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  1. Hi, BA did offer £50 vouchers per person, for use on non-discounted/scheduled flights - and so are worthless - unless I want to pay more for my flight for the privilege of using BA. The ATUC eventually came back and said they had re-queried things with BA who said the same things and so they accepted what BA told them. I am not going to take this further, the inconvenience was not that bad and life's too short. Have fun, Chris
  2. Hi, My comment was tongue in cheek. I am just disappointed that BA mixed up the reason for the cancellation. They say its sickness on the day, but in the last letter, they say its due to insufficient rest. We did get a letter saying they have a lot of complaints at the moment and so things were taking longer than usual to be handled - perhaps it also means they are mixing up the cases Regards, Chris
  3. Hi, We did get catering vouchers - but we weren't offered them. We had to go hassle the desk again. BA has rejected our claim as they feel it is an "extraordinary event". Although confusingly they also responded to say the reason for the cancellation was due to the flight crew having insufficient rest - huh - were they just hungover and so more rest would have solved the "sickness" problem? We've sent a letter to the Air Transport Users Council - the people who look after the EU compensation rules in the UK - to see if they agree. Thanks for your thoughts, Chris
  4. Hi, Looking for some advice on whether we have a claim for compensation. We turned up at the airport around 2 hours before it was due to fly. When we got to the bag drop desk, we were told that our flight had been cancelled as the first officer was sick. They put us on a Virgin flight - 7 hours later - arrived in NY around 10 hours later than scheduled The BA website says that it was "beyond their control" and thus compensation is due. They also said this in a written reply to our enquiry as well. Is this correct - shouldn't they have arrangements in place to cover flight crew sickness as best as possible, obviously within limits. Is there an ombudsman we can escalate this with? Thanks in advance for any tips/experiences. Chris
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