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  1. Did anyone else get one of these? 50% off! Would help if they actually provided the CCA as requested!!
  2. Probably because they dont have them Just pushing for time, no doubt you will get a threat-o-gram!
  3. Not sure about the Virgin but 2008 you would have ticked a box for the signature. Also I think the agreements were updated somewhat. Best waiting for someone with more knowledge on that. As for Cap one, I have a card with them, took out the same time approx and I did sign for it.
  4. Its just a company that buy debts and collect on them. Send them the CCA letter, dont sign just print. £1 postal order.
  5. You can ask, but they probably wont do that either! The letter can be written yourself, but at the top of it dont forget to put : I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT TO YOUR COMPANY OR ANY COMPANY YOU CLAIM TO REPRESENT Again, dont sign just print. Send recorded so you know they got it.
  6. They wont remove anything from your credit file.
  7. I was not aware they had 28days to comply to it? I thought that was it.
  8. And that £25 pm is someones wage there! I can only assume that these idiots dont get min-wage!
  9. Have you sent a CCA request? If not send one. If they have that, follow it with a SAR! (Assuming that the balance is not an error!) Remember dont sign anything!!
  10. At least you got a reply! I sent two stat barred letters over a week ago, no reply yet I have been looking forward to the post all week aswell. Soon as I get in from the gym, I ask the wife 'Anything in the mail!'
  11. Does this mean at 8.30pm today they will close forever!!! Result!
  12. Usually they are full of hot air. You first need to SAR the OC as I said originally. Find out what you owe if you owe.
  13. That is correct afaik, there would be no CCA for the account. Only thing you can do is send a SAR along with £10 and see what dodgy charges are on there. Get them removed.
  14. I understand from the OP view, but really how often does someone from the OC really make the effort to register and post offering to resolve it?? Perhaps give it one more go?
  15. You can ignore it, or there are a couple of letters you could send them One being the CCA (send recorded and dont sign it) or the I dont know what your going on about, leave me alone!
  16. Is it in writing? also if they have put something on your credit file, will they mark it as satisified?! If so , well done
  17. I think saying something like Post #181 woud be better than trying to quote the laws to a judge. I am sure they will not be too pleased about it.
  18. Send the in dispute letter. If you have already CCA'd the original creditor, surely if they have not provided it, then the account is in dispute and they can not sell it on.
  19. You owe me £10,000 could I have your debit card details!!! Why!!! It might not even be your debt and they just fished about and you took!
  20. BCW first then, although I am out of time on the offer of paying 3k per month to them for 3mths to clear it Damn
  21. It is capQuest that have sent the request of payment, and whom I sent the statute barred letter to.
  22. Wife has had two letters for this debt (Not stat barred till next year) BCW Claim 8.5k and 1st credit 7.5k Should I CCA both of these idiots? It has to be the same debt but different charges. It cant be anything else as this is the only thing she has ever buggered up on. 1st Credit has the default on her credit file not BCW. Thanks
  23. Ahh so thats not final, I have filed it (Properly, not in the bin) Thanks for the reply.
  24. I sent the letter off last week, and got a reply today. They said they account is on hold while under investigation. 'We look forward to hearing from you' Hmm wont be hearing very much from me! Or should I write back saying please confirm you will not be selling the debt on?
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