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  1. i was there when the the abbey lady when in on the two that were not there. what really annoyed us was when they came out and laughed as if to say we got another one the hsbc man was really getting on my nervous
  2. hi noddy 73 my case same as yours i saw the hsbc he man thought he was it, i had the abbey lady, was yours in court 4?. basically mine was the same as yours my husband said we will just have to wait and see what happens next year. we just wished the judge had got us alltogether and stated there was going to be a stay waste of time. oh well i am going to have a good drink tonight all the stress has been lifted. many thanks to you all for your help.
  3. Hi I Am Doing My N244 Does Anyone Know What Evidence Of Part C In Support Of My Application Is I Have Got A Hour To Go Please Help
  4. hi many thanks for that but would you not what i fill in i am buffald
  5. hi help someone i have been at a funeral all day i have just gone through by stuff for tomorrow can some one please give me the link for a n244 as i think i may need this if there is a stay HELP....................................
  6. so are you saing even if mine is going ahead if they apply for a stay i should have the n244 ready to hand over
  7. Hi My Hearing Is A 11.00 What Time Is Yours I Want Bother Emailing Mine I Dont Know Where I Am Papers Everywhere I Will Be The Stressed Looking One Ha Ha
  8. thank you for your help the only thing i have from the bank is their defence and the court have not recd anything from them as yet so do you think the letter you have gave me to be good enough if they ask for a stay because it is all getting very confusing but at the end of the day i dont want to be standing thier like an idiot
  9. ok so shall i just print out thread 3
  10. :confused: hi i know my hearing is still going ahead but should i have something prepared if they decide to have a stay
  11. apparently not the only paperwork they have is mine
  12. hi spoke to bromley my hearing is stil going ahead now i am really scared
  13. hi sorry can you give me the link for removel of stay so i can take it still trying to get through to bromley
  14. hi i have no luck to day bromley is always engaged need to know about friday
  15. hi thanks for that i have sent a letter ot abbey/bank on saturday it is on judgement by dafault lula thread two if that makes senses and she told me to send if had not heard anything. and dont worry i am not alone my husband is with me well actually it is a joint account and i put the court case in his name ha ha
  16. hi only four days to go getting really worried now hope i have done everything right it just seems that everything has come to a stand still and i dont know which way to turn. :???: :???:
  17. hi could you tell me where i would find cpr 3.4(2) © and/or (b) as i have just read it to my husband he said what does that mean and to be honest i dont know it just sends good and this case is driving me mad
  18. hi thanks phoned court no bundle received from bank so i have sent the letter to court/bank recorded delivery this afternoon thanks
  19. hi yes my court date is the 24th august i have sent court bundle have not received anything from bank nor has courts spoke to bromley the bundle is with judge ask if there has been a stay lady said ring in a few days. phoned bank three times on the number on letter had to leave message on voicemail keep hoping they may send offer
  20. hi can someone tell me how do i go about doing a judgement by default in simple english as i am reading these threads and it is getting more confusing
  21. hi i know i am probably being thick but what is the judgement by default and is it worth me having ago and i agree with sarah frost it is driving me mad especially when you dont have a clue what you are doing
  22. sent court bundle off hearing next friday have not heard anything when would i do judgement by dafault
  23. spoke to bromley court just now, my case has gone to the judge today so have to ring in a couple of days.
  24. hi thats good i wonder if that is the same for the 24 august, should i recieve anything from the bank as i am not quite sure
  25. hi freakyleaky sorry what they are saying is if i have been offered a goodwill gesture it will still be honoured. then it says please contact us if you are not sure wether you have an open offer or not which i have not or i would have taken it does that make sense
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