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  1. If you are told that you can't have the item without the insurance and you desperately need it, then sign all these things and then claim back the insurance as mis-sold. Put your mobile on record when you take out the finance and then you can report them and will have the proof that not only was it missold, but should Trading Standards require it, you will have the recording for them.[/



    Perfectcare is shown as optional on the website. You would need their theft and accidental damage cover if your home insurance does not cover hire purchase items as goods need to be cover per the terms of their hire purchase agreement.



    Where abouts on the Perfect Homes website does it say its optional? Your told in the shop that if you don't take the Perfect Care you cannot have the item.

  2. Oh right, so you still have the stuff. I'm surprised they hadn't got the bailiffs turning up demanding the stuff back. that would worry me not paying them as I to have paid on stuff for nearly 3 year. we struggle to buy food if I'm being honest or to pay council tax due to the money we are paying to them each week. my partner has some things with insurance on and he asked it to be removed(he didn't know it was on) until he asked other week but they said it can't be removed unless he takes our insurance letter in for them to ring the company and find out if ours covers personal belongings etc so we're stumped in paying them.


    I hope you take it all the way and win. good luck to you and I'll def keep an eye on this thread.

  3. I also think PH have hidden insurance in there new Perfect Care rubbish going down same route as BH as they also tell you that you have to take the Perfect Care or you can't get the item which is blackmail. this also takes you longer to pay for the item than it used to due to them hiking the price of goods up because of the new Perfect Care.


    Also they aren't interested in seeing your home insurance policy anymore as the staff say its all included which to me is meaning they hide the insurance in Perfect Care in order to get more money from the customer as they must of been losing a lot of money when people were coming in with there own insurance.

  4. Good Morning rosey-789


    We aim to provide a loan product where possible to all customers who have sent their items in for repair.


    It is sometimes the case that the stock is not immediately available and it will need to be sourced from an alternate store or warehouse.


    Many thanks



    Web Relations



    Jason, Can I please ask a question. according to Brighthouse 5 Star Service it includes -


    delivery and installation

    Product insurance

    Unlimited repairs

    Loan products available

    Like for like replacement


    Now these are the 5 services so why would Brighthouse then ask customers to take out insurance cover or servicePlus cover when it states product insurance in the 5 star service? Does that 2nd promise down list (Product insurance) then cover it against fire in a home including every other content in a customers home?


    I know the other insurance/dlc only covers Brighthouse products which is ridiculous so pays every one to have their own home insurance as that covers everything and really it makes any kind of insurance from Brighthouse useless.


    It also sounds like the 5 star service has hidden insurance into it (Product insurance) and that is why everything is now a higher price then it were 2 year ago.

  5. Jason, so this insurance offered by Brighthouse, does it only cover those items that are being purchased from Brighthouse or all items within the customer's home.


    If only those items being purchased from Brighthouse, then your response is disingenuous as it is NOT an alternative to Home Insurance which covers all contents!



    The insurance part only covers Brighthouse items so if a customer had a house fire Brighthouse won't replace anything else but there product making the insurance useless. I have my own home insurance which covers everything.

  6. our Five Star Service includes a service warranty for unlimited repairs for your product. If your product needs repairing, we'll come and fix it.




    Many thanks



    Web Relations




    And does the Five Star Service cover a loan product available on request so that the customer is not left without the item took in for repair whilst still paying for something they wouldn't be able to use?

  7. Good Morning rosey-789,


    On the 27 April 2015, we decided to change our proposal after listening to our customers and the comments surrounding the insurance on our products.


    We now offer a the 5 Star service which includes the delivery and installation of all products. The 5 Star service also includes our Service Plus, this allows for unlimited repairs, loan products when required and a like for like replacement when an item cannot be repaired. The 5 star service is included with all products and cannot be removed.


    The option to take out the Product Insurance Cover, is offered by BrightHouse as an alternative to Home insurance. All of our products on the new agreement proposal will need to be covered by an insurance, this can be the insurance offered by Brighthouse or a valid home contents insurance policy.


    If an agreement has been signed previous to 27 April 2015, this agreement will include the 5 Star service which covers all repairs and replacements, as well as accidental damage, fire and theft for all products. The 5 Star service cannot be removed from any agreement, past or present.


    To summarise, all agreements include the 5 Star service but any agreement started from 27 April will have the option to sign up for the Product Insurance cover or to supply an insurance from an alternative company.


    Many Thanks



    Web relations



    Sorry Jason but why force customers on signing a new agreement to have this 5 star service we don't need.



    you always get a years warranty on all products anyway and where you state the 5 star service is for things like loan products etc that is rubbish.



    I have a laptop coming away from the screen and they won't even give me a loan one until mine gets fixed

    as they state they only have two and they aren't available

    so mine hasn't been sent for repair as I refuse to sit for weeks on end without it..



    its useless especially for people like myself that have their own insurance and my products would be covered by that.



    Its just another way of hiding insurance etc into the product by hiking the price and weeks up.

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