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  1. Huh? But you have just proven in this thread that you had no real idea of what this legislation being debated is or what it is inteded to do. I suggest members just read back through it to see for themselves. edited
  2. Hang fire! How could you fake a reference when you give the name of your referee as PC Plod and the address as the local nick to your potential employer? The employer then just writes to PC Plod for a reference. How do you fake that?
  3. Hah, got you! And a passport isn't easily faked?! Or any other form of what is considered ID in the UK? And I'd say a reference request to PC Plod addressed to the local nick has a much better chance of being genuine!
  4. Ok, why not check my references, where they could be from a police officer friend, a lawyer, etc etc Why not check my school history if I had recently just left? Or my college, university? Why not have a chat with me at interview where you could use your judgment to realise that I am born and bred UK? Why not check my qualifications to realise I must have been living in the UK for at least 20 years? And therefore entitled to work here. Why not check my last and only ever employer where I worked for 35 years???!!! Can you not see this is how common sense and judgment are best used? But now it is just a case of-give me your passport!
  5. Oh c'mon Mrshed! You are simply stating the same thing as I did but in reverse!! An employer needs ID from those he may suspect are illegal workers. That is not the same as the need to ask everybody! That is not the legislation!! Geddit now???
  6. If I was applying for a job not involving driving then it would be quite insignificant to ask for my driving licence obviously. One has to assume that if it was asked for then it is for the purpose to produce a form of ID just to get a job. I'm sorry but I am dead against it as there is no legal requirement for this. My details can be verified in a whole host of ways without having to produce bits of paper to all and sundry.
  7. It could be perfectly feasable for an individual to have no other form of ID other than a passport. Now if that individual was to go for a job flipping burgers at a franchise of Burger King, what legal right has the franchisee of that burger bar got to look at anybody's passport?
  8. No one has the right to even look at your passport, let alone make a copy of it, unless they are certain authorities such as customs or the police. Companies like your employers are little Hitlers who have no common sense whatsoever. The Home Office regs are meant for not employing illegals. There are plenty of other ways a company can check who you say you are but instead they take this blanket approach where everybody is considered an illegal unless you prove otherwise.
  9. I'm just surprised your complaint seems to be taken seriously. In my area the police and TS couldn't care a stuff about ebay rip offs. Well done.
  10. Hi Mr Shed! Well, the OP said that it could help those old dears with 'a little bit of money in the bank!':grin:
  11. How much would Doris need to have in savings to get £1k of interest?
  12. I criticised Callumsgran's 'advice' because it wasn't advice but, rather, it was clearly a pop at the OP who posted on here seeking advice whilst going through a very difficult time-as are many others. This attitude is simply because the chap runs a business and has now hit hard times and they are seamingly struggling, despite a wage earner of £35k a year in the household. Instead of this personal attitude against the OP it should be pointed out the benefit system is for all when needed-even the Gentry of the land can claim benefits. Callumsgran should have read his circumstances first without just jumping in with bias to admonish. He laid himself off which is not the same as making oneself unemployed, at least as seen by the DWP. His business is still running but he has pointed out it is at a loss or just breaking even. Nowhere has he said it is making a profit. And yes, the state, at least in theory, should pay (toward) his mortgage as this benefit is available to all who qualify for it. So I would suggest the OP contacts his local DWP as soon as and explain his circumstances to see what help is available although the mortgage interest is unlikely to be paid and even if it was it would still be some way short of his large mortgage as the limit is 100k. In any case, good luck to the OP for the future.
  13. In general, a policy from anybody that includes a service, no call out charge, no parts charge etc for about £16 a month is good value as far as I'm concerned. BG's flexi policies are rubbish, always take out the fully comp ones. Swalec's Shield is very good too and a little cheaper than BG. Bear in mind that a good central heating system can cost £3/4k+ then a service alone is essential. I have my car serviced every year and it is now 15 years old and runs like a dream. Just like my boiler which is also serviced every year.
  14. They all do, apart from the likes of Utility Wharehouse who are quite insignificant compared to the big 6. I can't really see how two differing rates is a problem. There are different rates for taking the train, going to a football match, buying a mars bar in packs of 5 rather than on their own... Can't see the problem.
  15. The smell of coffee often makes me physically sick. How could anyone drink it? It has to be that particular one dropped from the confectionary classic.
  16. But energy companies do provide the unit price of your energy already!
  17. I'm very surprised your lawyer took that point of view with regards to this but they are the expert I guess. Buyer beware with a private sale.
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