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  1. Hi Arai,


    I think peeps are referring to the Rankine case. Not really relevant to yours though.


    Thanks for that Slick as it was the case I was referring to.


    I know it is nothing to do what the OP posed but I was referring to what gyzmo had posted to the OP in that he should go to court to get his agreements unenforcable.


    But is that not basically what Rankine had done and ended up a bit of a tool?


    Just thought it a bit of reckless advise.

  2. Yes but I did try to hide it and disguise it by opening the thread with the following words


    "In the run up to Christmas many stores will run the promotion buy 3 items marked with a sticker"


    Sorry, but I just recall that any 3 for 2 offer at those two stores at any time of year are always 'marked with a sticker.'

    How else would you know otherwise?:confused:


    As opposed to


    "All year round stores offer BOGOF's and other such promotions"


    But it is an 'other such promotion.' It just so happens the Christmas 3 for 2 has a pretty purple sticker instead of, say, a sunshine sticker for 3 for 2 offers in June!:confused:


    Then more cunningly it went on to say


    "It's worth arranging the items in this promotion"


    'This' promotion is obviously specific to whatever brand is involved in a 3 for 2 promotion.

    As there could be some 200 or so brands involved then surely it is wise to point out to other members that 'this' promotion is specific only to the actual offer of that same brand.

    SharpmanTF1 was clearly as confused with your OP as I was. As was barracad.




    As opposed to


    "Do this with as many different brand promotions as you can cos they will never spot it and the barcodes mean diddly squat"


    AS above, re barracad.









  3. Boots do this specifically at Christmas, on all items with a specific label on them (a purple gift sticker I believe). The 3 for 2 applies to all items with this sticker on, it's not restricted to particular brands or combinations. From what the OP has posted I guess Sainsburys do something similar.


    They may do it more often at Christmas but that doesn't mean they do not do it at other times. It is only 33% off in reality and 50% offers are weekly.


    I bought 3 Dove products back in August where 1 was free from Boots-hardly Xmas time!


    And I'm afraid you are wrong-one would not be able to buy two Dove 3 for 2 on offer and combine it with, say, just one Nicorette 3 for 2.


    You would be charged full price on the two Dove products and full price on the one Nicorette product as you are not entering into the promotion of those products as you are not buying 3 of each.

  4. so the OPs tip still stands in principal.


    in your example for instance the colgate products. not all colgate products cost the same. so for arguments sake I wanted to buy some stuff for christmas stocking fillers. 3 tubes of tooth paste and 3 tooth brushes and 3 bottles of mouth wash. you'd put the most expensive through first pay for it, then the next and so on. so it would work in theory, altho in this case it would probably be pennies save. but every penny counts these days.


    Yes, but you will always get the cheapest item free. So if the thoothbrushes are free then you would get 3 for nothing on the purchases you describe.


    But one would need to check the prices of all three different products of that brand to determine the best combination at the checkout.

  5. if that was the case then why would it say cheapest one free?


    Because in Sainsburys, for example, there could be a 3 for 2 offer on Colgate products, ie toothpaste, mouth wash, toothbrushes, floss etc etc.


    Also, there could be a 3 for 2 offer with Fosters lager.


    You don't buy 2 slabs of Fosters and 1 pack of Colgate toothpaste and get the toothpaste free!!:D


    The offers are 3 for 2 specific to those products. The above example does not qualify as one would only have purchased 2 of one promotion and 1 of the other!!


  6. Thanks I think grievance will be the first move, as you say constructive dismissal is only for the brave at the moment.


    I find this all unbelievable. I have been 'googling' to see if anything similar may have happened in the past but of course no employer has ever been that stupid. I also suspect there may have been a bit of malicious intent there on the part of someone.


    Any other advice welcome


    Many thanks


    Queen of the Bongo (bong)




    Firstly, you were off sick for sometime, one assumes you were therefore in contact with your employers? And your GP communicated with your work?


    Did you attend your employer's OH, if they have one?


    Who is this 'malicious' individual you suspect?


    It already appears a breach of trust with regard to your employment. I'll reserve a comment on data protection until you answer the above.

  7. In the run up to Christmas many stores will run the promotion buy 3 items marked with a sticker and get the cheapest one free. Boots and Sainsbury's are already doing this now, but be careful how you pay for them.


    If you are only buying 3 items it's OK, the cheapest will be free, however if you buy more than 3 you might want to pay for them seperately......


    The software at the POS (Point of Sale) will know which items are on this promotion and it will make the cheapest one free, except consider this


    If you buy 3 items worth £20 each, cheapest one free is £20 you pay £40 in total, all well and good.


    If you buy 6 items, 3 at £20 and 3 at £5, the software will make the two cheapest items free (ie those at £5) so you will pay £65 in total for all 6. If you ask for them to be tilled up seperately and put the 3 at £20 through and then pay for them (£40) and then do the next 3 items (the ones at £5) then pay for them (£10), you will still have all 6 items but you will only have paid £50 for them.


    It's worth arranging the items in this promotion into 3's according to value (highest first), and paying for them seperately.




    Don't know where you got this from and 3 for 2 offers run all year round, not just Christmas, and the two stores you happen to mention I use often.


    I'm afraid you are incorrect with your advice here.


    The 3 for 2 offers are specific to those particular products and cannot be interchanged with other 3 for 2 offers and the barcode will relate this.



  8. I would be interested in that case myself. Try the FOS in the meantime.


    It's that case that happened fairly recently where some chap was trying to get out of his debts and took his creditors to court to make the debts unenforcable due to lack of agreements, but only one of his creditors was trying to enforce anyway.


    Thus he had a hefty legal bill.


    Sounds a bit like what happened and what you are advising the OP to do here!

  9. I have put many appeals in, but ebay are not at all interested, basically. ebay are only interested in the seller as they are the ones they make the money from. Hence me finding out their address so I can send legal notices to them.


    Why are you pursuing ebay then?:confused:


    They are a hosting company for online sales, the contract and payment, is between you and your seller/buyer.

  10. Is not non-payment of council tax a criminal offence that you can be sent to jail for!


    No, I didn't pay last months council tax, doesn't make me a criminal!


    If I continue not to pay it then I will be summonsed to a Magistrates court whereby my council will be granted a Liability Order, still doesn't make me a criminal.


    Yet it is a Magistrate dealing with a civil matter.


    However, should I continue not to pay then yes, I could end up in jail. But there would be a distinction between non payment and refusing to pay.

  11. Hi

    Personally, I would submit a County Court claim for monies owed as unlawful deductions as soon as the 7 days expire.


    I don't like ET's and companies are wary of receiving a CCJ as it has a negative impact upon their credit status, especially in these tough times, and it can buck their ideas up to resolve the issue more speedily.


    Are you entitled to a fee remission at a CC?

  12. I wonder what sanction my employer has available if I ignore the demand to submit my passport?



    This will surely be raised in a claim to an ET in the near future as, no doubt, somebody will be disciplined/sacked for refusing to submit their passport on demand and the employer will be so pig ignorant believing they have the right to demand it in the first place.


    As in this threads example, the OP had been employed for 18 months yet her employer still demanded a copy of her passport. (Note, not just to view it but to actually make a copy of it! AND her employers are not one of the very few employers/authorities who have this right!)


    Complete madness.

  13. Thanks Pompeyfaith I have even considered getting video proof of the transaction via a friend filming it. Not sure what to do if anyone else has any imput the please feel free to post even if its just to say about there own past problems.


    A video of the transaction between you and the seller would not change the fact that there is outstanding finance on the car-you would still need to rely upon the seller to settle with the finance company.


    ReasonableRon makes a good suggestion, try that.

  14. Sorry if this has already been said (or is completely irrelevant) but there is no legal definition of a bedroom. The best one can come up with is that a bedroom is one that is advertised as such. If anyone CAN get a LEGAL definition, I would be very interested in hearing about it.


    Yes, but this involves a loft and the OP is specifically asking about a further bedroom within that loft and the legal angle is that certain criteria must be met for it to be habitable, bedroom or not.


    I could describe my 2 up 2 down as 2 bedroom, 2 living rooms yet a new buyer may use it and describe it as 1 living room, 1 bedroom, 1 study and 1 home office!! Still 4 habitable rooms.

  15. 1 Both parties should prepare written witness statements and exchange them before the hearing. At the hearing the witness reads their statement and the witness can then be asked questions by both parties and the tribunal too.


    2 Observers are allowed to watch but either side can ask for a closed hearing but up to the tribunal.


    3 Both parties, all witnesses, the tribunal and whoever else has sat in, quite often law students/trade union members etc, will be present in the room when the witness gives evidence.



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  16. It depends how simple it is to do this based on your husband's skill obviously, so I guess that's only something you and your husband would know.


    I seem to remember that if the conversion isn't inline with the building regs of the day then no, it cannot be considered an extra bedroom but only storage.


    I'd get your property checked over as it is now, to make sure it is in fact classed as 2 bedroom, and that your proposals will meet with the regs to market as 3 bedrooms.


    Also, I gather that the access to the loft is all important to be considered a bedroom.


    Hopefully somebody else will be along soon to answer more fully.

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