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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Hi All I would appreciate some help and advice, as I have been in dispute with Fashion World and Reliable Collections now for almost a year. I had a catalogue account and got into some financial difficulties. At the time, I informed the catalogue company and offered to set up a repayment plan if they provided me with some bank details. At the time I owed £1432, of which there were numerous admin charges, which I tried to reclaim, but they just ignored.At the time, I calculated I owed about £750 with charges and interest removed. x It was soon passed to Reliable collections and they have continued to add charges and interest. The outstanding balance now stands at £2600. Is there an ombudsman or financial body that I can report Reliable collections to, and also get the interest stopped.
  3. REceived replies from GE Money today saying that the accounts are too old and that they cant find any records and that they are closing the complaint. I have already provided them with signed copies of the loan agreements, so next steps? I presume next step is a letter of complaint to the FOS?
  4. thanks for all of the replies. GE Money (First National) have now responded saying they will make a decision by Nov 3. Santander / A&L have responded saying that they have no record, even though they sent me a copy of the agreement, from when they were A&L. Want more details, and are looking to reset the clock. I aim to stick to my original timeline, so they have 4 more weeks left.
  5. Thanks for reply. Yes checked and letters were received and signed for. No response to even acknowledge receipt.
  6. Hi all I have 2 claims in progress, filled out the FOS form, and sent off the letters special delivery for both accounts. These are old accounts, but I still had all of the original documentation . The question that I have is How long do the banks usually wait before acknowledging your claim? I know they received my complaint on the 3rd September, and I told them they had until the 30th October to comply, but I have not even had a letter of acknowledgement yet? My previous experience from claiming back charges was that they sent a letter to acknowledge your complaint. What do I do if it comes to the 30th October - I cant go to the FOS, as I have not heard any details from the bank. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi all I have recently set up a new small business making and selling candles / party favours and things like that. All has been well, until recently when I completed and posted 1 order for ~ £100 worth of materials. I sent the item recorded delivery via parcelforce as I always do so that it is insured. The parcel was delivered and signed for so I expected everything was ok. Approx 3-4 weeks later I got an email from the buyer saying that they were not happy with the candles, that they were mis-shapen and wouldn't stand up. I was concerned to hear this, so asked them to take some pictures and send them to me to review. About 2 weeks later, I got another email with the pictures, and it was plainly obvious that the candles had melted. They were posted at the beginning of July, during the warm weather, and I have a feeling they were left in a car boot or something. Now the buyer is saying that I am liable for the candles, and that they should be given a full refund. I have spoken with the Citizens Advice Bureau, and they agree that once the candles were signed for the buyer took responsibility for their well being, and there is no way of knowing what happened to the candles in the 3 weeks between receipt and the complaint. When asked why they waited for 3 weeks, they stressed that they had other things to do, and that they had up to 5 years to make a complaint? What rights do I have as a seller? Am I still liable for the goods, even though it is obvious they have been melted. They could have been melted in transit, but I cant approach the courier at this stage almost 7 weeks after they were delivered. Can anybody shed any light on what I can do?
  8. thanks m8 - the thing is the invoice was not even addressed correctly.
  9. Hope somebody can advise. I run a small business selling wedding invitiations, favours etc... I was telephoned a number of months ago, asking did I want to take out an advert in a magazine ( they saw my business card in a shop), and I said no. However, yesterday I received a bill saying that I had an outstanding balance which was overdue for the advert that the published anyway. I did not ask for the advertisement, or agree to it being published. Nor did I sign any contract receipt etc.... They are threatening taking action if I dont pay for this balance of almost £200.. I am not willing to pay for something I did not ask for, and that somebody decided to print anyway. Can anybody advise what type of letter I should respond with. Thanks for taking the time to read this and for any advice that you may provide.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I closed the account about 7 years ago. So not sure if I could still claim at this late stage. We were told that we would not be able to complete the loan without agreeing to take the PPI. I was wondering how to get a history of my accounts first with it being a closed account. I thought there was a template letter in the forums but I couldn't locate it.
  11. thanks - it was hp - and I have offered that - but they are not willing to accept this- saying that the arrears are too much at this stage.
  12. I currently am 2.5years into a 5 year loan agreement secured against a new car. I am in difficulties and have fallen into arrears on the account. I have been advised to return the car by the bank, and that they will sell it at auction, but that I will be liable for the difference. Is this possible, what are my options - can anybody offer any help or advice.
  13. A number of years ago I took out a secured loan with Norton finance (x2) and was forced to take PPI with the loans. These were subsequently paid off with the sale of my house, but I am wondering if I can reclaim this money. This insurance was all charged up front on the account. However, I do not have the agreement number anymore, so how do I go about requesting my SAR for a closed account, that I have no details on. What is to stop Norton from claiming that they do not have any record of my account anymore. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. GAVINB

    car loan advice

    I currently am 2.5years into a 5 year loan agreement secured against a new car. I am in difficulties and have fallen into arrears on the account. I have been advised to return the car by the bank, and that they will sell it at auction, but that I will be liable for the difference. Is this possible, what are my options - can anybody offer any help or advice.
  15. No contract was ever signed, and I have informed them on 4 seperate occasions in writing that I had closed the account - but they still keep writing to me and phoning me. They are worse than some of the DCA's.
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