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  1. But I think you have had to be claiming for at least 26 weeks to get it. And at first they said I wasn't allowed it but I wrote a letter because I knew I was so it took me 10 days to get it.
  2. *Sigh* And there was enough coal to power the country for at least another 100 years.....
  3. Within 2 years BG will cease to be the biggest energy supplier in the UK, fact. However, astonishingly, BG will continue to operate as they do and will always have a huge customer base simply because people will always stay with them for bizarre reasons. In a generation BG will be insignificant once the traditional customers are no more. They are a shocking company.
  4. I'm sorry Clare but you are being rather misleading here, thus I am not surprised you work for EON!! Where have you plucked out a 35% to 40% increase from? Just a guess? You have no idea what EON's rise will be until it's announced. And you seem to forget that an 8% rise now is actually NOW! EON already have a significant higher tariff than other gas suppliers so an 8% rise on a higher rate is more costly than, say, a 20% rise on a cheaper tariff with somebody else. And, working for EON, you know that!!!
  5. Actually, EON salesmen use a pc device called a pen tablet and no paperwork. Also, the meter readings of a property are of no interest to a salesman. A property simply being supplied with energy is all that is required to be known by a salesman to try and get your business. And as most homes have gas, electric or both anyway then nothing really needs to be researched.
  6. I would actually be quite concerned with your tariff that you are now on with Powergen for a number of reasons. Firstly, you are effectively voluntarily agreeing to pay a higher gas bill as these capped tariffs are always more expensive. Why agree to pay a higher bill now when there are other ways to save on gas with other tariffs with other companies? Secondly, Powergen have most probably put your primary rate for gas at at least 5p per unit, check your bill, if they have then you have hardly saved on anything really as they will soon raise their prices to about what you are already paying! Thirdly, if they have contracted you until Oct 2009 and you can't get out then it's a bit of a [problem] really. All the others will follow suit but SWALEC/Scottish & Southern are normally last to raise and at the last round of rises they didn't raise for three months...which is three months of savings compared to the other big five. Check through your contract as you have 7 days to cancel. Regards
  7. I'm firmly with Buzby on this and with personal experience. I'm afraid the OP will have no chance of a succesful claim in court. Ebay are quite insignificant in this deal anyway as they are not part of the contract other than 'auction end' which is when the OP entered into a contract with the seller. The OP even reafirmed the sale by paying cash for the car when collecting it.
  8. I gather there are quite a few issues, including legalities, about raffling a house but I can't quite remember them other than, in general, even a very nice house in a sought after location only attracts interest from about 20 thousand entrants with a few hundred quid of advertising. However, if you increase the advertising budget to try and attract more entrants then it is obviously more costly to do. This then affects the ticket price so I think 2 quid a pop is a little hopeful. Some bloke put his 'life' up for sale on ebay, including a house, car, furniture, two booked holidays etc etc and only got 130k!!
  9. I think the OP has thought this out quite well and, in theory, it would appear to work. However, we are not French and protests such as this in the UK are unlikely to prevail. Anything like this has to begin, or initially involve London, and they couldn't care for each other let alone the whole country. 9/10 for effort & thought, 1/10 for it to happen.
  10. Yes there is. A library closed in my area a couple of years ago and my local council reflected the savings from that service in the next years tax by not increasing the levy as much as it would have been had it remained open.
  11. Doesn't really matter what you consider yourself does it? The law dictates. btw, why not ask for a refund from your driving courses?
  12. Have you not asked your local tax office this? Nobody here can advise you on an issue with such limited info.
  13. I worked for RM in the past, blah, blah, blah...And they were the worst employers anybody could ever work for, believe me! However, during my lifetime (and running my own business for a few years) I would say RM's logistics are astonishingly good and I'd guess I've had about half a dozen problems in twenty odd years. Quite brilliant really. Furkin, what is your alternative for 34p from Cornwall to the tip of Scotland then? (often within 24 hrs)
  14. 1 I guess they wanted to know your number to probably explain the situation because they may have been invited by another dwelling but got mixed up. Do you live in a block of flats? 2 You state that single parents are vulnerable, however, single parents are also energy users who are, in turn, a potential customer. What is wrong with that? (ie In what way do you think a single parent is more vulnerable than others just because somebody knocks their door?) 3 NPower are the worst for this type of complaint btw. 4 If a salesperson knocked on my door and revealed I could cap my bills for the next two years to avoid the hefty increases that are coming, why would I be angry in any case?
  15. Even if you miss one payment the council can legally demand all that years tax and you lose the right to pay in installments. Great isn't it?
  16. Paperwork was messed up by the DWP when I started a JSA claim too and it took 6 weeks to get any benefit. However, during this time, I made a claim for a Crisis Loan and stated 'Risk of starvation' in the claim and it was refused as 'Not in immediate risk!!!' Good luck!
  17. Hello I think the labour hours are about right for this type of work on your particular car. I had an MGF and spent money like water on it. Get rid as soon as possible as MG's are cash cows.
  18. Can't fully help you but I would point out the following- 1 It is quite useless to issue a Stat Demand unless you follow it through. Are you intending to do so? (It can be costly) 2 It appears your proof of debt is an invoice. This can easily be disputed, which they have already said they do, which means they can easily dispute the Stat Demand too and add on significant further costs. 3 It is not a good idea to personally serve the Demand as that in itself can be disputed. Process Servers should be used. 4 I believe all winding up petitions must be issued at a High Court. Good luck.
  19. I thought under these circumstances you must have a licence? The important factor is in ownership of equipment capable of receiving signals-thus a licence would be required.
  20. For about the last month or so I have noticed that this site is either very slow or just crashes unlike before then! It's not my PC as every other site is fine-other than the ones that have always been slow or crash. Anyone else?
  21. I disagree. History shows that individuals/groups are initially seen as foolish in their acts of political defiance but are then subsequently proven to be visionaries. And risk more than jail. Suffragettes? This evil & unfair tax should be replaced, just as New Labour promised to do in their 1994/95/96/97 manifestos.
  22. Not quite true on two points. Non payment of council tax is not a criminal offence. I didn't pay mine last month-I have committed no crime but just simply paid it late which my council accepted. Should I simply refuse to pay, then be tried and convicted and sent to prison, only then is it a criminal offence. And HMRC have more power of enforcement for a debt than a council-they, if they had reason to, could raid your house and rip up your floor boards and tear down your walls in less than an hour of deciding to. A council couldn't.
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