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  1. Allright, So I finally received a reply saying: I think this solves the matter for me. Thank you all for helping me!!!
  2. This will be Off Topic, but... Thank you! I have been learning English since I was 6 years old, and remember that I started to attend English lessons instead of going to kindergarten I like this language and always preferred it as a foreign language. I did not come to UK to just 'work because there was lack of jobs in Poland' as most Polish people that were just too lazy to go to Job Center and find something suitable for them. I came here firstly - to live on a level worthy of, in a better organized state, secondly - to work and be paid better for what I can do and develop my skills in a more suitable conditions, thirdly - to be self-sufficient and not dependant on my parents. I am ambitious person that want to achieve something in life, unlike other people that just want to 'vegetate'. Btw. Letter was sent out. Anybody knows how long can it take to get a reply? Best regards, MungoPL
  3. Agree. This is how my letter looks now. Will be send today after work. Regards
  4. You got to the point. This is exactly what I meant and was trying to say
  5. Thank you! I like it, and the letter was changed. MungoPL
  6. I agree that beginning could be changed. As you mentioned the current one would be apropriate if they were rude to me etc. Could you please suggest me what would be the more correct beginning then? Thanks!
  7. I think some of still get me wrong. I do know that I am guilty. I do also know that I was not given apropriate information by the Officer (it was not even mentioned by him, what's more - he denied it). And this is exact case as the one with Dutch motorist that was issued summons instead of FPN and passed the matter to the European Commision. I would like to get 3 points and a 60 pounds fine as I would get if the Officer knew about the current law (if only he did not decide of passing the matter to the Court - bearing in mind that he knew at that time of the possibility of FPN being issued to me). I do want to save myself hassle and day off work that I would have to go through if I am meant to go to Court.
  8. What I want to do is to send a letter to the Chief Constable, complaining on the way I have been treated, and the fact that I was not informed of the current law. This is what I wrote: What do you think ?
  9. From Driving in Great Britain (GB) on a licence issued in a European Community/European Economic Area (EC/EEA) country : Directgov - Motoring
  10. Thank you for your quick answer. I will change the beginning and try to fit other information to the text. Regarding my comments about the police. This was the second time when I was given false information by the police officers that were unaware of the current law, but despite that were trying to convince me to what they were saying. This false information could have had an impact on what decisions would have been made by me after it. Eg. first time, after being UK resident for over 2 years, I was told during the routine check that my driving licence is invalid and I should replace it immediately for a UK one. After it, I phoned up DVLA and was told that I am allowed to drive on my licence until it's valid, or for three years, or until I`m 70 yo (whichever is longest period of time). If you mention that I should not include it in my statement, can I make an official complaint? And if yes, can I do it before or after the hearing, and where exactly? One more thing. If I was told that will receive court summons, does it always mean that I will, or is there a chance that I was only threatened?
  11. What would you suggest that should I start it with then? Very constructive advice. Be aware of the fact, that I do wish to plead guilty and everything else I would like to be treated as mitigating circumstances. These are not my words that you've quoted - I mean 'take advantage'. Read this form - in particular explanatory notes in part B on the 2nd page. http://www.direct.gov.uk/prod_consum_dg/gr...dg_10030243.pdf
  12. OK, This is what I came up with regarding my defence: "I plead guilty of driving my car with a tyre having a tread under legal limit of 1.6mm. To the best of my knowledge at the time I was stopped I was not aware of the tyre being faulty. I was very surprised when the Officer told me about a defect, as I always do my best to keep the car in the top working condition. Whatmore, I was driving with my girlfriend as a passanger. I was angry at myself because I could have never forgive myself if anything happened to her or any other person as a result of my carelessness. Therefore, I fully understand seriousness of the offence I have unwillingly commited. As my defence, I would like to show that I treat the whole situation seriously and because of that I had the faulty front left tyre replaced straight after the incident (got the receipt as a proof). What's more, few days later I did replace front right tyre as well (got receipt as a proof). I could have replaced both tyres at the same time, but I did not have enough money to pay for both. Also, I would like to remark that 0.6mm depth of the tread that was recorded by the Officer could not be confirmed by the employee of ********* located in ******** in which I had my faulty tyre replaced straight after the incident. Although, measurements taken by the member of staff at ************* that were wrote down for me do not indicate that the tyre was legal at that time, they do show that tyre must have worn out not long before the incident. This is different to the situation if the tread depth would be only 0.6mm. This particular model of a tyre is made of a soft, high-grip rubber, and I personally think this makes it more likely to wear quicker than others. Therefore I commit myself to carefully check condition of the tyres more regulary. There is one more, and last thing that I would like to present. After I was alleged by the Officer of commiting an offence, I told him that I was not aware of the faulty tyre. I also accepted accusation and asked for a fine. I asked whether the Fixed Penalty Notice could be issued. The answer I got was, that it cannot be applied in my case, as I am the holder of a non-British Driving Licence and therefore Penalty Points cannot be imposed on it. What I found out the next day was, that according to changes made to the Road Safety Act 2006 (c.49, sections 8 and 9) that became effective on 1 April 2009, UK Police Officers are now able to issue Fixed Penalty Notices to the European Community or European Economic Area licence holders. It clearly means that I am allowed to take an advantage of a fixed penalty system. Therefore I truly believe that I was given misleading information." What do you think about it?
  13. This is how they were dressed: http://www.kent.police.uk/Your%20Area/Mid%20Kent/Mid_Kent_news/special%20for%20web.jpg Regarding the measurements. Just got back from the MOT test centre. I spoke to the man working there (from his age - 50/60 yo - I can assume that he has been working there for years now and he know what he is saying). I asked him some more questions that I had. He was more than happy to help me, especially after I explained to him what has happened. I was told that the tyre tread depth does not have to be measured whilist being on the alloy, or there's no need the tyre has to be inflated. This is in accordance with MOT testing guidelines. He then told me things that I already knew, like the area on the tyre that needs to have tread depth above 1.6mm etc. He took the measurements of the old tyre and told me that two of the rows in central part of the tyre were out of spec, but were not less than 1.4mm deep. Therefore the tyre is illegal, but (he said) there's no way any part of tread on the tyre is close to 0.6mm. He advised me to take the tyre to the court. Just to make it clear: I didn't ever hope that anybody will tell me that the tyre is good. Thing is, that I do not wish to plead guilty of driving with a tyre having 0.6mm tread (which is nearly bald). I would like to prove that the measurement taken by the officer were incorrect, and and as a result of that: if the proper and accurate measurements were carried out at the time I was stopped (+if they have knew of the fact that I can actually accept points on my license) a FPN might have been issued instead of summons.
  14. Do you mean you didn't see the picture? This picture: http://img233.imageshack.us/i/forum1l.jpg/ 1,26mm 1,62mm 2,28mm
  15. Allright, time for some picture story. I am after work now and managed to recover my old tyre. What I did is, I asked a guy at the tyre centre to measure the depth of the grooves on the tyre. I was surprised when he took out a digital measuring tool , exactly this one: in comparison to what officer used to measure tread depth, which was: Device was calibrated in front of my eyes, then the tyre was measured by a guy from tyre centre and measurements were written down. Three grooves with the depth measured are shown on the photo below: (click to enlarge) Some other photos that you may want to see: What do you think about that? Anybody knows if the depth of a tread needs to be measured on the inflated tyre? I am waiting for replies. Many thanks in advance! Simon
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