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  1. Ah, yes, takes me back to uni and Durkheim's 'society of saints.' Actually, the more society conforms to good behaviour the more people will fall foul of the law as even the least of transgressions will then become viewed as serious, and as most people are already of good behaviour then most people will become law breakers! Or something like that!
  2. Hello Could somebody please explain the appearance of this warning that has appeared beneath each member's details?
  3. Hi I don't think there is much in this to be honest. Despite no anti-slip mats and/or signage one has to expect wet floors in a swimming pool changing room in any event. Had one visited a council owned library and slipped on a wet floor then one wouldn't expect that but I feel this scenario should be expected. Regards
  4. Hi I'm with TalkTalk and get all calls with free broadband too for about £20 a month which is great. However, it did take about four months to get broadband from them. Also, I think the international call deal is just included in the package but any way you look at it you get I get all that for just £20. I don't think you would get a deal like that with BT.
  5. I was badly let down by a union representative, and the union as a whole, to such an extent that I considered them largely responsible for misinformation which subsequantly led to a failed ET claim, probably worth, financially, £10,000 in compensation/losses. Having always believed in unions prior to this, it is when one experiences something like this that that changed. Discovery by me revealed most of the reps had no training whatsoever other than attending seminars that were lectured by other equally untrained individuals. It is shocking that workers pay subs each week to receive, in effect, advice on employment matters that is no more informative than had I sought advice from the staff of the works canteen instead. I would never, ever waste my time or money on a union any time in the future.
  6. Good for you magic! I've yet to meet anybody who has never made a mistake in life and when one does, learn from it. Best wishes.
  7. Why not just get a friend in the first place?
  8. But those at the higher end scale of paid employment always attract better incentives, this is what happens in a capitalist society.
  9. Hi Unfortunately this is a knock-on-effect of the credit crunch which, eventually, hits everybody. Those with good credit records prior to the crunch would now need to be considered very good, those that were very good now need to be excellent etc etc Added to this there are fewer offers available for credit card transfers, just like mortgages, then more people will get turned down where they would most probably have been accepted a year ago. And it's just going to get worse.
  10. This is bizarre for several reasons. This post is really old and the link asks for a password!! But anyway, what's wrong with blood in beef? It's fabulous. And I guess I have about a dozen burgers a year but when I do, usually always from Mac, they are fantastic.
  11. C'mon MrShed, be a bit more realistic! One doesn't even need to read the T&C's to know what the OP needed to do in the circumstances they described here. And I'm not taking a moral stance either. Had the OP just shut the goods away as you said they should then they would have had a bill to pay eventually. Littlewoods were aware they had sent the two items. Not very good advice to lump a £600 bill on the OP for goods that they cancelled in the first place!:grin: And all of the Littlewoods sites state the 'returns' obligations of the customer anyway, I've just read them. And I stand by the fact that Littlwoods may have considered these transactions to be a possible deception too. I know for a fact some criminals order goods via a (cloned/stolen) credit card and have the items delivered to an empty address, for example. I've been a delivery driver caught up in it! So they may well have considered these transactions as suspicious considering the OP was asking if they can keep them!:grin: (This is just what could have happened OP before you start screaming I'm casting aspersions!!:grin:) Good one MrShed!:grin:
  12. Erm, one would expect T&C's to exist in any transaction between a retailer and a customer! And I look at the viewpoint of the retailer in this circumstance and what they may think could be happening here. Had the OP took your advice to keep the goods in a cupboard for 6 months then I'm sure they would eventually have got a knock on the door. Just find it odd that the OP prefers to join this site asking if they can keep goods rather than just contacting Littlwoods in the first place.
  13. Hang fire! You described the circumstances and your question basically comes down to the question of if you were allowed to keep the goods. The answer was no, you were obliged to return them as per T&C's of your order with Littlewoods. It is not unusual to receive goods a month after ordering if those goods are in short supply. If that wasn't good enough then you should have sent them back. Why didn't you do what most other normal people do and just have contacted Littlewoods to clear this matter up? Why did you ask if you could keep the goods in any case?
  14. And how do you describe the keeping of the second order in exactly the same circumstances as the first?
  15. Then just how exactly is not returning goods, that have been refunded and not paid for with the full knowledge of the OP, classed as by you?
  16. Accept neither, both are recordable and may show up on a CRB in the future, probably certainly on an Enhanced Disclosure. Your daughter is still too young to know what career she would want to do at, say, at the age of 21. Things change in life. And it appears this would be an admission of theft. However, I would argue that had I been invited to a take away meal at a friends house but they then proceeded to receive the meal, slam the door then hide in the attic, the friends action's were bizarre and your daughter accepts no responsibility for such a strange & unpredictable event. But expect not to be friends again!
  17. I'm sorry MrShed but I disagree. The OP knows he has goods he has not paid for as he was refunded but is asking if he can keep them! When ordering the goods his account T&C's state he should return in the event of cancelling. He hasn't. If that is not intending to deprive Littlewoods of their property I don't know what is!:grin:
  18. When you order the goods in this way the T&C's will state to return the goods if you cancel. And I'm not scaring you, you know you ordered goods which you paid then cancelled. You know you still have them. What is it you are asking?
  19. Yes, it would be a criminal offence, it's theft. You know you have these items without paying for them and you have not sent them back. You ordered goods via Littlewoods, you then cancelled but in the meantime Littlewoods sent the item and refunded your card and you kept the goods. It appears you then did this a second time and no doubt Littlewoods would point this out should they get wise and inform the police. When buying from Littlewoods the T&C's state that you should return the goods in the event of the above, that is where they have asked for their goods back. You are ignoring this.
  20. Personally I'd refuse a caution and let the matter proceed, if indeed it would in any case, with the circumstances described.
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