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  1. Thanks for the scan mrbrooks. The T&C's are not the 2000 version but appear to be dated 09/10 so they, obviously, do not have the originals or can't be bothered to find them. Thanks anyway. regards
  2. Are you still there mrbrooks?. Can I ask again that WE get a look at the T&C's they have sent to you?
  3. Subject: Fw: Barclay Bank - This is Brilliant !!! This is true!! Be sure and cancel your credit cards before you die! This is so priceless and so easy to see happening - customer service, being what it is today! A lady died this past January, and Barclay bank billed her for February and March for their annual service charges on her credit card, and Then added late fees and interest on the monthly charge. The balance had Been £0.00, now is somewhere around £60.00. A family member placed a call to the Barclay Bank: Family Member: 'I am call
  4. Good luck with your claim mrbrooks. I will be starting a claim myself in the new year and would very much appreciate a look at the terms and conditions that they have sent to you. Do they claim that they are the t&c's that WERE in force in May 2000 or WOULD HAVE BEEN in force at that time?. Are you able to PM me a copy?.
  5. Monies received into my account today. Job done and donation on the way. Happy Christmas one and all. regards FCC
  6. Thanks Slick, yes I am quite pleased with the result and I must pay testimony to your invaluable advice given, both publicly and by PM, thanks a lot mate. I will be signing and sending the paperwork by RD today, without a confidentiality clause. I don't see any advantage in holding out any further for the monies to be paid in total, into my Santander account as I would have been paying off the BC account into which half of the monies are, in fact, being paid into. This has been an excellent result and I can now turn my attention to Cabot who, allegedly, now own the other account. Following tha
  7. A very quick response............... We are comfortable with your proposal for us to make the £892.19 payment to the Mastercard account #7004, rather than splitting it between the Mastercard and Visa account. However, we require that you sign our settlement letter prior to us processing the settlement payment. Given that part of the settlement payment is being transferred to an external account I am not prepared to guarantee payment by 22nd December 2011, however upon receipt of your signed settlement agreement I will action these requests within 1 working day. Please note t
  8. Thanks, praise indeed, not that I was seeking any. regards
  9. My response by email today: 15th December 2011 Dear I thank you for your response by email dated 14th December 2011. I am disappointed that you feel that cannot agree with my assertion that you are prevented from setting off the sums to be paid under the settlement of my claim against Barclays Bank Plc. The authority for my views is the case of Edlington Properties v Fenner & Co. Ltd. ( 2005 ) EWHC 2158 ( QB ) which affirms this position that the assignor has no right of set-off to a third party ( assignee ) for a damages claim brought against it post-as
  10. yesterday I drove the 35 miles to barnstaple to submit my AQ only to find that I have to apply for fee remission at every part ofm the claim procedure so I look forward to another drive through the storms. However I did receive today by email the following: We do not agree with your assertion that we are prevented from setting off any sum paid in settlement of this claim against debts already owed to Barclays Bank Plc. However, in order to avoid the inevitable time and cost associated for both parties in pursuing this claim further, we are prepared to renew our offer of £1790.80, subject
  11. Sent by email today: It would appear from the total lack of response to my email of the 8th December 2011 that your declarations that you wish to negotiate an end to the above claim are untrue. I will therefore be entering my Allocation Questionnaire to Barnstaple County Court tomorrow for consideration by the District Judge. A copy will be sent to you, as a courtesy, by recorded post. Yours faithfully Cc: Court Bundle
  12. Once again-silence!. It would seem they are not that keen to negotiate and end this matter so it's finish the AQ and drive to Barnstaple tomorrow.
  13. Please help me here with the Draft Order for Directions. I copy them verbatim? and the send them in to the Court?. The proof that I provide is then included in the Court Bundle which I must submit within 14 days of the hearing after the judge has approved, or otherwise, of the directions?. The statement of evidence is item © in the DOforD and here I answer their defence?. Hope you can make sense of this? regards
  14. Report nuisance telephone calls immediately...The little known 1477 service... After receiving notification & a congratulations call that I had won an ‘all expenses paid cruise to Florida’ today simply by pressing 9 on my phone, I remembered that I read once that If you ever got a nuisance telephone call you can get a trace facility put on your line. When you get such a call simply dial 1477 immediately after the call and a record of the call is logged. You must do this within ten minutes of the call for it to be valid in law. Essentially this number generates a special fault in
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