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  1. Just make sure they pronounce my name correctly ... 'ess' not 'ez' OK? I'd like to know they get it right whilst it sticks in their collective throats. D
  2. Damn, more lost Christmas and Birthday cards. I promised them a dose of serious revenge and it looks like their worst nightmares are coming true I thought I could beat the ***stards but I didn't ever think I'd be involved in a case that set a serious precedent!!!! It just goes to show that you can actually fight for yourself and help others without trying to. D
  3. Excellent. I've been following this with great interest due to my own indirect involvement Well done! D
  4. Aren't you going to charge for that PT? :D:D I'll get me coat ... D
  5. That single line sums the whole situation up perfectly. If you need a recommendation for a legal rep PM me D
  6. Use the time you're allowed sensibly and hit all deadlines exactly. Don't submit anything early and ALWAYS use Special Delivery (because of its guaranteed dated/timed nature - recorded delivery isn't). Don't expect your opponents to be so courteous - my experience is that they'll miss deadlines and ignore lawful requests for information. They'll try to use every technicality 'in the book' to put you off too! . It can get worse than that - be aware that they WILL try to play all sorts of dodgy games. When they start to play games you know you have their attention and have them rattled Just keep it all documented and play the game. It's a slow and careful process from now on. Don't be rushed by your opponents! You are answerable to the court ONLY. Anything you receive from the other side marked 'without prejudice' can't be used as initial evidence. A typical example of this may be a letter marked 'without prejudice save as to costs' - one of my alleged 'creditors' tried this on before backing down fully. They made a reduced offer to settle. What this meant is that if they had won the day they could then produce the document to show that they had tried been 'reasonable'. I'd suggest that if you receive anything like this that you consider why they're making such an offer that isn't allowed to be initially presented at a hearing. I hit them with a 'without prejudice save as to costs and sod off because I'll have you and publicise the lot' letter in response and they dropped the claim. The decision was made by a very senior claims manager of a very big bank. A 'name' in debt collection. Be prepared for a fight but it's going to take ages. Respect (& dislike) the opposition but always obey the court and take the advice given by those on this forum that have a history of helping people out (beware trolls). From now on the word of law is your only true guide. D p.s. Nothing by telephone - everything in writing
  7. It's 14 days + a further 14 when you acknowledge. D
  8. With the greatest of respect, and at such a late stage, it seems to me that lack of professional help comes at a much greater price that you can't afford. I'm sure that nobody here wants to see you make a mistake and my own feeling, having been through plenty of this kind of nastiness, is that you're on the verge of doing that. D
  9. This is absolutely correct. Having been through the mill myself (with MUCH more time than you have) I'm still absolutely reliant on (& grateful for) professional guidance. In this case, there is just too much at stake and FAR too much to know to put a cogent and coherent case forward against a trained legal type. You will not be facing an amateur (like you). A specialist solicitor may be able to help you - often companies such as the ones that are suing you will not use a specialist (merely using whoever is available) and this can turn the tables in your favour. D
  10. Sorry to interject but you should really listen to PT here. This is an extremely serious matter that you can't afford to screw up and as a novice LiP you shouldn't attempt to do this yourself. You have one shot at getting this right. Do yourself a favour and get some professional representation. D
  11. One adage that comes to my mind here is that revenge is a dish best served cold.
  12. So, are you saying that the T&C's (allegedly associated with the supplied 'agreement' under the CCA) have different rates from the first statement(s) that you received? D
  13. And I was fortunate enough to be the defendant - as PT says it was truly game over within minutes rather than hours. D
  14. So this lot are still at the SD trick eh? You may want to read this. They've got quite a reputation for throwing this stuff around like confetti. (Check out the successes thread - they did the same to me and got a bloody nose for their trouble)
  15. And a very big from me too. Well done! Another bunch of scumbags get to feel the CAG force
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