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  1. Update on situation


    After lengthy negotiations we agreed a settlement last week...I am happy with the monthly instalment & obviously they are.


    They told me last week that they will now write to the court for them to seal the agreement. My question is, if we have agreed this out of court why are they asking the court to seal it or is this normal procedure?

  2. I need some advice on this please.


    I just spoken to a company that provides pay day advance loans. They say that I can write cheques out to the value of my cheque guarantee card and they will give me up to & max loan of £500.


    I date the cheques today however they don't bank them for 30 days. The question that I have is as it stands at the moment I have approx £35 credit available in my bank account but within the next 30 days I will have enough money to cover the cheques that i would write out to them. (basically its a short term loan ) Is it o.k & legal for me to write these cheques out today knowing that there is only the £35 available at the time of writing the cheques?


    Please could someone help me on this....thanks

  3. mazel01


    You have asked for and received a lot of advice in this thread. I dont claim any expertise in this area, but I do KNOW that its wise to take account of all the advice you get, even that which is contrary to what you might want to hear.


    I would sit down and very carefully go through what has been written, and attempt to clarify exactly what your position is - not what you'd like it to be, and then make your decisions based on what might in reality be going to happen, not what you think might.


    Any reading of any of the threads which have gone to court will reveal that judges are people, not machines, and their view of the world might correspond with the contary advice you have had.


    Then again it might not - but dont just close yourself of from contrary argument - it might help you think better and counter it better if you do have to speak out in a courtroom.


    Thanks volvodriver for your comments, I really appreciate it.:wink:


    I did have reasons to add my last post!:)

  4. I would just like to add the following:

    This thread = positive advice from friendly users

    I would just like to say a big thank you to all those users past/present that have left positive advice for me on this thread & long may it continue.


    Negative advice = Being added to my ignore list

  5. There is absolutely no way that I am prepared to agree to a voluntary charge.....as far as I am concerned I have made a very good offer to them which they should of accepted.


    Of to court we go!!!!!!!!


    I can guarantee you that they won't end up getting a monthly instalment anywhere near what I offered them recently......and as for getting a charging order.....NO WAY!!!

  6. I agree, I think they are trying to bully me into agreeing to the charging order.....


    I cannot believe that they want me to now pay virtually double my original monthly payment....are they mad!!....


    Obviously I was having problems making the original payment......but they have asked for double.....:confused:....


    How should I handle it now then....just ignore there last letter & wait for the stay to expire or contact them???

  7. You should never agree to a voluntary charge (although a charging order isn't always a bad thing). A judge will only order payments based on your I&E form and this will be a far more realistic figure than Weightmans have come up with. Remember if they do get a CCJ you can apply for a time to pay order which won't result in the charge on your property.


    Hi Rory, great to hear from you:)....the figure that I have offered them is from a very close family member, my I&E shows that I couldn't afford to pay a 1p, so they have offered to help me out!


    What is the time to pay order?


    Hi everyone, I haven't updated the thread until now as nothing really happened until yesterday.


    We agreed a settlement figure and I then made them a monthly offer to repay this amount. (I offered approx 70% of the original monthly instalment)....


    They asked for an I&E to be completed, which I did. Then they came back & said that they will not accept my monthly offer.


    Eventually they have come back & said that they will only accept my offer if I accept the VOLUNTARY CHARGE on my property!!!....or for them to drop the voluntary charge they require me to pay nearly double the amount of my original instalment....


    The stay is due to expire shortly & they have said that if I don't agree to either offer then they will inform the court that they wish to go to trial!!!!



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