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  1. Thank you Barty i was just a bit worried that i should have spoke to them when i hadn't.
  2. I'm rather worried now as i received a phone call from Lloyds asking me if i could take some time with them to answer some questions on regarding bank charge claims. I told them i'd rather not do so , i'm now worried i've done the wrong thing.
  3. Thanks every one for the advice. is it the 2nd letter i now send
  4. Hi everyone. Well i've received my first reply today from Lloyds and now don't know if i have to wait until the test case is sorted as they say they are asking the courts to suspend all cases until then. please advice on what i should do next please. Here is a copy of letter i received. hope its ok for me to post it here . http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v645/roseyred/scan0003.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v645/roseyred/scan0004.jpg
  5. I've just checked the tracking on the royal mail site and a signature from Lloyds who signed it the 8th aug. do i take the 14 days from the 8th and will i include weekends .
  6. A friends has had problems with her pc , it kept switching itself off for no reason. i rang currys as this kept happening , she had to contact the technical side which were no help whatsoever. she then rang the shop she bought it from saying she could have an exchange and that some one would contact her that day (this was 2 weeks ago) no one did so she rang the shop again only to be told they wouldn't say that. she asked to speak to the supervisor who was quite nasty in her attitude. Tonight the whole thing just wouldn't come on and all shes getting is a grayish colour screen. she paid £400 for the computer only six months ago. is their anything at all she can do .
  7. Thank you muggins . i know i sound a right nuisance lol but to be honest, i'm absolutely cacking myself but with the help from all you lovely people i'm certainly going all the way with it. Should i still give the 14 days as i sent my first letter on the 2 aug by signed for recorded and have checked online each day but it's still not showing up whether it were delivered or not.
  8. Hi and thank you. i just needed to be sure.
  9. Hi well i sent my first letter off on the 2 aug so fingers crossed I've just one question really just to make sure they do owe me the money. as i said i had a £100 overdraft 3 yrs ago but now owe the bank £331 due to charges they placed on to my account , i have not paid all this off yet as i pay £5 a month back to them which was arranged which i've now been paying for months . am i still entitled to anything even though i haven't paid it all back yet.
  10. Should i send the first letter just by normal first class post?
  11. Sorry to keep bothering you all but where do i send the preliminary letter to. i can't find LloydsTSB address.
  12. Thanks very much all i'll let you know what happens and thanks again.
  13. Thank you. will do that now, shall i also put in another letter with the dates and amounts they charged me?
  14. Hi and thanks for all the advice so far. I have another 2 questions before i send a letter to the bank. Firstly can i still claim back charges even though i'm still paying back the bank £370 i owe at £5 every month which was arranged for the £100 overdraft i had. Do i have to send the £10 even if i have all my statements and what should i write in the letter. I'm absolutely scared stiff of what i should say . thanks
  15. Thanks i'll get the ball rolling
  16. So would i not be able to make a claim because of this test case.
  17. Hi. I was about to send my first letter to the bank about charges , would i now not be able to do so because of this test case.
  18. Hi. I'm with Lloydstsb of which i had a £100 overdraft limit , i got into some difficulty paying this back due to circumstances changing, because i couldn't pay back straight away they started charging me fees between £25 to £60 and now owe them nearly £400 . I came to an arrangement of £5 per week to pay back to them which i've been doing for a year or just over now. What i need to know is would i be able to claim anything back from them or am i lumbered with paying them the whole £400 due to myself getting into problems and if i can where on earth do i start. i can't really afford to take a big company to court due to being on benefits.
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