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  1. Should the copy of the claim form and copy of my defence be included with the paperwork I send but not mentioned in the witness statement and listed in the index instead? Or should I leave them out altogether The two reconstituted agreements are different, one says that I have applied through moneysupermarket group (one referenced in witness statement I think) and the terms & conditions are different So with exhibits at the end of the relevant paragraph do I put: A copy of my CCA request exhibit 1A can be seen on page 4, mark the CCA request as page 4 or does the CCA request copy also need to say Exhibit 1A on it Any thoughts on the wording or the alterations to the witness statement in respect to CCA & CPR requests? Thanks
  2. There are still bits I don't properly understand DX, whilst I didn't think the judge would through the whole lot out I did worry that if not in the correct format some of it may be excluded
  3. They did though DX, they failed to provide an original agreement but did supply two reconstituted copy agreements & terms & conditions, a notice of assignment, default notice, statements of account and letter before claim
  4. It was sent at the same time as the CCA request, unlike the CCA request which the claimant acknowledged and put the account on hold it wasn't until the 12th of April 2022 that the claimant sent a letter which was a combined response to both currently shown in section 8 (now 9), does this sound okay? does 8 (now 9) need tweaking to reflect this 7. The defendant made a formal written CPR 31.14 request to the Claimant on the 17th September 2021.
  5. Your right the witness statement doesn't mention the CPR 31.14 request but one was sent and it is mentioned in the defence, does it need adding to the witness statement?
  6. Thanks Andy, when describing documents is it enough to put "CCA request" and "CPR request" or do I also need the relevant sections? now that I have things in one folder on the pc and don't have paperwork all over the place I'm finding it easier Once I'm done preparing the paperwork do I need to staple or bind it or can it go straight into an envelope
  7. Something like this? IN THE COUNTY COURT AT XXXXXXXXXXX CLAIM NO: XXXXXXX BETWEEN: PRA GROUP (UK) LIMITED CLAIMANT and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX DEFENDANT Exhibits Exhibit 1 page 4 copy of particulars of claim Exhibit 2 pages 5 & 6 copy of CPR request Exhibit 3 page 7 copy of CCA request Exhibit 4 page 8 copy of defence Exhibit 5 page 9 Letter from claimant in response to my cca and cpr requests putting the account on hold whilst they tried to gather the information Exhibit 6 pages 10 to ? reconstituted copy agreements & terms & conditions send by the claimant in response to my cca request
  8. DX I have always struggled with this sort of thing, lack of sleep and stress just make it worse, I think I have the witness statement finished, trying to find an example of what the trial bundle list should like if your able to help
  9. Thanks guys, DX I will look shortly So my bundle will be My witness statement Bundle List detailing documents included and page numbers Documents with each page numbered
  10. Sorry another question having just been re reading the claimants witness statement, should my witness statement have my address in it?
  11. The court copy will be hand delivered tomorrow before the deadline, claimants copy emailed hopefully today otherwise by deadline Sorry more questions The copy emailed to the claimant, is pdf format okay? do I use my regular signature when signing the witness statement I send the claimant? When it comes to numbering is it acceptable to just write in pen ad the bottom of each page 1, 2 etc When you say statement you mean witness statement not financial statement right? Where is the claimants trial bundle list, not sure if I have missed it or am being daft? there's a lot of background noise here at the moment so finding it hard...
  12. I don't fully understand the N157, it says: The parties shall send to the court and to each other by no later than 4.00pm on 02/08/2022 written statements (preferably typed) of all persons who are to give evidence at the trial. This includes the parties themselves as well as witnesses. By 4.00pm on 02/08/2022 the claimant must send to the court and the claimant copies of all the documents they intend to rely upon at the final hearing. These must be in a bundle with each page clearly numbered. The claimant must bring the originals of these documents to the final hearing By 4.00pm on 02/08/2022 the defendant must send to the court and the claimant copies of all the documents they intend to rely upon at the final hearing. These must be in a bundle with each page clearly numbered. The defendant must bring the originals of these documents to the final hearing Does these mean I also need to add a section on witnesses? The trial bundle list is just an index right? can the exhibits be listed in the bundle list or do these have to be in the statement with the exception of the claim form Sorry I didn't sleep well so I cant think straight
  13. Sorry Andy I feel very out of my depth as I have never had a case get this far before, the trial bundle list is that what the final page of the claimants witness statement I uploaded on Saturday is? Should the worst happen can I email the claimant their copy? obviously using the email address they already have assuming its even active, really I would rather post it today if I can make the post Yes my mistake but wanted to check Thanks
  14. Okay, do you think it worth including the claim form and if so how do I go about doing it Filling in the blanks I noticed a couple of things, firstly the numbering, the intro is 1-3 and then background starts 3, should background be 4? Under 10 it says For the above reasons the claim bought by the claimant is without merit and possibly an abuse of the court process, should it be brought and bought Thanks
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