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  1. Hello, I have a massive smile on my face...just opened the letter from TCO and am happy to report that they have accepted my evidence and agreed that I was right to claim as a single person, and they do not want any money back...I am so relieved and just goes to show that what everyone on here advised is true....tell the truth and try to stop worrying...my thanks to all who helped me on here, and I hope that over time I will be able to help other people...and for those who are thinking of using an online agent to help them...dont...the agent I first used tried to tell me that I was facing a p
  2. I am glad they answered you so quickly, I am still waiting to hear anything, thanks for letting us know that things have worked out for you.
  3. debthelp, thank you for letting people know how it went for you, I have sent my letter and evidence off to them, and hope that they believe me, if not I will be paying back...I am glad you let us know a rough time scale that it took them to reply, and that they were good about paying it back over time. I have found that this site is brilliant for advice and helping to put my fears into perspective...and to see that I am not the only person who is in a similar situation with Tax Credits...x
  4. Is he still living with you, or was he just there for a few months?...I think I would send the information they require and a covering letter stating how long he was living with you,but that he only paid for the sky, he wasnt supporting you financially, according to everything I have read on here the more honest with them that you are the better it is...good luck to you too....
  5. Hi PTD_Survivor, I too had a similar letter, in my case he was living with me in the spare room as our marriage had broken up but we couldn't afford to set up two separate houses. I posted on here and had loads of help, and also found that by looking through all the posts I was able to realize that I was not the only one in the same situation. The people on here that post replies all seem very knowledgeable and help you. For me I have sent off all information that I was asked for, and an explanation that yes he was here, yes we were and still will be financially linked until we can sell th
  6. thank you, i hope they take the evidence...if not then I will have to fight a bit harder...i cant thank you enough for just being here, am posting off to TCO in the next few minutes...
  7. emails are from solicitor saying she will be happy to do my divorce, and arranging a time to visit her, which i did, then another email from me stating what he was paying as maintenance and that he was paying the mortgage and loan plus the arrears. there is another one where she queried the fact that he was paying the maintenance and mortgage/loan payments into my personal account, and saying that this would look like income and i wouldnt be able to get legal aid, my reply says that if I couldnt get legal aid then my mother was prepared to pay for the divorce, and asked the solicitor to start
  8. scotgal, thanks again, think i have everything on the letter now, cant send them the solicitors letter as the agency have it, but have a few emails i could print off, do you think these would suffice...fingers crossed for me please I will be sending it recorded tomorrow, i found a piece of information on the hmrc website that may be usefull to others in this situation CCM15070 - Undisclosed Partners - Living in the same household..."the customer may admit they live in the same household as the suspected partner but that does not automatically mean they are LTAHAW...it is a guidance for TC
  9. Scotgal, thanks again....when i paid the agency in June they sent me a an old HMRC form(dated 2005, which i have to admit made me wonder, but i was in a panic from their emails telling me how serious and how long i could go to prison for, if I tried to do it myself) that i signed and sent back to them, so i have in fact given them permission to talk to the TCO on my behalf...I will just put in my letter that I wish to proceed with this personally and not through an agency...I wish TCO could see how my day to day life is...but I have tried to put this down on paper, explaining how we live and
  10. letter arrived around 12th June and i had to reply by 24th June, like i said i panicked and did a search and found the agency I emailed them and they said that for £195 they could deal with it and i signed a form allowing them to be my representative for TC, borrowing the money to pay them from a family member. I sent them all the info the TCO had asked for, and then waited and waited, eventually I emailed and was told that they hadnt been able to talk to the TCO but would be doing so by 19th July...I queried the delay and the deadline the TCO had given me and was told that it wasnt a problem
  11. Thank you again, i feel like i have made a few friends to talk to on here, greatly appreciated, as i said earlier I actually slept for the first time in 6 weeks last night...I have sent all the information the TCO asked for to the agency in london, so will have to ask them to return it, but the TCO letter only asked for bank statements from april 2012 - July 2012, and then Feb 13 - April 13...which seemed strange as they didnt seem to want to know about August thro January? I have started a letter but will put in more from your previous post, should have it ready for sunday....can i pm it to
  12. Scotgal68, Thank you for that, we definitely fit in the first catagory, I will use some of the above on my letter to the TCO, I have informed the agent that i cannot find the £950 they needed to do this letter etc with the TCO on my behalf...and they informed me that if I was to go it alone, then I am telling the TCO that I am guilty, and they will look into previous years and I will be facing a prison sentence...after reading all the posts i can find on the TCO checks etc on this forum, I am sure this agency is just trying to make money out of me....i really wish i had thought of looking
  13. thanks what should i do? I actually slept last night for the first time in weeks...I have put a letter together and fingers crossed...will update when i hear anything...
  14. thanks again, letter i had asked for bank statements, mortgage, utility bills, which i can provide, the other company says that for £950 they can mitigate for me...After spending the day on here, I think I can mitigate it too...i just tell the truth and offer to repay them...thank you again for replying, you are the first person i have shared this with, and as you can imagine I am terrified they will class this as deliberate fraud and prosecute me...but having read on here that they dont seem to prosecute unless enormous fraud, I will draft a letter this evening and send it tomorrow...whatever
  15. what should I do, thank you for your reply, I think in my mind I know I need to reply to them and ask them to allow me to repay them, but I would also like to know what others think of the agency I was going to use and their costs...my gut tells me I should write to the TCO myself but i would be interested in what other people think. thanks again.
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