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  1. Thanks Gooders, that's more than helpful mate. After our break away I'll get straight onto this and take it forward. Thanks again, PFS
  2. Hi all, I'm new to the site but at a stage of the re-claim where I need to submit case to court. I've been sorting the letters out on behalf of my wife using the 3 templates, but having sent the final claim to Lloyds, they've not responded and the 14 days I've given them is now up. Can anyone please advise what to actually do now? It looks like it may go to court but all this talk of 'being prepared' will scare the socks off my pregnant wife who isn't really clued up about this at all. I take it that the 'bundle' is a collection of correspondance and copies of statements, etc? Another slight problem is that we're away for the next week so time is ticking on - does this mean that we're on the back foot if the claim isn't filed after the said 14 days? Thanks in advance for any advice to point us in the right direction from where we now stand.
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