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  1. he has just been to jobcentre and they have confirmed that from november to feb £5 a week was being paid to the court direct from benefit, so looks like he has paid this fine and some!! he is now ringing the court to ask why bailiffs have been sent in when he has paid the fine.
  2. .hi i had read the article but it didnt seem to have answers to this particular situation. thanks .
  3. hi can anyone help my son in law was fined last year for not telling DVLA that his car was scrapped. He was fined £70.00. cutting along story short, he didnt pay the fine, well some of it he did as he was on jobseekers allowance and some weekly payments were taken from his benefit, he then started work so those payments stopped and he forgot all about it. He has now had a bailiff visit his home saying that he now has to pay £345.00. He tried explaining that he doesnt have that sort of money, they have 2 small children and he is not a high earner etc, but the bailiff said he is not interested, he wants the money. He offered weekly payments with £100 lump sum first, but bailiff wont accept this. He says he is coming on friday and unless he is paid in full he will be removing goods form the house. He has emailed the company, Marstons and asked for the court ref numbers etc but they have ignored all emails. We went to the court today with an N425 form and the £70 fine money and fee for the form, but they wouldnt accept it, they said its got to go to the bailiff. My daughter is panicking about the visit on friday, as they do not have that sort of money. Can the bailiff really charge all that extra in fees??? can they accept weekly payments?? (he says no)? Why cant the court acccept payment of the fine direct? how do u get blood out of a stone??? Help, thanks
  4. yea i got them all now thankyou. ive filled them all in and they will be being posted recorded delivery to the court today!! Fed up of being messed about by the bank and FOS!!
  5. thanks for that, tho that link didnt seem to work for me?? thankyou it ok ive found it now thanks!1
  6. I have completed the court form for HSBC, but im not sure what to do with the forms. I am on benefits so wont have to pay court costs, so do i have to get another form to fill in?? Or just send copies of evidence of benefits?? thanks
  7. I am about to complete the claim form to taking HSBC to court re bank charges. Should i put something at the top making the courts clear this is a hardship case?? othewise might it just not get read properly and filed away until this test case is done??? Also im a little confused re the interest issue. I calculated all my charges using the calculator on martin lewis's site, do i need to add anything to it, as i did the claim with interest. Whats this 8%?? Is that on top of the interest thats already been calculated?? I have just wasted over 3 months with FOS!!!!! they have been useless!!! I am a newly single parent/recently seperated caring for a disabled child and totally reliant on benefits and my ex left me me with lots of debt, so i do think my case is one of genuine hardship. The bank know this and so do FOS. First FOS gave the bank 8 weeks to respond (when i had already given them 8 weeks)!!!!! The bank didnt so they told me to send them all the papework back again!!! I did this over a month ago, they say its still not been allocated to anyone as they are busy, and that they will not be asking any banks to repay charges, but will ask them to do what they can to ensure i dont get into further debt!!!!!!!! If i had known this i wouldnt have bothered with them!!!!! Silly me thought they were there for the consumer!! Big mistake!!!! So had enough now and going to court. and the bank are continuing to charge me £150 a month because pof the spiral of debt their charges have got me into, all coming out of my benefit money!!!
  8. I am now going to fill one of these forms out as fed up having the run around from HSBC and FOS. Mine is a hardship case, is there anything extra i should put on the form. Also i undersatanbd i wouldnt have to pay a fee as i am on benefits, do i put in a covering letter to the court service re this including coipies of some evidence of benefit receipt?? thanks
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