that's the only way to stop them! Worz
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